Use Model X as a battery for tailgating

Use Model X as a battery for tailgating

I am planning a block party and a lot of my neighbors want to use crockpots to keep their food warm.

Can I use an inverter through one of the 12 volt ports to power small appliances?

How do I keep car on in the process?

Is there a limit to how many devices shoudl be run. If so is it per cigarette lighter or per car as a whole?

I understand I will be draining my battery.



jordanrichard | 09. August 2016

If it can be done in any other car, it can be done with your X. a 12v socket is a 12v socket.

lckiii | 09. August 2016

My TDI turns off the 12 volt plugs when car engine is off. Did not know what would happen with Tesla that is parked. If it would time out and power itself down.

eric.zucker | 09. August 2016

I read in these forums the 12 V stays on all the time.

jordanrichard | 09. August 2016

German cars, for whatever reason shut off the power to the cigarette lighters (12v outlet).

eddiemoy | 09. August 2016

the manual says this:

"Your Model X has a power socket located on
the front of the center console. An additional
12V power socket is located in the rear trunk.
Power is available whenever the instrument
panel and touchscreen are on."

But experimented and the 12V stays on always!

ICE cannot keep 12V on when car isn't running because it will drain and the alternator tops off the car when it is running. Tesla on the other hand has access to the main battery that keeps the 12v topped off on or off.

SUN 2 DRV | 09. August 2016

Tesla says "The 12V power socket is suitable for accessories requiring up to 15A or a maximum of 180 watts."

Things with heating elements like Crock pots use lots of energy. One I checked needs 240 watts, which would require at least 20 amps from your Tesla's power socket.

So I don't think you're likely to be successful with "lot of my neighbors want to use crockpots"

joer293 | 10. August 2016

Unless it's a RV/camper crockpot, won't be good with the inverter. You will likely want to tie the inverter to the 12v battery directly.
In the model S, you can use "camper mode" put the car in neutral, and use the e-brake on the display. That keeps the screens on, AC and 12v outlets running. | 11. August 2016

180 watts not enough for all but a small crock pot, I'm afraid.

Read this:

lar_lef | 11. August 2016

A small crackpot, maybe? Quick, flag this not politically collect comment.

lar_lef | 11. August 2016