Who went to the event last night?

Who went to the event last night?

If you attended the event - what was your experience? How does the car look in person vs. photos? Did you get a drive in it? Impressions? Thank you!

PhillyGal | 01. April 2016

Looks great in person. Every Tesla employee I saw was noticeably thrilled. I congratulated as many as I had the chance to, and every one was genuinely thankful for it.
We got a short ride. The all glass roof gives stunning views. The car is gorgeous in person, especially in this matte silver which I hope makes it to production. I posted a short video on YouTube (Electric Jen) in which there are a few people in the way but you can still see the car.

We were also treated to a ride in the performance Model X with a slalom and ludicrous launch. Having not been in a singe D model of S yet to have when felt insane mode, I'm in awe. I knew the numbers but was still shocked. (My ears popped!)

The event itself was wonderful. I have no other experience but it was like a party with just the right amount of people. The food and drinks were offered all night, and everyone I met was pleasant and talkative and really hopeful for the future.

PV_Dave @US-PA | 01. April 2016

Great event, car looks super in person! Ride demonstrated excellent acceleration and handling, plus beautiful glass roof. We've got a winner here, totally worth waiting for. Glad that I spent 2.5 hrs in line ordering two.

rocketscientist | 01. April 2016

PhillyGal...thanks, have to look for that video. My husband and I were watching live and so impressed we made a reservation. Stand outs for me: Superchargers, auto pilot, leg room, range, Elon's statement that even without options in will be a great car and I loved...we don't make slow cars!

Captain_Zap | 01. April 2016

Did they all have consoles or was there room for a bag?

mrbarnes | 01. April 2016

Thanks @PhillyGal and @PV_Dave! Sounds like it was a wonderful time for you! Thanks for your perspective from a live vantage point!

My reservation was in last night at 8pm EST. I'm still up in the air to go through with a well-spec'd out version when it's released or get a CPO Model S if it ends up being in the same price point. We'll see, but it looked great on screen!

info | 01. April 2016

Any 6' 4" drivers? I was curious of the leg room in drivers seat and/or passenger seat. OK don't shoot me but I had 2 tickets and could not go.

PhillyGal | 01. April 2016

@info/rocket - I saw the knees of the man driving the one we rode in sticking up awkwardly. So I asked him... He's 6-7" and chose to have his seat up for the comfort of rear passengers. But he told us Model 3 is one of the few cars he doesn't need the seat all the way back in.

PhillyGal | 01. April 2016

@Cap - we were in the rear and didn't see that closely but it seemed like some mix of a console and some space. I'll need to google some pictures.

cchouston | 01. April 2016

To follow up on @Phillygal's and @PVDave's observations, stunning is what I have to say. The event AND the 3. My wife and I sat in the back for the test ride and it wasn't bad. I am 6' and had plenty of leg room. The seat was very comfortable, as well. The driver demonstrated the handling and excellent turning radius, in addition to the acceleration. He pointed out the fact that all driver info is displayed on the side of the 15' monitor closest to the driver. The car is clearly a work in progress with non-functioning interior door handles and weak headlights. I do wish it was a hatch, but suppose the all glass roof makes up for it.

HenryT2 | 02. April 2016

Anyone have any estimates as to the 0-60 times of the test cars? I suspect that they might have been using dual motor cars, larger batteries, or performance models as I've hear that the acceleration was impressive.

cchouston | 02. April 2016

The car that I road in accelerated on par with my S85. I can't say whether it was dual drive.