Battery cost below $190/kWh says Tesla

Battery cost below $190/kWh says Tesla

Octagondd | 26. April 2016

I believe that was pack cost. Not sure of what just the cell cost is. Probably lower than GM's stated $145/kWh. I believe GF will lower it more and am currently assuming the Power walls being assembled are from Panasonic cells shipped in and the actual cell production has not started at GF. Just speculation though. | 26. April 2016

Octagondd - You are right. As of earlier this month, it was stated by Tesla that batteries are not yet being made at the GF. Powerwall assembly is being done. Sorry, I can't find the Tesla statement.

Ruby110 | 27. April 2016

@Octa: You are correct: pack cost.

FREE ENERGY | 27. April 2016

When under full production, 80 dollars.......from day one....

dd.micsol | 27. April 2016

Personally, I'd like to see a better quality battery than too much of a price drop. Give me more range and faster charging. If the base mdl battery is 10k for 55kw then: 181.00 per kw including profits:
So a 70kw should be about 12750.00 and a 90kw would be 16290.00
This would include profit theoretically. Again, pure speculation.
I'd accept 5k increase for 70kw and 10k for 90kw if they want more profits.
Just my opinion.

JeffreyR | 27. April 2016

The GF saves money by:
- taxes and tariffs
- shipping
- economies of scale
- supply chain management
- improved focus by doing everything under one roof

Chemistry and design (20700 theories) changes are expected, but not the main cause of savings.

Bubba2000 | 27. April 2016

I believe that by increasing the length and diameter of the cell by 15%, Tesla achieves lower cost, increases packaging efficiency. Any idea if Tesla is considering pouch cells or larger brick type Li-ion cells? A lot BEVs like Bolt, Leaf, i3 use such formats.

Initially, Tesla found out that Panasonic has huge idle capacity to produce the 18650 cylindrical format and it made economic sense. Is that the case now? Also, the charging system, electronics, etc may be optimized for the current format. Just speculating on my part.

Silver2K | 28. April 2016

as per gm the cost of the battery is $145 per kwh on the bolt, which is (as per gm) in line with what Elon has mentioned in the past. This was mentioned during the initial presentation of the volt.

I don't know where $80 per khw came from, but it's been reported that Elon is shooting for $100 pkw when the GF is fully functional to produce packs for the model 3

Silver2K | 28. April 2016

(This was mentioned during the initial presentation of the "Bolt")

Red Sage ca us | 28. April 2016

I'm pretty sure that someone reported Tesla Motors' cost for battery packs was on the order of $180 per kWh at least 18 months ago. So, to me, this whole 'below $190' point falls under the heading 'DUH'.

The problem I think, is that so many have claimed they 'couldn't possibly' have a price point below around $500 per kWh -- because 'no one else did' -- has skewed some perceptions. Because it seems to me some point to the retail cost of a Replacement battery pack as opposed to Tesla Motors' internal cost for components and such.

This is why so many Naysayers repeatedly claim that 'half the cost' of the car is the battery pack, without acknowledging that nearly two years ago JB Straubel said their cost was more like 1/4 that of the car. It surprises me that so many act as if they never learned that internal costs, wholesale cost, and retail cost for automobile parts (like just about anything else) are different.