Useless, but fun...

Useless, but fun...

Stumbled on this crazy video of a drag race, an Alfa 4c racing against a Model X ... Towing another Alpha 4c.


BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 20. März 2016

Wonderful. Made my morning!! Thanks, Eric.

carlk | 20. März 2016

I knew sooner or later this would happen. Thanks for the link.

Red Sage ca us | 20. März 2016

Impressive. Now to get someone with a Q7 or Cayenne in one lane, and a 911 on the rig. Yeah...

rdalcanto | 20. März 2016

So awesome!

rdalcanto | 20. März 2016

It looks like it was posted by motor trend. Hopefully that means they have one and a review is coming....

elguapo | 21. März 2016

Good catch @rdalcanto on the Motor Trend post. It's about time one of the big mags do a proper review and more cars are coming every day.

Love that video. It's entertaining.

EternalChampion | 21. März 2016

This is amazing.

carlk | 21. März 2016

Motor Trend is a car enthusiast based magazine I'm sure it will be an exemplary review like they did with the Model S. The fact that Tesla does not advertise makes that even more remarkable.

jordanrichard | 21. März 2016

Absolutely hilarious.........