100,000 in 24 hours

100,000 in 24 hours

Some media outlets are predicting 100,000 reservations in 24 hours. Hopefully we will at least see some camping out to rival Apple's product releases.

PhillyGal | 26. März 2016

I've been thinking 50-100k for a while and now am fairly confidant the 100,000 mark will be reached within 36 hours (to give folks time to wake up on April 1st and order.)

jordanrichard | 26. März 2016

If 100,000 turns out to be true, that would yet another major embarrassment for GM and their Bolt or any other car company. What other car has ever had that many pre-orders?

That in of itself would be news worthy.

KP in NPT | 26. März 2016

+1 Jordanrichard. And I will wish them bon appetit as they dine on crow.

Tstolz | 26. März 2016

i'm betting 150,000 ... but 250,000 wouldn't surprise me. I mean if 1/2 of all Tesla and model S owners order 1 ... that's 70,000 right there! This is fun :)

Shesmyne2 | 26. März 2016

My # has been 100k from the start. Thinking it could be pretty easy.
Hope I'm right!

Still Grinning ;-)

moorelin | 26. März 2016

If 100k or more, has to be at at least a 1 year difference in delivery times between reserving on 3/31 and 4/2

Red Sage ca us | 26. März 2016

If it motivates GM to move from 0.3% of their worldwide capacity allotted to BOLT to even as high as 1%, Elon will be happy.

JeffreyR | 26. März 2016

At Campbell's Eggstravaganza today just before the egg hunt I met three guys discussing a Model ≡ deposit. Granted Campbell is not too far from Fremont, but they said "hey, it's only $1000 and it's fully refundable." Only one seemed truly informed, but all three sounded like they would at least reserve if not actually getting one.

My point is that 100k by the end of the week (my original guess) seems low to me now.

dd.micsol | 27. März 2016

From what I have seen and those whom I've talking to in Rural VT- My town of 3000 - 73 of us are going to Boston.
If you get that ratio across the US-look out. It used to be 107 were going, but some have backed out due to the outlook on incentives.