"Paying for your Tesla" email to delivery date?

"Paying for your Tesla" email to delivery date?

Received email from Tesla with subject "Paying for your Tesla" with final payment due. Does that mean the delivery is approaching, as in couple of weeks? There is no update on delivery date from DES, except the standard "few weeks" a couple of weeks ago. Is it better to pay now, or wait till delivery is scheduled and make the payment at time of delivery?

mike_f | 14. März 2016

WAIT! Too many potential issues and once you hand over the $$$, your leverage is gone.

koivan | 14. März 2016

I would pay on the date of the delivery and ask your DS if you can inspect the car a few days before the delivery in case you find anything that need to be corrected.

mike_f | 14. März 2016

koivan: depends where the delivery is occurring. If at Factory, pre-delivery inspection will never happen. If at SC, then can head over and check the car if its on the lot (as I did over the weekend at SC with MXs on the lot when I was having a tire replaced). In any case, do not hand over the $$$ before having inspected or at least see that the car is actually present. Some have paid only to be waiting weeks for delivery.

jordanrichard | 14. März 2016

An email title " Paying for your Tesla", doesn't mean pay right now. It is meant to give you a heads up about the options/methods to make final payment. I am in CT and since Tesla doesn't have a license to sell here, payment needed to be wired to Tesla corporate, the day prior. This way, upon delivery, since no monies were exchanged, no "sale" took place in CT.... :-)

I would agree that is a sign that the actual delivery is due to take place within a couple of weeks.

ken | 15. März 2016

@redxproca , Jordan is right. I got my notice a month ago. My delivery is tomorrow. I sent the final payment on Saturday for a Wednesday delivery. Delivery in UT another state where money can't exchange hands at the SC. No need to pay before the SC has the car and done their final inspection. If you are in a state where they can sell, you can even take the final payment in the day you pick up the car.

MyXinTx | 15. März 2016

Is there a chance to evaluate the car in Fremont prior to being shipped to another state? If so, I would definitely make the trip and hold off until I could actually drive the vehicle.

Nobody has mentioned this before, but this thread does inspire that plan.

SJVCommish | 15. März 2016

My DS told me that I can bring a check with me on the day of delivery here in Florida. He also told me that they will accept a personal check. It does not have to be certified or a bank check.

redxproca | 15. März 2016

Thanks for all the replies. I'll wait and pay by check on the pickup day. I live in Northern CA (picking up the vehicle in Fremont).

@ken Congrats! Hope all goes well, and you enjoy your X.

@ WaitN4myX It would indeed be helpful if we could inspect the vehicle prior to delivery. I will check on that with my DS whenever he calls me re: delivery, but I suspect others on this forum might already know the answer to that one.

Roamer@AZ USA | 15. März 2016

Just received car number five today. I have never needed payment leverage to solve any problem with Tesla. Three years and five cars and have never needed to argue once to get anything fixed. Your not doing business with a car dealer that is out to nickel and dime you to death.

Only issue I have had was paying for our last X in December then having it get caught in the quality rework program for three months. The car that delivered today was wonderful. Zero issues.

I can't fault Tesla for sending the pay email then right at that moment production deliveries stopped and a rework started. As frustrating as it was I don't think there was anything nefarious going on. Just a need to make some upgrades and I got fought just as it happened.

On my four other buys over three years I wired money a few days ahead and the car delivered. Have never ever felt the need to hold funds and fight to get what I ordered.

Roamer@AZ USA | 15. März 2016

For what it's worth change auto correct to "you are"

Darryl | 15. März 2016

There is absolutely no advantage of paying for your Model X ahead of time. You can just bring a regular check (non-cashier's check) with you and pay after you inspect the car and are ready to take delivery. We already know several people have paid for a car and not seen the car for several months later.

In my case when I walked in to take delivery the first thing they wanted to do was for me sign the paperwork and make payment. I said I want to inspect the car first. It is a good thing I did as there was a problem with the car and it was weeks before they were able to fix the problem and deliver the car. There was a cracked charger port which could have prevented charging. This was a know problem. Paying them early doesn't get you the car early it just means they have your money earlier.

Brian Vicars | 16. März 2016

The advantage of paying ahead of time is that you don't have to worry about paying income tax on the money in the future. Out of site out of mind. It also makes the delivery experience more pleasurable.

mike_f | 16. März 2016

Darryl: absolutely no advantage of paying for your Model X ahead of time. You can just bring a regular check (non-cashier's check) with you and pay after you inspect the car and are ready to take delivery.

Unlike previous deliveries, NO PERSONAL checks. Surprised me but be on the safe side and bring cashiers check

"For all final payments made at delivery, please bring a cashier’s check made out to “Tesla Motors, Inc.”. We do not accept credit cards or personal checks. You may also pay via wire transfer or ACH."

sp_tesla | 16. März 2016

mferrazano | March 16, 2016


tonyx | 16. März 2016

Personal checks are accepted at Seattle Tesla. I would recommend confirming with TM if your DS is rejecting this form of payment...

mike_f | 16. März 2016

sp_tesla : The message came from TM not my DS. Why take chances? How many times has conflicting information been disbursed.

eric.zucker | 16. März 2016

@WaitN4myX: there have been cars damaged in transit... Inspecting the car in Fremont doesn't guarantee anything.

av8rbud | 16. März 2016

ACH is very common, it means Automatic Clearing House transaction. It is not unlike sending a payment from your on-line banking account to any vendor. The payment will go to Tesla Motors Inc. and the DS will be notified to release the car for delivery. Unlike a wire transfer there is no fee. Happens overnight after Tesla supplies routing number..

I will have no problem sending the money before I get to inspect the car. They will fix it. It would be devastating for TM to have a law suit because the would not deliver a 'finished acceptable product'. I trust them enough for me not be defensive about a delivery. I will be trusting them with my life by driving their wonderful car; that is by the way, safer than the safety scale can go. Leverage indeed. Who knows, you might even get your car a couple days earlier that way.

redxproca | 16. März 2016

Received another email today "Prepare for Your Upcoming Model X Delivery" - no dates or any contact from DS. Just "Your Model X is almost ready for pick up!".

It does say in the email "For all final payments made at delivery (if applicable in your state), please bring a cashier's check or personal check made out to Tesla Motors, Inc. We do not accept credit cards or cash."

av8rbud | 16. März 2016

Apparently delivery centers have different procedures for payment. Mine will be coming up next week I hope.

Gary an Rachel | 16. März 2016

Redxproca, you typed you received another email. The paying for your tesla email has not been sent to me yet but I did just receive the Prepare for your upcoming delivery. When I look at My Tesla page I have no new info from the last 7 weeks. No delivery date , nothing. So I'm going to just wait. The DM has said that I will get a phone call letting me know what my delivery date will be and will give me at least three weeks to close financing and insurance. So to not drive myself crazy with guessing I will take one for the team here and just see how it goes. I will bet that the car will not just sit at the factory waiting for me then to gather all the correct papers. I'm sure the DM would get in Dutch for not getting me and the car ready for the same day. I'll report back on any new info I get. Say a small prayer for us that they dont sell off my car for not responding. LOL.

mike_f | 16. März 2016

I confirmed that in spite of the email received to the contrary, Fremont will accept personal checks only if you are financing the bulk of the purchase. Apparently they are OK with a personal check covering 20% down payment and taxes only because I financed the 80%.

elguapo | 16. März 2016

They do accept personal checks. It just depends on the state. In MD, they accept personal checks.

mike_f | 16. März 2016

it it bounces they know where to find you....

SJVCommish | 16. März 2016

If it bounces they shut down he car!

SJVCommish | 16. März 2016

typo "the" car

redxproca | 19. März 2016

Received call from DS yesterday for pickup @ Fremont on Wednesday. "Paying your tesla" email ----2days----> "Prepare for your delivery" email ----2days----> call for pickup scheduling ---4days----> Pickup day!

The deliveries have picked up...