4th of July Supercharger Crowds

4th of July Supercharger Crowds

I drove from LA to San Diego through the infamous San Juan Capistrano Supercharger. I knew I'd need to drive around in Pacific Beach/La Jolla before I checked into my downtown hotel for the night. I was leaving Los Angeles driving south on 405 by 930AM and arrived in SJC before 11.

I pulled into the last spot

I grabbed a bite to eat, grocery shopped for the 4th party and 35 minutes later was back on the road.

When I left there was one spot open

Anyone else Supercharge over the Holiday and if so, did you experience "full" or "empty" or something in between?

rafale | 06. Juli 2016

I passed by Newark, DE for a look. Less than half full.

vp09 | 06. Juli 2016

Yes, at midnight, the night of the 3rd, in Burbank. Four of the 6 were taken when we pulled in, and all 6 were taken when we pulled out. At 12:30 A.M.

A Model X stopped and shone his headlights in our eyes for a few minutes. We put up the sunshade. They drove off after a few minutes, without charging.

vp09 | 06. Juli 2016

Two of the cars charging were driven by young men who worked for Tesla. I asked the Model X driver how he liked his car and he said it wasn't his. Same for the S on the other side.

kanpra | 06. Juli 2016

Almost no one at Tannersville PA, Binghampton NY and Syracuse NY superchargers over the weekend on 2 different visits to each!

Not Ready for P... | 06. Juli 2016

Only 2 cars at Harrisburg-Union Deposit Road supercharger.

SamO | 06. Juli 2016


Great data point. Burbank seems to be the new San Juan Capistrano.

Why were Tesla employees charging cars at midnight?

vp09 | 06. Juli 2016

SamO I should have asked. I have no idea.

JAD | 06. Juli 2016

Charged at Fontana, Inyokern, Lone Pine, & Mammoth up and back all with less than half the chargers being used, so no issue at all for me.

MrLunch | 06. Juli 2016

Sometimes sales people get to take a car for a weekend so they have more familiarity. My sales guy said when AP came out they all got sent off with a car to learn.

Not Ready for P... | 06. Juli 2016

I suspect that supercharging crowding is a condition unique to a certain highly populous large western state with a Pacific coast line.

JAD | 06. Juli 2016

I did charge with 3 Around the World in 80 days EV cars in Mammoth. Pretty cool.

Jazzy B | 06. Juli 2016

I was at Barstow, Primm and Las Vegas SC. Primm and LV were less than 50% occupied but when I pulled up to Barstow one there was one left for me. By the time I left there were 3 spot opened.

vp09 | 06. Juli 2016

Uncle F called it. We be crowded here in California. Maybe the Fremont 2 model is what we need here: Put them in 20 at a time, not 6 or 8.

Half Dollar Bill | 06. Juli 2016

Drove from VA out to Indy (Out Wed, back Sun) with the following stops and counts:

Out Back
Hagerstown MD 0 0
Somerset PA 0 1X
Triadelphia WV 0 0
Grove City OH 2S 1S1X
Dayton OH 2S 0

Side trip -
Terre Haute IN 0 0

SamO | 06. Juli 2016


I had heard about employees getting cars, but I thought it might be something much more mundane. Thanks for the reminder.

@Uncle Fookie
"I suspect that supercharging crowding is a condition unique to a certain highly populous large western state with a Pacific coast line."

With ~50% of all US deliveries occurring in California, we are getting a preview of how Tesla is keeping up with ownership. So far, this 4th looks like it's been pretty chill.


Cool picture. I've only driven once up to Mammoth since it opened and I didn't see another car anywhere after Mojave.

@Jazzy B,

Thanks for posting. I've gotten the last stall at Barstow a few times, but never seen Primm with more than 2 cars charging. Las Vegas is hit and miss, but there are usually a couple of cars there, no matter how late (or early) I charge.

@Half Dollar Bill,

Thanks for the update. Looks like the midwest is filling in nicely and well served.

Silver2K | 06. Juli 2016

0 in Albany and 2 in utica

JeffreyR | 06. Juli 2016

I drove up 101 North from LA to SJ on July 5th. We were in a stuffed Honda Pilot, so I did not stop at any SC sites on the route. But, I had the kids count how many they could see in Oxnard at The Collection, and they could see 2 MS at ~11am. We did not see a bunch of Teslas except on two factory trucks in Gilroy (16 MS/MX heading out).

tes-s | 06. Juli 2016

I drove by the superchargers in Greenwich CT and Darien CT several times over the weekend. No busier than usual - most I saw was 2 cars. It was not at the busiest travel times though.

SeattleSid | 06. Juli 2016

There were 5 cars charging in Centralia WA, including 1 Model X, when I arrived around noon on the 4th. That was more than I'd ever seen there on many visits between Seattle and Portland. When we left about 40 minutes later, only the X was still there.

ayerm | 06. Juli 2016

This is a little dated but on my last trip from Los Gatos to San Diego the day before Thanksgiving 2015 (what was my wife thinking?), I took the last slot at Harris Ranch, waited half hour at Tejon Ranch and took the last but one at SJ Capistrano. The return trip was slightly better with only a 10 minute wait at Tejon Ranch. Have not done this trip in more sensible times of the year but should be better.

Dale9271 | 06. Juli 2016

Charged at Indio and cabazon one there

michael | 06. Juli 2016

Drove down to Chattanooga from DC area on July 1st, Back on July 4th.
Strasburg VA 0
Lexington VA 0
Wytheville VA 0
Knoxville TN 0
Chattanooga TN 0

Chattanooga TN 0
Knoxville TN 0
Wytheville VA 1S
Lexington VA 0
Strasburg VA 0

tes-s | 06. Juli 2016

@Ayerm - since you were there, Harris Ranch went from 10 (6 + 4 temp) stalls to 13, they added a new location in Buttonwillow with 10 stalls, and a new location in Burbank with 6 stalls. Buena Park with 6 stalls is under construction.

When is your next trip?

ayerm | 07. Juli 2016

This is good news. We usually drive South for Thanksgiving, will report after

Made in CA | 07. Juli 2016

Charged at Atascadero and Buellton on July 2 and 3. No lines and the chargers kicked butt. I was getting 330 miles/hr at one point.

vp09 | 07. Juli 2016

Tes-s, the 6 stalls at Burbank were all in use at 12:30 in the morning, 3 nights ago. Maybe unusual for 4th of July weekend?

ram1901 | 07. Juli 2016

Nice to hear that those normally busy chargers did not have a line of Tesla's waiting to charge.
One open space sure beats a queue.

tes-s | 08. Juli 2016

@vp09 - Good to know Burbank is crowded. Best to simply skip Burbank and use other superchargers - even a 60 can skip it no matter the route.

Probably gets a lot of use from people in Beverly Hills charging locally to save money.

SamO | 08. Juli 2016

Burbank is not local for Beverly Hills.

SamO | 04. Dezember 2019

This was a fun thread. Guess the other shoe has dropped.

Tldickerson | 04. Dezember 2019

SamO is bored again. Has to find old threads to reopen.

tes-s | 04. Dezember 2019

Where is your Quartzsite thread? Oh that's right, there were no queues there this holiday weekend.

Yes a handful of superchargers had queues on the busiest travel days of the year. The vast majority of Tesla drivers experienced no queues. Probably some traffic jams on the highways too.

Tesla has addressed the small number of superchargers with queues in the past, and I am confident they will do so in the future.

Haggy | 06. Dezember 2019

I checked, and everything I read indicated that over Thanksgiving weekend, not a single Supercharger station had a backup due to July 4th crowds. | 06. Dezember 2019

@Haggy - Best answer yet :)