Title says it all

Bighorn | 03. Oktober 2016

Did they change the exchange terms? Originally it was 0.110 or greater than 9 to 1

Mike83 | 03. Oktober 2016

I could be wrong. Not sure how it will actually work or any changes. Percentage of discount will change but if anyone has more information please post.

Mathew98 | 03. Oktober 2016

When in doubt, go with @Bighorn. 9:1 SCTY:TSLA sounds about right.

Mike83 | 03. Oktober 2016

Except the update on the Tesla website states it at a price of $25.37/share on August 1. At that time is 8to 1.

Mathew98 | 03. Oktober 2016

SCTY / TSLA conversion on Aug 1st was 25.37/230 so 0.11 conversion rate or 9 shares of SCTY for every share of TSLA.

Mike83 | 03. Oktober 2016

Yes. At 9 to 1 it's a 26% discount I believe.

acegreat1 | 06. Oktober 2016

If it goes below 200 again, order up

Mike83 | 06. Oktober 2016

With the market gyrating down adding to my position is welcome. | 06. Oktober 2016

Hold until MB surpasses Tesla in BEVs.

acegreat1 | 06. Oktober 2016

George, I'm going to hold on to the stock forever with that logic | 06. Oktober 2016

Also, some sage advice that never fails:

Buy low.

Ross1 | 07. Oktober 2016

Only invest what you can afford to lose.

Ross1 | 07. Oktober 2016

Only floss the teeth you wish to keep

AlMc | 07. Oktober 2016

@Ross and @George: Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered.

tes-s | 07. Oktober 2016

Below $200 for those that missed out or want to add more

ryandev00 | 07. Oktober 2016

It's gonna drop even more, hold out gents!

tes-s | 17. Oktober 2016

Even better time to buy now than when this thread was started! It is not too late...

acegreat1 | 17. Oktober 2016

Your not kidding tes, if i had extra money to invest laying around around I would. If it goes anywhere near 185, my wife is gonna get mad because that would mean I "found" some money in our savings acct. ;)

tes-s | 17. Oktober 2016

52-week range is 141 to 269.

When it hits $300, nobody can say they did not have good buying opportunities.

Mike83 | 17. Oktober 2016

I have been buying. I love it. Thank you shorters, keep it down as long as possible.

Red Sage ca us | 17. Oktober 2016

tes-s: Exactly.

AlMc | 17. Oktober 2016

If it hits $300 within the next 3-6 months it won't matter that much whether you brought at $193 or $200. Still a nice return. This is not a stock for the weak of heart.

Of course, if you had some Netflix call options today you are a happy camper. Let us hope that we can see a 20% ER/CC gain in TSLA 'soon'.

carlk | 17. Oktober 2016

When TSLA reaches $3,000 in 7~10 years it does not matter whether you bought it at $200 or $300.

Netflix stock "exploded" 20% in AH after earning report today. NFLX is my second highset stock holding and Reed Hasting is one of my top two most admired CEO. I've been buying NFLX since 2002 when it was at split adjusted price of ~$2, You could still buy it at ~$10 even in 2010. TSLA at $3,000 in 2025 is entirely not out of question imo.

Silver2K | 17. Oktober 2016

has any tech stock reached $3k besides Microsoft?

Red Sage ca us | 17. Oktober 2016

I think that Apple (AAPL) has split a few gazillion times and prolly would be over $3,000 if not for that.

Personally, I'd be satisfied with TSLA reaching 1/100th of BRK-A within the next decade or so.

Silver2K | 17. Oktober 2016

only once @Red 7/1

MS has split 2-1 8 or 9 times I believe

carlk | 17. Oktober 2016

CSCO between 1990 and 2000. I don't have a calculator handy but that's about 300x split in a decade.

03/18/1991 2 for 1
03/23/1992 2 for 1
03/22/1993 2 for 1
03/21/1994 2 for 1
02/20/1996 2 for 1
12/17/1997 3 for 2
09/16/1998 3 for 2
06/22/1999 2 for 1
03/23/2000 2 for 1

carlk | 17. Oktober 2016

INTC split history. I knew entry level engineers who were giving a few hundred shares. Do your math.

07/02/00 2/1
03/23/99 2/1
06/10/97 2/1
05/16/95 2/1
05/06/93 2/1
09/28/87 3/2
06/16/83 2/1
09/08/80 2/1
04/30/79 3/2
08/04/78 5/4
04/26/76 3/2
04/15/74 3/2
04/16/73 3/2

Silver2K | 18. Oktober 2016

never knew that, thanks carlk

Mike83 | 18. Oktober 2016

Congrats on NFLX carik. I have done well with it also. This is fun.

carlk | 18. Oktober 2016

There are many common threads between Tesla and Netflix. Both are disruptive companies with smart and capable founder/CEO. Talk about this some "expert" on this forum even have guts to suggest that a founder should give CEO duty to a professional manager when company grows. Tell that to Hastings, Page, Zuckerbuerg or Bezos.

One other common thread is the very well known hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson heavily shorted NFLX in early days but covered after huge losses and then became a long. He did the same with Tesla.

Mike83 | 19. Oktober 2016

Exactly. carik+100
Just read that Airbnb is teaming with SolarCity to offer clean electricity. Energy disruption is moving swiftly.

NKYTA | 19. Oktober 2016

@carlk, INTC down big today, but can't argue with your split history. Enjoyable times! Thanks Grandfather!

carlk | 19. Oktober 2016

On the new Tesla page it mentioned the Tesla Network next year for Tesla self-driving cars to connect to for ride sharing and revenue generating purpose. That will spell the death of the Uber/Lyft model. And Uber's valuation now is already twice that of Tesla's market value. We sure ain't see nothing yet.

acegreat1 | 19. Oktober 2016

Tomorrow should be fun

Nic727 | 19. Oktober 2016

Sad that I can't buy TSLA stock... I would like to, but after that I have to write this in my yearly tax and I don't really know how it work and if they can take me money :(

I don't know if I'm already too late or not.

carlk | 19. Oktober 2016

I kind of think this is equivalent to the Netflix's House of Card moment. You kind of suspect it's the beginning of a huge thing but you still couldn't realize the magnitude of it until years later.

Rextado | 19. Oktober 2016

Does this Autopilot 2.0 announcment convert in a sales boost for Tesla? Think it is very important they deliveres MORE than 80k cars this year.

Production rate have to be 2300/Week assuming one week factory shutdown and same number in Transit at EOQ.

At least in europe deliveries for new MS are NET than end of January. But not sure if this is only an allocation (logistics) reason.

Do you believe Tesla will deliver more than 80k cars?

Mike83 | 20. Oktober 2016

Very exciting news. For once Bloomberg has a decent article.

Once the amazing facts since in about SD(self-driving) and how far ahead Tesla is perhaps we'll see the Netflix moment you described. Tesla energy is pretty much ignored by the shorts and that will keep the stock price affordable for awhile.
I am excited to get the M3 to complement my P85 which is the best and safest car I have ever owned and the most expensive.
I am out of NFLX and buying SolarCity which seems discounted to TSLA.
Capitulation is around the corned in my opinion.

Mike83 | 20. Oktober 2016

sorry for spelling errors. corner not corned. sink in, not since in.

carlk | 20. Oktober 2016


Full self driving capability is not about driving assistance for owners. It's about shared mobility that will one day revolutionize the transportation industry. Many people haven't seen the significance of it yet but soon they will. Few noticed it when Netflix went all in and started to produce shows like House of Card. Many even criticize it of waste money to do those. Just now people starting to see it's success and dominance is because of those original contents. Visionary leads and people learn.

sentabo | 20. Oktober 2016

My only concern with my TSLA shares is the possibility of Elon stepping down some day. He is the type that could get "bored" with this and move on to a whole new venture. Maybe, maybe not.

This would almost certainly have a short-term negative effect. My question is do you think the stock would bounce back and still flourish (if indeed it does flourish)? It would depend on several factors, not the least of whom his replacement would be.

tes-s | 21. Oktober 2016

Still not too late to get in / get more below $200.

Mike83 | 21. Oktober 2016

Very cool.

Mike83 | 21. Oktober 2016

@carik. Remarkable visionary and execution from EM and the board.
I had sold my Mobileye awhile ago when they split with Tesla and bought NVDA which is doing well. I read that Mobileye is small and its R&D money tiny realizing that they didn't have the resources to keep up with Tesla. It now appears to have been a good move. Lucky to have shifted my investments.

Mike83 | 24. Oktober 2016

338 price target from Baird. Not sure if they include the energy part.

Mike83 | 25. Oktober 2016

This is something. Short interest in TSLA jumped to 28.14 million shares. If they have to cover quickly it will be a bloodbath.

tes-s | 25. Oktober 2016

Back over $200 now...

Mike83 | 25. Oktober 2016

SolarCity is impressively shorted also around 24 million shares. They will try to stop the merger. Should be fun to watch.