Using summons and home link

Using summons and home link

Somehow my summon/homelink is reversed.

When I tried to inch forward into the garage (from park), homelink became activated (thinking that the garage door is in front of the car). When I tried to back out, I got a failure. Any idea how I can recalibrate it?

lilbean | 06. Mai 2016

Isn't the garage door in front of the car?

DarthB | 06. Mai 2016

To clarify:
Car is already inside the garage nose-first (garage door in rear). Tried to back out and got an error. Try to inch forward (to the wall) and it activated the home link.

Somehow it thinks the obstacle in front is the garage door, and what's behind is a solid wall.

lilbean | 06. Mai 2016

Ah. I see. I wonder if deleting the homelink and then programming the homelink again with the car in the driveway would help.

aesculus | 07. Mai 2016

One thing I notice is the garage door status seems to get confused after a sw update. Not enough evidence yet to confirm this as an absolute but it has happened twice.

rossRallen | 07. Mai 2016


That is, unless you want to close the garage door on your car or drive your car into a closing/closed door.

The problem is that Homelink doesn't know if the door is open or closed. It's just a flip/flop control.

You'd have to trust your X's proximity sensors to keep from driving into a closed door that was supposed to be opened. But, they could be fooled: if the door starts closing as your X is moving into it, the door could hit the windshield or top of the hatch before the proximity sensors detected anything where they are looking: near the ground.

And, if the position of your X is few inches in the wrong direction, and the door closes, you have a problem. A few seconds of delay moving the X or closing the door and you have a problem.

Is the automation worth serious body/glass damage? Not for me. Your decision.

My solution: Homelink is disabled under Summon. I have a Homelink fob on my keyring or I use the Homelink control on my smartphone under Summon. Cool and convenient enough for me and everybody I try to impress with my radio-controlled, 6,000 pound, $145K toy.

I hold my breath every time it backs out of the garage. I won't let it drive in on Summon or AutoPark because it has a thing for my motorcycle.

vperl | 08. Mai 2016


DarthB | 08. Mai 2016

Thanks @ross. Makes sense. I've also noticed that even with the door opened, summon backing out would still fail because my car is too close to the side of the opening (even though it will clear).

Oh well, don't really need this feature.

The only home link automation that I've used is upon arrival of my home it will activate (to open). Seems to work fine--but on second thought, probably will disable it too since it could pose a danger in the edge case that when a second car/person happens to be under the garage door while this happens

rossRallen | 08. Mai 2016

I read elsewhere that someone using automatic Homelink closed the garage door on his wife's car. Big, heavy moving parts need attention.

lilbean | 08. Mai 2016

My garage door has a sensor that stops movement of the garage door when anything crosses it. Would that help?

aesculus | 08. Mai 2016

Unless you install multiple sensors only if the object is very low (ie on the ground). They usually only come with one sensor pair and often your car could be in the path (overhang of front and back) and sensors would not see it until the tires were there.

They really should have sensor strips, not just pairs of sensors IMHO.

madodel | 08. Mai 2016

Tesla needs to add a Homelink button to the app, then we can decide if the garage door needs to be opened or closed.

lilbean | 08. Mai 2016

I was thinking the same thing, aesculus.

rossRallen | 08. Mai 2016

There is a Homelink button on the (iPhone) app under Summon. But, if you can't use Summon because the car is charging, then it's unavailable.

As for sensor strips on the garage door - some systems have them, but they are contacting and the damage would already be done when moving a wedge-shaped surface (i.e., upper car body) under a closing door.

What we need is a 21st century garage door opener for our 21st century Teslas that has "open" and "close" commands and proximity safety sensors. Using an inexpensive controller (i.e., Arduino) that intercept the HomeLink signals and with added state sensors, it could probably be retrofitted to existing systems for a few $100. Maybe a good project, and I'll bet someone's already done it. Looking on Google...

vperl | 08. Mai 2016


Nanimac | 09. Mai 2016

When I summons my car out of the garage (with garage already open) and get in after it stops, homelink shows "skipped autoclose". The SC said to turn on auto homelink. Still doesn't work. When I back the car out of the garage myself, auto close works perfectly. Am I the only one with this problem? Never happened before the latest SW update.

DarthB | 09. Mai 2016

@namimac in your summon/customized setting, is "Use Homelink" set to on? Sounds like that's the issue. You likely have Homelink/close door when you leave that's why it works when you do it yourself.

john | 15. Mai 2016

For homelink to work and not damage your car you need to move the sensor for you garage door up so that it detects the car itself. Most garage door sensors are on the floor and will not see the overhang of the car. Lift the sensor about knee height and check that the door is stopped when the end of the car is clear. No matter what homelink does the door will not close unless the car is clear.

r.hauser | 15. Mai 2016

@Nanimac My car also says skipped autoclose when I back my car out of the garage using summons. I think it is intentionally disabled when summons is used. I have never tried to move my X into the garage with summons but may try that soon. Software is 2.17.95

aesculus | 15. Mai 2016

Can you install the sensors in series so you can have two sets?

vperl | 17. Mai 2016

It was my understanding that one could set GPS, and homelink, and air suspension , garage control , to raise the car, open the garage, when one is close to your driveway, using preset GPS locations .
Fact or fiction?

aesculus | 17. Mai 2016


lilbean | 17. Mai 2016

I was told by a smart fellow: Amazing how you don't you do your research and reading on a $150K car. Wow. It's in the manual. LOL!

vperl | 17. Mai 2016


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RonaldA | 20. Mai 2016

Hi John, feel compelled to add that if you raise the sensor for the door you could endanger a small dog, a cat, or potentially a crawling child. Please consider this before altering the height of the sensors.

JohnnyG | 29. Juni 2016

@rossRallen | May 8, 2016

What we need is a 21st century garage door opener for our 21st century Teslas that has "open" and "close" commands and proximity safety sensors.


I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to point out that this already exists. There are very simple trip switches that get depressed when the door is either all the way down or all the way up. It's an add-on for current garage door openers. I've seen two different applications for such.

1. Add-on unit to control your garage door from your smartphone.
2. Add-on to integrate your garage door controls with your home alarm system.

Both of these add-on units do exactly what we need. The problem is that it's proprietary at this time, so I don't think we'd see Tesla add the logic into their software, when the hardware and protocols aren't standardized (yet?).

Another potential problem with auto-HomeLink without being door position aware is: I'm working on a project and have stuff half in and half out of the garage. I need to run to the store to buy more pieces parts. I'm not going to put everything away because I'll only be gone for a moment. When I get back, the HomeLink tries to close the door on my project stuff.

aesculus | 29. Juni 2016

I thought I would add a bit to the conversation. I am pretty sure the MX just counts the activations on the garage door (homelink) and can easily get confused when the opening is done via another method and is not paired (ie 1 closing followed by and opening looks like the door never closed). Another issue that may be true but I have not done extensive testing is when the car is put in park relative to the door control activating. So if you move your car out of the garage and put it in park without the opener activating that might mess it up. But do the same by going back further and it's OK. If I get the spare time I will test my theory, unless someone else beats me to it.

rossRallen | 29. Juni 2016

Good point, @johngray.

There are too many situations and too little intelligence in Homelink to ensure that your car, your property, people, and pets won't be damaged by heavy, rigid, stupid, and fast-moving parts in your garage door or driveway gate.

These are industrial-strength mechanisms. Respect them and operate them manually only while under your direct supervision and control.