22" vs 20" / P90D vs P90 Range

22" vs 20" / P90D vs P90 Range

Hi All..

Some questions I am having lately.

1st: Are the 22" wheels worth it? It seems to me that the improved handling comes at the cost of less range and more wear. Is there any other reason why to order 22"... I love the metal black finish in the rims but... Maybe after market with 20" size?

2nd: If I order a P90D, can I match the range of the P90 by software? Meaning that I dial down the responsiveness and increase range to P90 spec? I know you can set the P90D to match P90s but I don't know if this actually increase the range to match the range?


jajabor | 12. Juni 2016

my question too! I'm leaning toward 22" black rims but do you really get 10-15% less range with those?

PXChanel | 12. Juni 2016

90D 22" silver rims here, white. Do not even consider 20" unless you have a long commute to work or take frequent trips, or plan to tow a boat every weekend. The 22" look amazing, and I only drive 20-40 mi a day (soccer mom). My husband is jealous of my car for once. I have never cared about rims, he is a total rim person and he loves the 22". I have no experience w range yet since I have only had my MX 6 days, but I have read it decreases your range 15%, so I would believe that. I met an older couple at a SC with 20" rims, did not look quite the same, they were retired and using MX to drive cross country, so smaller rims mpwere important for them. Depends on what your needs are.