got my plate ordered tonight

got my plate ordered tonight


after I completed the payment my wife asked if the price was for the front and the rear! bless her.

skirtsanis | 12. April 2016

I tryed to post a similar topic the other day it wouldn't let me,was wondering who else have got custom plates I tryed getting FUKOIL but got declined as it is seen as offensive so end up getting RIPOIL.

jordanrichard | 12. April 2016

Tell the DMV that FUKOIL is your old employer which was a joint venture between 2 countries, Finland UK Oil Ltd........ :-)

sbeggs | 12. April 2016

It's never too early, right?

Thinking 18TFOR2

Or 18MOD3

Red Sage ca us | 13. April 2016


bcfireworks | 13. April 2016

EV PYRO for me

jordanrichard | 13. April 2016

How about, BAH-BYE.

dd.micsol | 22. April 2016


Supraman | 22. April 2016

I presume TM03 ECO is a UK plate? Yeah, I like that. I think our friends in the US have a lot more flexibility in the format of their plates, don't they? It's tough for us to find good ones, so you've done well! I might take a look for some other TM03 combinations; I didn't think of that.

I had a search yesterday evening, but I couldn't find anything I liked. I did find something like T3 SSY, but it was quite expensive.

I'll probably just stick to my current plate of RU55 CAR.

robgorman | 22. April 2016


robgorman | 22. April 2016


sujchallenge | 23. April 2016

@Supraman, lots of TS14 variations available in the UK including TS14 CAR, not that I've been looking already :)

tesla | 25. April 2016

Pop quiz. I'm curious if you folks can decode this plate:


I suspect 90% of the public won't get it, but the percentage should be higher in here. ;>

PhillyGal | 25. April 2016

@Coastal - I got it. Clever. (Didn't want to spoil so quickly.)

tesla | 25. April 2016

U Smart gal. And you held back. Awesome.

mntlvr23 | 25. April 2016

Moving out of Colorado
Petition to get Hideo Nomo to be the Rockies' pitching coach
Northern Montgomery County (MD)
You have kicked your cocaine habit
Oh Come On (for drivers in front of you to see in their rear view mirror
Am I getting close ???

Shesmyne2 | 25. April 2016

NOMOCO2 here in Bay Area

Still Grinning ;-)

tesla | 25. April 2016

Shesmyne2: I love it

PhillyGal, perhaps you could post answer tomorrow if no one else does. But Shesmyne2 provided a good clue.

tesla | 25. April 2016

Am I getting close ???

No, but you're cracking me up.

As far as the cocaine remark goes, I will quote the late great comedian Richard Pryor:
"I've been snorting cocaine for 15 years and I ain't hooked."

alistair | 25. April 2016

Mine: XM03 DEL

Red Sage ca us | 25. April 2016


jarrodskrehot | 26. April 2016

Mine in California is LIL T3S

PhillyGal | 26. April 2016

Ours is NoMoGas, which is probably why I figured it out easily.

Another clue like @shesmyne2

mntlvr23 | 26. April 2016

@Coastal -
Perhaps you are anti-Obama?
NoMoreCommunityOrganizer ;)

tesla | 26. April 2016

OK. Another clue building on @shesmyne2 and @PhillyGal...

Remember it's a non-POLLUTING car. What CHEMICAL is it not producing that is a huge polluter?

I can see I'm gonna have a lot of splainin' to do. LOL. Great ice breaker.

dee.singh1 | 26. April 2016

my license plate has always been SHONOFF and will be moved to the model 3 when I get it :)

tesla | 26. April 2016

Or should I say "ICE" breaker.

mntlvr23 | 26. April 2016

Non-polluting: NO MORE COAL ?

mntlvr23 | 26. April 2016

A chemical: NO MOre COBALT ?

Shesmyne2 | 26. April 2016

Carbon dioxide.
C'mon Tesla fans!

Still Grinning ;-)

mntlvr23 | 26. April 2016

no, that's not it - I am pretty sure it was cocaine.
No Mo Co - 'cuz we have to save that money up in order to option up the M3!

tesla | 26. April 2016


No More CO

CO is the chemical symbol for Carbon Monoxide.

CO is not only a poison into itself, it is a precursor to other air pollutants and smog.

Like I said... I got a LOT of splaining' to do!

tesla | 26. April 2016

From Wiki:

Carbon monoxide is, along with aldehydes, part of the series of cycles of chemical reactions that form photochemical smog. It reacts with hydroxyl radical (•OH) to produce a radical intermediate •HOCO, which transfers rapidly its radical hydrogen to O2 to form peroxy radical (HO2•) and carbon dioxide (CO2).[51] Peroxy radical subsequently reacts with nitrogen oxide (NO) to form nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and hydroxyl radical. NO2 gives O(3P) via photolysis, thereby forming O3 following reaction with O2. Since hydroxyl radical is formed during the formation of NO2, the balance of the sequence of chemical reactions starting with carbon monoxide and leading to the formation of ozone is:

CO + 2O2 + hν → CO2 + O3

(where hν refers to the photon of light absorbed by the NO2 molecule in the sequence)

Although the creation of NO2 is the critical step leading to low level ozone formation, it also increases this ozone in another, somewhat mutually exclusive way, by reducing the quantity of NO that is available to react with ozone.[52]