2016 Shareholder Meeting Logistics

2016 Shareholder Meeting Logistics

There were a couple of nice features of today's shareholder meeting and some not so comfortable.

I liked --
1) Parking lot guidance on where to park.
2) The speed to which attendees were processed into the room.
3) Great presentation by Elon and JB. Very candid; important to hear about the troubles and successes.

What I didn't like --
1) The meeting did not start on time. Elon, it is time to start practicing on time delivery!
2) The meeting room is too small; it was filled to overflowing. A new venue is in order.
3) Guests of shareholders were not allowed in the main room, but shunted into a "viewing" room. This means that spouses and other family members were essentially dis-invited after they showed up. If your name wasn't on the shares, you could not attend. Not friendly; not pleasant.

At about three and one-half hours, this meeting ran too long, although I did enjoy the content. Elon and JB have material for a book, maybe even a 3-volume set!

What did you think?

David N | 31. Mai 2016

Is there a link for us to listen?

EVRider | 01. Juni 2016

Apparently they don't record the webcast, you have to watch it live. No webcast on the event page (, and there isn't one for the 2015 meeting either, so I'm not expecting anything to show up later. | 01. Juni 2016

I'm surprised you got a guest in - in the past it has always strictly been limited to shareholders and made very clear you had to have proof of current share ownership. No change from any prior shareholders meeting. I think that is in part to reduce the disruption from people who just want to raise a ruckus, which is fine by me. Also space is limited, so shareholders should be the ones to get in over others with no vested interest, after all it is a Shareholders meeting.

It looked like they were ready to start on time, but were allowing those that showed up at the last minute to get in. While I think those that got there on time shouldn't have to wait for latecomers, I suspect parking might have forced some to go to the outer reaches.

The location is rather ideal and it has Superchargers, which they offered valet service for those that needed it. The stalls were not packed full as the last meeting, so that worked well.

One new changes is they seem to be moderating the Q&A slightly which was nice. They also limited it to one question, and were willing to cut off (or trim) those trying to make some long-winded point without a question. Everyone who wanted to ask a questions was accommodated, which also was a first.

EVRider | 01. Juni 2016

Good news: I see that the replay is now available at I don't know how long it will be kept there -- there's still no recording for last year's meeting -- so watch it while you can.

teslcls | 02. Juni 2016

Thanks, I had to leave before the Q&A and am appreciative of being able to see the original rather than someone's interpretation.

David N | 02. Juni 2016

Thanks for the link, I enjoyed listening