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chapjp01 | 30. April 2019

It's been 30 days and I have NO vehicle registration -- not even a temporary one!. I received delivery at home on March 30, 2019. Didn't give me any registration or temp DMV to show until permanent registration arrived. I have called 3 times and each time I'm told "they are working on it." On Friday, 4/26/19 was told I would hear from the Registration Team that day and at the latest Monday. No response at all. I called a couple of hours ago and left a message. No call back yet. I'm very frustrated. What do I do??

Weijia.Che | 30. April 2019

I ordered my tesla in store and was never asked to provide a referral code. I tried to contact the customer service and add it after the deliver since the delivery within 7 days and only with about 70 miles on it. The customer service agent had no intention to help me and quickly denied my request.

Basically told me I can return the car and order a new one with a referral code. She will not do anything to help.

It is partially my fault for not adding the referral code in the first place. Although I hardly see any representative so reluctantly to help a customer. I am reconsidering just to return the car and not buy it again since after sales service is also something to consider when you decide to purchase a car.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 01. Mai 2019

Yes, you should definitely return the car. Tesla is not for you. So sorry you forgot to add the referral code before you bought the car and drove it home. I’m sure you were kicking yourself all week for that one, huh? So yes, sounds like you need to dump that car immediately and climb back into something more your style like a Hyundai or a K-Car.

Bighorn | 01. Mai 2019

Losing out on fifty bucks of free supercharging would have me returning my cars as well.

theo.lagendijk | 02. Mai 2019

I experienced the same. I had a referral code ready but never got the opportunity to use it in the order proces. I also contacted customer service ( days before my delivery ) and was not helped to apply the referral code.
Using the referral code would have been nice and Tesla customer service could have been better on this point. But returning the car for it is just ridiculous IMHO. Have fun with your Tesla. Enjoy the experience. Apply the referral code on your next Tesla. Cheers!

andy.connor.e | 03. Mai 2019


Risha | 05. Mai 2019

Please make forums searchable. We don't want to bug customer support for answers to questions others have asked... or look through pages and pages of snark to see if our question has been asked yet.

jimglas | 05. Mai 2019

Use the google

smithrukami | 05. Mai 2019

just got my white base T3. amazing vehicle.

derotam | 06. Mai 2019

@chapjp01, call the DMV? If the issue truly is with Tesla not doing what they are supposed to do, then take the car to the SC and ask for a loaner until they do what they are supposed to do with your car.

Jrp21122 | 06. Mai 2019

Need some help. Just bought a Model 3 about 10 days ago so am pretty new to this. This AM on the drive in, the screen suddenly went blank and then looked like it went through a quick reboot. It was back and operating within about 3 seconds. Now, neither of our phones will connect to the car. We keep getting a "vehicle connection error". Any suggestions?

kaushal | 06. Mai 2019


So I'm not the only one who feels scammed. I have reached out to phone and email support, they are useless.
Guess a class action is coming.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 07. Mai 2019

What is your car doing or not doing?

jimglas | 07. Mai 2019

@Kushal: "Class action" is a FUD tip off, try to be more subtle with you FUD.

kaushal | 07. Mai 2019


I don't know how to be subtle, I would rather be direct!

andy.connor.e | 08. Mai 2019

at least he admits he is direct with his FUD

calvin940 | 08. Mai 2019

"I don't know how to be subtle, I would rather be direct!"

Actually, you appear to rather be an idiot based on your posts I have read.

duytrang | 08. Mai 2019

as of today, my car have a few issues
1. when I get in the car, display was black then it back
2. while driving, the display re-boot by itself
3. mirrors fold by itself while prepare to stop
please advice

jimglas | 08. Mai 2019

Obviously bad FUD.
Work on you english then get back to us comrade

kaushal | 08. Mai 2019


you seem to be a fcking moron, and no, I don't need to read your posts, I have better things to do.

Linebet | 09. Mai 2019

Is anyone else having problems posting new items as opposed to commenting on existing ones? For some reason the post new topic link is not showing up for me.

jimglas | 09. Mai 2019

Only "certified" owners can start new threads

Linebet | 09. Mai 2019

I didn’t realize that there was an additional step to be “certified” since my user name is tied to my registered email, which is tied to my purchase, VIN, etc. thanks.

ddnepo1 | 09. Mai 2019

My Model 3 screen goes into a frenzied display were it goes into a death spiral with random lines and and garbled images for a few seconds, goes dark. I've seen it happen twice. Has anyone seen this happen on their screens?

ddnepo1 | 09. Mai 2019

Model 3 Owner

btvo64 | 10. Mai 2019

I own a Model 3 for less than a year (less than 8000 miles). On Tuesday, while driving home in the rain, the rear bumper feel off. Luckily, it happened one stop sign before I reached my home. After a few rounds of communications with Tesla Customer and other departments, I was told to tow my car to a Tesla-certified body shop. The shop gave me an estimate and I passed it on to Tesla to ask them if it is covered by the warranty. I was told by Body Shop Support that the limited warranty only covers manufacturer defects and not damages. And if I have any questions, I should contact Service Support or local Service Center. More passing me around. I just wonder if anybody experience this issue? I read that last August, something similar happened and Tesla was investigating the issue but I could not find any follow up. Any insights and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.

jimglas | 11. Mai 2019


ODWms | 11. Mai 2019

When the people are saying "the bumper fell off," do they mean the actual bumper, or the bumper cover? I'm finding it hard to believe entire bumpers are falling off cars.

TabascoGuy | 11. Mai 2019

Either way, I'm sure it had help falling off.

TabascoGuy | 11. Mai 2019

And what did "while driving home in the rain" have anything to do with?

amered44 | 12. Mai 2019

how do I get fox news on the radio

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 12. Mai 2019

I pay for the full SiriusXM subscription in my other car which gives me access to using the SiriusXM app on my phone. I can stream Fox and Howard Stern this way while driving. I'd rather it were easier but c'est la vie.

mqrafe | 14. Mai 2019

Need to order some blue paint for my Tesla M3 2018. About the size of nail polish. Please advise. Thanks

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 14. Mai 2019

Go here:

Although site currently says Sold Out I would imagine it will be back eventually.

TE51A | 15. Mai 2019

Why would you post in the wrong place! Omg so uncivilised

andy.connor.e | 15. Mai 2019

Bumpers are not falling off their vehicles. And its even easier to identify when someone is making up stories, because they NEVER follow up with comments pertaining to their claims.

Bimini | 17. Mai 2019

I am thinking of selling my Model 3 performance and upgrading to a Model S. Anyone interested? It is black on black with around 3,000 miles on it. Fully loaded with all options.

Bimini | 17. Mai 2019

I am thinking of selling my Model 3 performance and upgrading to a Model S. Anyone interested? It is black on black with around 3,000 miles on it. Fully loaded with all options.

jimglas | 18. Mai 2019


DA3 | 19. Mai 2019

**looking for a PM3 OEM spoiler**

floyddeserisy | 19. Mai 2019

Newbe i had this 3for a week everyday something comes up its a fun Challenge .

wlmory52 | 24. Mai 2019

I am taking delivery of a 2019 Model 3 performance soon and want it be a "sleeper". I don't want the lettering on the rear, nor the red brake calipers, nor the spoiler. Has anyone removed these items?

ODWms | 24. Mai 2019

Maybe someone has repainted the calipers a different color. But I doubt too many owners are going to remove them.

Either way, even with the spoiler, calipers and badging I'm betting the vast majority of folks wouldn't have any idea what these are. You could probably place a PERFORMANCE badge on the rear, and it'd likely have the same effect for the majority of drivers.

Stewart | 26. Mai 2019

i am trying to post a new question to the forum and cant find a spot to do it. Forgive if this is the wrong spot.
My model 3 slams on the brakes as i pull out of my driveway if i dont do it fast enough. The message is the car is preventing a rollaway. I recall there used to be a way to turn off this "feature" Does anyone know how?


wd-donnelly | 27. Mai 2019

I took delivery of a Model 3 + on April 26 2019. It seems everyday something different happens. Is every 3 + different? Some have interior lights that work while others don't. Some have Homelink and some don't. Some you have to about climb in the window to get unlocked others don't. How does anyone find out what they actually bought and what they didn't. Is there a way to find this out? At this time what update should be on this vehicle, mine is 12.2,as of right now?

hajj.afshin | 28. Mai 2019

Just picked up Dual Motor last week and within a couple days I noticed a slight but audible oscillating whistling sound emanating from the rear motor area only when accelerating. Since I was within that magical first seven days of purchase I was worried enough to take it back to the dealership where I had a delivery person test drive it with me. He did hear it and said that his Mod 3 also did the same thing though not until about 12K miles. He went on to say that its motor related (yikes!) and that it has to do with shipping and temperature differences (assuming he meant geographic temps diffs). Anyway how, I do have a service appointment already set but wanted to see if anyone else has had similar experience.

JAD | 28. Mai 2019

@stewart, sounds like you don't have your seatbelt on and lift off the seat. The car is designed to stop, nothing to do with you not being fast enough.

wd-donnelly | 29. Mai 2019

I guess because I have had no response to my post , that no one else has had any of these questions or problems. Maybe on the wrong forum?

Xerogas | 29. Mai 2019

@wd-donnelly: "I guess because I have had no response to my post , that no one else has had any of these questions or problems. Maybe on the wrong forum?"
This is not the thread for asking questions. Start a new thread, or find a similar one and post there.

billlake2000 | 29. Mai 2019

If a passenger farts, do you suddenly look at the screen to see if you accidentally selected emissions mode?