Please Read First Before Posting On The Forums

Please Read First Before Posting On The Forums

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Carl Thompson | 12. September 2018


Completely safe. I've owned several EVs over several years and charge outside. The connector on the cable and charging port on the car are designed to work in all weather.

HOWEVER, not all EVSEs are waterproof. (That's the "charger" box that the cable is attached to that is connected to your house's power.) If you are going to buy an EVSE for use outdoors make sure it is designed for that.

Salesguyy2k | 17. September 2018

Kinda stings a bit with all that has to be lined up in order to take delivery and then cancelling at last minute. A vacation day that I can’t cancel, a non refundable pet sitter deposit, a hotel cancellation fee along with rescheduling fee of one way rental car to travel almost 3 hours to the nearest allocated delivery center.
78k may not mean much to many, but for that kinda purchase you would think you would get a little more respect for your time.
Having the faith in the company to put a deposit down ranging from 1 to 2 or more years, then an order deposit to wait even longer. Only to have you plan, execute and excitement anxiety squashed in an no regards email the day before. No wonder so many are so frustrated.
I am on my final straw of patience.

Mike83 | 17. September 2018

Beware of fake posts and non-owners bashing Tesla. Real owners can tell the difference.

joe.hocker | 18. September 2018

Is there a Search function that I'm not seeing for the forum? It is really hard for me to find posts regarding a specific topic.

ODWms | 18. September 2018

No. They haven’t improved the system to that level yet.

Iwantmy3 | 19. September 2018

The best way to search at this time is to use

ANOGO | 21. September 2018

Does anybody know why Tesla model 3 doesn't't have spear tire?

itsnice2be | 21. September 2018

"Please Read First Before Posting On The Forums" Does anybody know why people don't read this before posting?

Rutrow 3 | 21. September 2018

Tesla doesn't want you spearing your tire! Spears and tires don't mix, but you can buy a tire repair kit. With a tire repair kit you can handle a spear and you don't even need a spare.

ANOGO | 22. September 2018


ANOGO | 22. September 2018


ADinM3 | 22. September 2018

Is there a trick to posting new topics? I click to post new topic, type it up assigned to Model 3 forum and click Save. It takes me back to the forum with a message that a new topic has been created, but I never see it anywhere. I was able to post a few times a month or two ago but no longer....sigh...

Efioren | 22. September 2018

how do we deal with a failed update? i have been on hold with Tesla support for over an hour

gmkellogg | 22. September 2018

Take it to the service center Efioren.

3LEKTRC | 27. September 2018

Placed my reservation in March 2017. Made second deposit June of this year. Three weeks ago I get the email confirming delivery of my AWD for tomorrow, Sept 28th at 11:00am. Having heard nothing form them since, I called this morning only to find out my vehicle is not even off the production line. They have no idea when I might receive it. At that price-point -- and even if it was cheaper -- this is totally unacceptable. Very disappointed and wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience?

itsnice2be | 29. September 2018

Please Read First Before Posting On The Forums
Submitted by Tesla Ownership on March 13, 2016

jon_kerr | 29. September 2018

There are several mentions of the Autosteer and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control being Beta features. As "Beta" features, I would think that Tesla would be soliciting feedback from users on those features. Is anyone aware of a forum or anywhere to give such feedback? If it's THIS forum, I want to comment that the Traffic-Aware Cruise Control doesn't adjust speed for someone merging in front of the Tesla until the other car is fully in the same lane as the Tesla. It would be MUCH safer (and much less unnerving) to have the system sense when a car is beginning to move over in front of the Tesla, and adjust the speed as soon as the move is detected.

jay.pearlman | 29. September 2018

For the model 3, we learned how to turn on the radio. How is it turned off? What needs to be pushed?

jon_kerr | 29. September 2018

To jay.pearlman: To turn off the radio, push the thumb wheel on the left side of the steering wheel. In case you haven't already figured it out, that thumb wheel controls the volume, and pushing it to the left or right changes the channel.

lilbean | 30. September 2018

Read this before posting on the forum? Some don’t even read the manual before driving!

jay.pearlman | 30. September 2018

To Jon,
When I use the left thtbwheel, the audio is muted. That works well. When I start the car again, the music comes back and is not muted. I am looking for a way to turn the sound off so that when the car starts, there is silence. The manual does not seem to address that. Any suggestions

hrineer | 04. Oktober 2018

I live in Tulsa . Would it make sense (would I receive the car quicker?) if I am willing to take delivery in Kansas City?

bobd78 | 05. Oktober 2018

Tesla, how about a separate category of the Performance model?

noli4b | 05. Oktober 2018

I live here in Central Coast California, and when I added my new TM3 DM AWD through our existing insurance under AAA it is showing that when they plug in the VIN Number it only shows that the car is 2WD. I argued with AAA Insurance that I bought a Dual Motor, All Wheel Drive, but they are telling and also showed me that it is what coming out if they plug in my car's VIN number. Is it a database error from AAA Insurance or Tesla?

noli4b | 05. Oktober 2018

On my TM3 DM AWD, the screen on the upper right corner is showing that the Passenger Airbag is OFF. How to turn it ON and OFF? Does it suppose to be OFF when no passenger in the front?

Bighorn | 05. Oktober 2018

Passenger driven.

dinhphuong569 | 08. Oktober 2018

Thanks for all your information, Website is very nice and informative content

andy.connor.e | 10. Oktober 2018

This site is completely unstable. I login, go to Model 3 forums, im logged out. I click on a discussion and im logged back in. Try to make a comment, and im logged out and the comment doesnt get placed. Then i refresh and "service unavailable". Takes like 3 minutes to load a discussion.

Why is tesla being DDOS'ed.

Rutrow 3 | 14. Oktober 2018

@noli4b, airbags can maim and kill children and infants, so if the seat doesn't detect an adult, it remains off.

slabella | 18. Oktober 2018

Got my new Model 3 on 10/12/2018 and I love it! Still learning all the pro's and con's about it after selling my 1997 Mitsubishi 300 GT VR4 with 20K miles on her in mint condition and like any car, it's all new and I am sure this car will be a good investment for me like the 3000 GT was.
I have worked on EV's since the mid 70's, large traction vehicles to post office AMG trucks and the battery was always the weak link for mileage and performance weight. So this Model 3 is a real personal experiment for me and truly gives me a chance to test our the new technology as of 2018!

More feedback to come!
Best regards,

leavangelist | 22. Oktober 2018

The Tesla forums are very hard to find and the there is no useful information in the Tech Support area for Model 3. The forums also do not have "Search" capability. When are the human factors issues going to be resolved on the website and the phone app? Also, you should test software updates prior to pushing them out and also makes users aware of a pending software update. Currently, my Model 3 is unusable due to the pushing of an un-announced and un-tested software patch during the past weekend.

want2beegolfer | 28. Oktober 2018

The tax incentive is half of 7500.00 if you take delivery after the end of the year.

centralautoguelph | 30. Oktober 2018

-3 today door handles frozen would not open on drivers side of car. Got in pass side and opened drivers door, window did not go down and when i got in i could not close the door because glass hit the chrome. I had to put finger on top of glass and pull it without closing door on my fingers to get to first catch .Drove to work with heat on high 17 min before they worked .

calvin940 | 30. Oktober 2018

This is a model 3 forum posting guidelines thread.

Mike83 | 02. November 2018

A good article on trolls and bots disruption of topics. Beware of misinformation and deception.

cofainsan | 05. November 2018

Can someone provide the Lienholder info for Tesla Motors - progressive insurance need this information. We are picking up car this p.m.

calvin940 | 05. November 2018

This is a model 3 forum posting guidelines thread.

derotam | 05. November 2018

@calvin940, come on let them all post here. We don't need these people cluttering up the forum with their posts!

Carl Thompson | 05. November 2018


The lienholder is whatever bank lends you the money to buy the car. As far as I know Tesla itself does not lend money.

simplyascher | 08. November 2018

I am slated to get my car this Saturday and need to reach out to some higher ups in the Delivery Team about issues. In fact, I need to reach the head of Delivery (or a VP at least). Manager there unable to assist. I have been stonewalled and would appreciate any email address for this person/persons or heads of Customer Support/Experience. Thanks in advance.

simplyascher | 08. November 2018

I am slated to get my car this Saturday and need to reach out to some higher ups in the Delivery Team about issues. In fact, I need to reach the head of Delivery (or a VP at least). Manager there unable to assist. I have been stonewalled and would appreciate any email address for this person/persons or heads of Customer Support/Experience. Thanks in advance.

Carl Thompson | 08. November 2018


If you're talking about issues with communication / customer service ahead of delivery my advice to you would be to just let it go. Tesla is having some issues ramping up deliveries and it means some people have had worse experiences than they should have. A poor delivery experience happened to me and many others. But will still love our cars and are glad we bought them so maybe just let it slide if you can.

Magic 8 Ball | 09. November 2018

I reached my limit of new posts for a day. Please remind everyone to do a password reset or make sure the passwords used here are not same as any password they use anywhere else.

LT4BlueBird | 12. November 2018

Anyone else having a hard time creating a new thread?. I keep getting a access denied message and emailed the address they gave me but am unsure of what the issue is?. I also mentioned I am still not entered in as a owner after 45 days (wasn't really a big issue but thought I would mention it)

rpatel2121 | 18. November 2018


Carl Thompson | 18. November 2018


calvin940 | 19. November 2018

I think that somehow when a post content gets flagged it has some algorithm or hash that if it detects it denies it subsequently. I was getting permission denied for a particular post repeatedly because I had copied and re-pasted the content.

However I was able to post "test" without problem.

Once I vaired my copied text, I was able to post that content I wanted.

chad_leah | 20. November 2018

Took delivery of my Model 3, Long Range AWD last night....I was so excited to start driving home, but got to sit in traffic jam for 30 min...looking forward to some open road driving this weekend.

aerocar | 24. November 2018

I need to register my new model 3 at the Kansas DMV.
How do I get to the total miles on car on the screen?
I find it on the ap on my phone but the DMV
May not accept that.

Bighorn | 24. November 2018

You can touch the Tesla T up top for the odometer.