Title says it all

tes-s | 01. November 2016

Still not too late - can buy at a lower price than when this thread was started!

acegreat1 | 01. November 2016

Yup yup

Mike83 | 01. November 2016

I'm in.

Ross1 | 01. November 2016


SamO | 01. November 2016

Exxon is below its 2011 share price.


AlMc | 01. November 2016

Having just listened to the joint SCTY/TM CC.......There may be a better time to buy TSLA.

acegreat1 | 01. November 2016

Aim when do u think?

bgbythsea | 01. November 2016

The solar roof tile release seemed to push the stock down a bit. Probably because they may be perceived as being stretched even thinner. It may be time to jump in.

justinmk3 | 02. November 2016

This is awesome! Insane. Can't believe I get another opportunity to buy another round of value! Sold all my Apple Stock after seeing the horrible underwhelming New MacBook Pro release. Now going all in on TSLA!!!! :) :) :)

dborn | 02. November 2016

Waiting for $170.....

AlMc | 02. November 2016

@acegreatone: I am going with ( or near) @dborn's PT: $175-180 . I am also 'playing' the arbitrage a bit with some SCTY.

While I am not in favor of the deal, I am well aware it will probably go through and while the price is certainly fluctuating if you buy SCTY at roughly $18.70, you are effectively buying TSLA for $170. Risk: If the deal falls apart SCTY may drop.... a lot

Ross1 | 02. November 2016


acegreat1 | 02. November 2016

I'm about to pounce on this

Mike83 | 04. November 2016

He has some excellent points and put his money in. I personally have seen a shorted stock rise 30X its price. I think the odds are good here for a historic ROI.

AlMc | 09. November 2016

Time to bump this thread. There will probably be some headwind with the recent election.

I have set my price targets for buying more TSLA at $175-180. We may never see those levels again but I am OK missing out if that be the case.

tes-s | 09. November 2016

Anyone get in/more at $185?

carlk | 09. November 2016

Good if you do plan to hold the stock for a long term. The way I see it the stock could go to 500 or 1000 easy and is entirely possible it could go to 5000 (market cap about the same as Apple or Google today) in 10~15 years. On the downside its value will likely not go down much below $150 in the worst case scenario. Google was going to buy it for $8 billion in early 13' when Tesla had only made a few thousand MS and did not have the gigafactory or industry leading self driving technology. Many companies from Toyota to Uber would be tempted to buy it if its value drops to below ~$20B. $150 would be the fire sale price if Tesla could not survive on its own although we all hope that will never happen. So the price of $180 you pay is actually $30 risk but the potential gain could be $3000 or more. That is a pretty good odd imo.

dborn | 09. November 2016

Interesting that the stock went down today despite the Dow and Nasdaq going up. Wired, but that does seem to be the pattern a lot of the time. My standing order at $170 is still there...

dborn | 09. November 2016

Weird not wired...

Rocky_H | 10. November 2016

@tes-s, Quote: "Anyone get in/more at $185?"

Heh, we lunged in and got it just barely below $184 when it was very briefly there yesterday morning and were feeling awesome when it then rebounded to $190 later in the day. It is now back down below $183--oops.

tes-s | 10. November 2016

Just more buying opportunity for those that want to get in or get more....

AlMc | 10. November 2016

Still waiting along with @Dborn for $175. Orders in.

Mike83 | 11. November 2016

Nice write-up. I hope some of you owned NVDA. Back on the road ;-)

tes-s | 14. November 2016

2.5 months later, and it is still not too late!!

carlk | 17. November 2016

Is this you? Elon will not let you down.

(repost since I posted in a wrong thread.

Mike83 | 29. November 2016

31.5 million Shares Shorted. Possibly from the SolarCity conversion. I like it.

Mike83 | 29. November 2016

Meant to add this also explains the negative articles attempting to hold down the stock price.

tes-s | 30. November 2016

If I were that guy's financial advisor, I would recommend (in writing) he sell at least 80% of his TSLA, take the modest few percent profit, and diversify.

But he probably would not - the money is not important to him. He does not care if he loses his entire net worth (I would save that tweet in my records too).

And for those still looking to get in, stock is still available below $190 per share - lower than when this thread was started!!

Ross1 | 30. November 2016


Jthomas119 | 30. November 2016

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acegreat1 | 30. November 2016

Still a good time to get in

Mike83 | 30. November 2016

I like the short term fluctuations. Being a long term investor I buy and will have a nice average price on these dips.
Peter Lynch is my hero.

sentabo | 30. November 2016

+1 @Mike83 - My first investment was Peter Lynch's Magellan fund back in the early 80s. He played more than a small part in putting me in a position to purchase the MS.

carlk | 30. November 2016


He's a twenty something and says he will keep it for 40 years and does not care if he loses it all. Not a problem at all under that condition. For me I do not count Tesla investment as part of my retirement money even it is higher than most financial adviser probably would recommend. Matter of fact I put a constant $150 price for TSLA in my asset report and never worry about those daily variations. I don't believe the value of TSLA will go much below $150. When and if that does happen companies from Apple, Google, to Uber, Lyft, to Mercedes, Toyota would all be interested to buy it. It will take a lot of capitals and time for any of them to build the technology, brand and infrastructure Tesla has already built. It's a pretty good value even as is.

+1 @Mike83, @sentabo On Peter Lynch too.

Mike83 | 04. Dezember 2016

Here is a good article for those serious investors versus traders. We know the game.

Mike83 | 11. Dezember 2016

Well. It appears the Shorts have very short to the tune of almost 36MILLION shares. Also some hedge funds have been accumulating shares. Target prices over 330. This could get very exciting.

Mike83 | 13. Januar 2017

Short interest still very high. Inflection point?

Tropopause | 13. Januar 2017

7 month high.

acegreat1 | 13. Januar 2017

Yeah, I'm glad I got more @ $186 a couple of months ago.

Silver2K | 13. Januar 2017

I should have purchased options when I had the chance. I knew it was going to go to 220 at the least. I hope I get another opportunity

ST70 | 13. Januar 2017

lots of shorts are's going to get worse

Mike83 | 13. Januar 2017

It is entertaining.

Ross1 | 14. Januar 2017

@ Silver: I hope you dont.

Silver2K | 14. Januar 2017

shut it!

Silver2K | 14. Januar 2017


Ross1 | 25. Januar 2017

$254.60 :))

Mike83 | 01. Februar 2017

Tesla is now just Tesla and not Tesla Motors. I wonder if the shorts will acknowledge this. ;-)

carlk | 01. Februar 2017

Just a note Apple dropped "computer" in its name exactly 10 years ago with stock price at about one tenth of what it is today.

Mike83 | 01. Februar 2017

I am waiting to see more shorts posts and news; they need to post faster and exaggerate any issues to get the stock down. Can you believe 35million short? Hope I can buy a few more shares soon.

Mike83 | 01. Februar 2017

As I have a nice profit in NVDA I was thinking of trading for TSLA.