How to watch the Reveal event?

How to watch the Reveal event?

I'm sure this has been covered. I'd like to watch the event via my home computer. Can someone please advise me of the steps to take. Thanks much.

danCE | 27. März 2016

It will be available on the Tesla website:
Just make sure you have a reasonable Internet connection and follow the prompts.
8:30 PM US Pacific time on Thursday.

Dr. Toonhattan | 27. März 2016

Hopefully, they will also stream it on their youtube channel like SpaceX do with their launches. I'm scared the website's going to go down with everyone trying to watch it.

Tâm | 27. März 2016

I think it crashed with Model S streaming or late comers to go to the internet could not get to the website.

However, it streamed fine with Model X last September.

Hi_Tech | 28. März 2016

The live video better be a link to another site, as the Tesla website will be used for online reservations as well. I'd hate to see the load of both slowing, at best, to crashing.

Haggy | 28. März 2016

It's questionable whether it streamed fine with the Model X. Once the event got going, it streamed fine. But when the event was scheduled to start, people had problems getting into it. It might have been a moot point since it didn't cause people to miss anything, but it raises the question of whether the delay was due in any part to getting the streaming working. It might have been that the streaming wasn't completely enabled until Tesla was ready to start, but I would think that whoever was in charge of the live feed would have wanted it up and running when the event was scheduled to start, even if it showed nothing but the "stand by" slide that appeared well after the scheduled time.

I found it frustrating that I couldn't get in, so I turned to Periscope and saw crowds standing around doing nothing. At least I knew I wasn't missing anything.

The video feed and reservation system will have nothing to do with each other, even if they all go to the "website."

Windsurfer | 29. März 2016

I'm puzzled as to why Tesla decided to make this so late in the day Pacific time. If correct, this means the event starts 11:30 PM Easterrn time, long after I'm asleep. Making this event essentially unavailable to roughly half of the country seems unwise to me

gekcut | 29. März 2016

Will not be able to watch it live. In the past were these events available for viewing online afterwards?

gekcut | 29. März 2016

Stupid me, I see the Model S one on its page. So now my question is are these available the next day or does it take some time for them to appear.

gekcut | 29. März 2016

Make that Model X

Red Sage ca us | 29. März 2016

The Press will likely see Model &☰ earlier in the day, but be forced to embargo their reports and not go live with publishing them until after 8:30 pm PDT. They'll probably spend some time in and around the car, taking photos, taking test rides and/or test drives to prepare their stories. This is how it was handled with the Model S 'D' and with the Model X. You'll be able to tell if you pay close attention, because they'll have video of the grounds for the event and cars that are taken in daylight.