Tesla Employee Call 03/25 update & Server Crash Mess

Tesla Employee Call 03/25 update & Server Crash Mess

So Tesla is having yet another change via Conference call on 03/25 for all Tesla locations. Clearly as anyone who has been in contact with the stores they have no idea about the event, the process, etc. Times have flucuated...employees can't answer simple questions.

My prediction now is the computers crash in the stores on 03/31 because every store is trying to go online at same time...

NKYTA | 25. März 2016

AWS Auto-scaling. Problem solved.

Earl and Nagin ... | 25. März 2016

As a TSLA owner, having too many orders for the Model III is hardly what I call a big problem.
Having no orders would be a big problem. This is a little problem. Don't sweat the small stuff.
Go Tesla!

PeterPlt | 25. März 2016

Aren't they controlling the internet flow by requiring the first day be at stores, only? Making sure that all goes well basically acts as a beta for the rush on 4/1. Tesla has thought this out.

carlk | 25. März 2016

Yeah that's a good problem to have. Apple could tell you all about that.

dsvick | 25. März 2016

I would worry more about a server crash when the online ordering is turned on. Even if every store went online at exactly the same time and entered an order I'd be surprised if that would be more than a thousand simultaneous connections and if their servers can't handle that then there is a serious problem with someone in their IT infrastructure department.

@PeterPit - even though you need to go to the store to reserve, I'd bet the store is still processing things online.

Dr. Toonhattan | 25. März 2016

Yeah, no way will the servers crash on the 31st because of too much traffic. There are about 200 or so Tesla stores and galleries in the world from what I can tell. Even with several terminals each that's still only a few thousand connections, as dsvick said. April 1st, is another matter however.

Haggy | 25. März 2016

People will be able to order online in the 31st once the event happens, so it won't be limited to what stores can handle.