I want me Model X Deposit Back

I want me Model X Deposit Back


At this point, if you didn’t want to go through with the purchase of the Model X, you would unfortunately forfeit your deposit.



WTF all i want is my money back I own a tesla Model S i owe 62k left on my loan Tesla offered me 44k do i take a 18k hit just to upgrade ....NO NO NO now that i cant get rid of my model S, I want to Back out of my Model X WFT i have to forfeit my Deposit.....5k

Yes i reserved my model x over 2 years ago before i bought my Model S yes I made my Model X In Dec. Now its finally here in May everything in life has changed. PLEASE JUST GIVE ME MY 5k BACK I have 3 buyer that will take the car over at sticker right now...

I have friends in Cali who custom order Range Rovers and Mercedes who get their money back. Why did 2 executives quit? Everyone knows customer service first!!!before the scam

Triggerplz | 10. Mai 2016

Contracts are a B****

lilbean | 10. Mai 2016

Wow. Sorry to hear this.

carlk | 11. Mai 2016

Go order a Range Rover and a Mercedes then cancel them both. You don't get you X deposit back that way but at least you average them out each canclation would cost you only $1666.66.

DarthB | 11. Mai 2016

LOL @carlk

eric.zucker | 11. Mai 2016

@pulguitamb: You configured your Model X, Tesla confirmed your reservation became an order. Then your deposit is indeed committed. The conditions were clear from the beginning, and you agreed to them. Backing out now has consequences that you agreed to at the time and will have to face. You cannot blame Tesla for this.

The best scenario for you now is if one of the three potential buyers accepts your choice of options, then get the X as ordered, and turn it around to her/him so you get out unscathed.

Alternatively you can try selling the Model S for a better price than Tesla gives you and keep the X.

Having gone through such times, I understand that some unforeseen situations may arise which change your plans, and it's unfortunate. Read the contract carefully, that's the first thing to do.

Remnant | 11. Mai 2016

@ pulguitamb (OP, May 10, 2016)

<< I own a tesla Model S i owe 62k left on my loan Tesla offered me 44k do i take a 18k hit just to upgrade ... NO NO NO, now that i cant get rid of my model S, I want to Back out of my Model X ... >>

You clearly assumed Dollar & Cent responsibility under three contracts: the MS loan, the MX reservation fee, and the MX order. Now you appear to want to transfer at least some of this triple responsibility of yours onto Tesla, on grounds of excessive burden on you. While this is understandable, if you regard work and financial obligations as disutilities, in a civil society you cannot just shake them off because you don't like them.

It looks like Tesla has already offered you a deal for your MS, but you don't like it because you think you shouldn't lose any money, even though everyone must expect some loss of value ("depreciation") as they drive their car off the dealer's parking lot.

Second, you forfeited your MX reservation fee when you ordered your MX. If you check your reservation contract, this is normal and legitimate and is no grounds for claiming that value as a carve-out of the MX value that resulted from the reservation.

All you have now is your MX value to deal on and you simply don't want to accept the depreciation resulting from your attempt to get rid of it.

Conversely, if you accept it and enjoy it, you are much better off. The depreciation your MX will suffer at the time of your separation from it will appear much more normal and acceptable.

And that's what I wish you: full enjoyment of your MX. Don't worry about seeming to lose a little bit of money on this deal: you will still get the best out of it.

Big T | 11. Mai 2016


Let's see if I have this right. You ordered an S with the cancelation provisions. Your interaction with the company lead you to want to buy a second vehicle (an X) from them. The second vehicle has the same cancellation provisions and now the company is a scam.

AlMc | 11. Mai 2016

I agree with @ericzucker: Those are your choices. It may not be the choices you want but the contract is binding.
I can sympathize with you plight but this is the correct response by TM IMO.

msdjlee | 11. Mai 2016

In calculating the dollars and cents of the pros and cons don't forget about adding in the $7500 Fed tax incentive as well as any State credits you may have qualified for. Don't know how that works out if you flip the car. For me I would keep the MX and sell the S. Good luck

Madatgascar | 11. Mai 2016

I made it a point to check Tesla's trade-in value on my Model S before I clicked "order" on the Model X. Seems like essential due diligence for such a major purchase. They offered $42k, which is 48% of the initial purchase price after 3.5 years. Sounded reasonable to me, though I think I could get closer to $47k on the open market. (Green P85, loaded, 50k miles, VIN 30xx... anyone interested?) I also factored in further depreciation between that estimate and the probable time of delivery (Tesla's estimate plus three months).

Anyway, I have to agree Tesla makes it very clear that clicking "Order" is the point of no return for your deposit.

Big T | 11. Mai 2016

When you buy airline tickets, cruise tickets, etc, they are non-refundable unless you pay full fare. You can't just say you changed your mind or your circumstances have changed. There is trip insurance available for certain covered events that will reimburse your prepaid trip expenses. Things like major illness, death and the like.

madodel | 13. Mai 2016

When I was considering cancelling my Sig X my DS told me if I didn't want to keep it there would be no problem finding a buyer. Instead of being pissed at Tesla have you asked your DS if he/she thinks they could sell your Tesla to someone else and refund your deposit?

rossRallen | 13. Mai 2016

Stop whining and disturbing all the fans of the Model X with your complaints.
Buy a Kia and be happy.

lilbean | 13. Mai 2016

You could sell it for more and make a profit.

mbelkacem | 14. Mai 2016

I just want someone to purchase it at sticker price from factory and get it delivered in 2 to 3 weeks.

lilbean | 14. Mai 2016

That would be nice, but Tesla did their part by fulfilling the order that was requested. I really enjoyed this process as I didn't have to deal with any shady car salesmen. The haggling is so tiresome. It's such a joke when the salesman walks away to talk to the supervisor in the office and they try to assess your interest in the car. Never again!

Mom2Dancers | 23. Mai 2016

@lilbean... However, in the traditional "dealership" business model, dealers are competing with each other so they have incentive to work hard to provide great customer service and offer you a good deal (or you will take your business to another dealership... We did this with our ML63... local dealer offer bad service, so we drove a distance to pick ours up from a better more customer friendly dealership, even though it's out of the area). Without Tesla "dealerships" to compete with each other, you have no choice but to accept the service you are dealt (or go without a Tesla).

lilbean | 23. Mai 2016

@mom2dancers: Exellent point! Wow.

eric.zucker | 23. Mai 2016

@Mom2dancers: You are free to go to a different SC.

I enjoy great service where I go to, and I make sure that any exceptional performance gets the praise it deserves. I met the new regional manager shortly after he started, and I mentioned by name all the people who worked on my cars and served me, and even had some fine chocolates delivered to the Tesla store.

It's a two way street. | 23. Mai 2016

@Mom2Dancers - You must have a different set of dealers. Everyone I talk to that has used dealers finds they are in a race to see who can screw them out of the most money. Some are nicer than others about getting your money.

My boss custom ordered a new Benz. After saying it was in after a 12 weeks but not yet available for a week he went to the dealer to see what was going on. Someone at the dealer had mashed the side of his new car (multiple panels) and they were working to fix it without telling him. I've either personally had or heard of many more horror stories about dealers. I'm sure there are a couple of good dealers somewhere, but most are awful.

aesculus | 23. Mai 2016

My last Acura dealer (and they have many other high end dealerships) was a normal set of vultures on the sales side, but the service teams were stellar and very helpful and honest.

siliconhammer | 24. Mai 2016

@pulguitamb what is your geographic location, configuration, VIN and estimated delivery date? consider starting a new thread with this information to see if there are any takers...if the config and delivery date are compelling you may find somebody on this forum who will buy it could take your trade-in off the table in this scenario perhaps, something to consider

speyerj | 24. Mai 2016

Wow. OP.

Everyone is being very polite with you. But you sound like a spoiled child rather than a person taking on a serious financial obligation. When you sign a loan document or order expensive appliances, the companies are not obligated to treat you like a snowflake with feelings and wants and needs. Or at least they are not if you are not keeping your end of the bargain. You're saying very clearly that you can't buy your X because you can't sell your S for enough. This is not Tesla's fault, and it's entirely your fault for making a major purchase based on the assumption you could sell your current asset for a specific value.

There was no spot on your order form that specified you were only obligated to buy the car if the world was sunbeams and roses and you got a 5% raise and a year end bonus, and a decrease in your Visa APR, etc.

Your S is worth less than you wish it was. This isn't Tesla's fault. If you think they are cheating you, sell it elsewhere and prove them wrong. Or get angry that "the world" won't give you more money for your used car. And won't pay you the salary you think you deserve. Or give you the shiny house you want. Let us know how that goes. | 24. Mai 2016

OP : It is indeed worth checking around for a deal on selling the S. I got $5K more from a Honda dealer last week than I was offered as a trade by Tesla. The net difference was about $2K after taking into account sales tax on cash vs. trade and income tax deductions of the respective sales taxes but still worth an hour's time.

The contract wording is clear. Cancel now and $5K is gone. Your only recourse is to piss Elon off so that he considers you to be rude and cancels your order. 😈