Title says it all

acegreat1 | 11. November 2019

Samo, stock split? 2to1 10to1? Haha

SamO | 11. November 2019

10 to 1 when it hits $500 later this year.

Mike83 | 11. November 2019

Just saw the update on Short Interest as of 10/31. It is still above 31 million shares sold short. I would assume all the trading was from new buyers and only about 5 million shares were covered. This means the shorts need more money to cover now since the share price is higher. The FUD should be coming unless the smarter shorts covered and may have even gone long.
Not nearly a squeeze yet.
Congrats to Tesla and the real investors; may the gamblers get their just deserts.

Mike83 | 11. November 2019

This stock hasn't split but does offer a B stock. It was down over $540 and is now $330,986.00
I prefer no stock splits but the method used for this one.

SamO | 11. November 2019

It’s fucking ridiculous. For many good reasons, shares should be affordable to everyone. BRK shares are not. They are a joke.

Mike83 | 11. November 2019

Brk.b stock is about 220/share

Ross1 | 11. November 2019

Todays news was that China is giving test rides to journos in M3s produced in China, Chinese badges, 3 x blue ones.

jimglas | 12. November 2019

@Ross: definitely going to cause a FUD storm

barrykmd | 12. November 2019

Heard a rumor that TSLA will issue a dividend in Koolaid powder.

AERODYNE | 12. November 2019

I don't need a dividend, just use the profits from G3 to fund G4.

carlk | 12. November 2019

Talk about G4 it's just announced it will be in Berlin. Everything is advancing in lightenging speed.

Mathew98 | 12. November 2019

barrykmd | November 12, 2019
"Heard a rumor that TSLA will issue a dividend in Koolaid powder. "

@barry - It was not a rumor. They've been dispensed to all other owners who didn't need to wait for rivets...


Bighorn | 12. November 2019

BVD-Toyota partnership could be big play especially with Buffett backing

Mathew98 | 12. November 2019

I'm pretty sure BVD is not what you think it means...

BYD on the other hand = Bring Your Drawers?

jjs | 12. November 2019

Was in Shanghai last week. LOTS of Teslas. I was a bit surprised. A lot of BYDs as well. I was told by a Shanghai native that the BYD cars are know for only 1/2 working. Most, evidently, are hybrids and the electrical is flaky and known to be unreliable. Thus only 1/2 working.

Don't know if that is true, but even if that is only the pervasive perception it bodes well for TSLA/Tesla. Also visited a Tesla store while there. The cars are more expensive than in the U.S., but the salesman confirmed that once the 3s start rolling off the Chinese assembly lines the price will drop.

Bighorn | 12. November 2019

How popular is Totota in China?
@mat Yes, BYD obviously. Don’t get your panties in a bunch;)

SamO | 13. November 2019

Where are the shitbags who confidently proclaimed the first end is near?

Delicious short (squeeze) tears.

carlk | 13. November 2019

Pre-market up $5 again. Either from news of Chinese plant got production license or just the momentum.

In general I think it's just people have finally changed their perception of Tesla to what we've been saying here all along.

Another news.
Who would have imagined that Germans would use Tesla to prove it's automaking prowess?

SamO | 13. November 2019

The US could end up running on gasoline forever, leaving electric vehicles to China and Europe

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Mathew98 | 13. November 2019

@Bighorn - You know I have a bunch of panties with your name written all over them. I might have some for @barryk and @silver too!

SamO | 13. November 2019

Why? Because they are shorter than short-shorts?

jimglas | 13. November 2019

they make great hats

Mathew98 | 13. November 2019

You must be thinking of the vijayjay hats...

Mike83 | 13. November 2019

Shorts were hoping China would take it's time but not so. Permit issued to start production in the world's largest EV market.
How sweet it is.

jimglas | 13. November 2019

Bankwupcy to follow
for sure

Tropopause | 13. November 2019

I guess Germany will have to "play nice" with Tesla from now on.

As for BYD, in August I went to a 4S (dealership) in Wuhan, China to check out the 7 passenger BEV (not hybrid) SUV called BYD EV600. Looks like a Range Rover Sport on the outside; a Tesla on the inside. Range was 500-600 km. DC fast charging stations were everywhere, in similar fashion to Tesla Superchargers which were also everywhere.

Then I went to a Tesla Showroom to check out the S, X, and 3. The store manager has been with Tesla since Model S launched; he started in the US. He told me BYD's advantage is they build their own battery cells but the BYD brand has an image problem in China due to its roots with ICE cars being low quality. BYD is trying to overcome the image problem with nice BEV's (hybrids too) but for now it's an uphill battle with the locals.

He also told me China's automotive safety requirements are the lowest of the the big three with USA being the most stringent followed by Europe. BYD's BEVs are lower priced, in part, due to the lower structural safety build while Tesla's are built to USA safety crash-test standards; even the ones built in Shanghai will be built to US levels and thus the higher price, but Tesla has a great reputation in China so locals will buy if they can afford

jjs | 13. November 2019

@Trop - I heard very similar things from my contacts in Shanghai. The people I talked to really look down on BYD. There is all sorts of talk about the EV sales slow down in China due to incentives being reduced/eliminated. I'm sure that is partially true, but I it might also be that people are waiting for the Chinese built Model 3s with the lower price. I think Tesla is going to shock (couldn't help myself) some people. I believe the shorts are about to get short circuited. (Again my apologies.)

Ross1 | 20. November 2019

Going up: $10 today.
Ready for a bumpy ride with the CYBRTRK reveal?

SamO | 20. November 2019

Are you predicting another $10 day?

Bighorn | 20. November 2019

New market cap record yesterday.

jimglas | 20. November 2019

Bankwupcy for sure
right around the corner

SamO | 20. November 2019

I think the Ford presentation showed the Street just how far "competitors" are behind.

This Truck presentation is going to be a hard attack on the core business of GM and Ford and will reveal just how many years they are ahead of these distinguished masters of manufacturing.


Ross1 | 24. November 2019

Well, today is the day.

Up or down, to be or not to be is the question. Considering preorders at 200,000 exceeds M3 record for more preorders than any product in the world ever, yet Wall St Armchairs say it wont sell.

Ross1 | 24. November 2019

Market closed -6%, about $333

Ross1 | 25. November 2019

Up 3.4% premarket

Mathew98 | 25. November 2019

200k pre order is telling the analysts to fork off.

Yeah, downgrade this, mofo!

Tropopause | 25. November 2019

Did Jim Cramer just cave and become a Tesla Bull?

Ross1 | 26. November 2019

and down 3% again next day

acegreat1 | 26. November 2019


SamO | 26. November 2019

Boom. Again. Thanks Ford for being a bunch of craven cowards.

Ross1 | 26. November 2019

But watch :
Tesla going down while F is rising. I think a lot of people think Tesla cheated the tugowar, and putting their confidence in F against TSLA.

Ross1 | 26. November 2019

Jim Cramer bought his Mrs a MX

SamO | 27. November 2019

A lot of people are too free themselves. A lot of people think crystals have healing powers. A lot of people believe the earth is flat.

Let’s stick to things that are true, ok Ross.

We can all agree that Ford cannot win this battle which is why they turned tail and ran.

Bighorn | 27. November 2019

Meds might need adjusting.

Tldickerson | 27. November 2019

@SamO, show me where ford turned tail and ran please! I understood that a new challenge was on with both trucks loaded to max weight.

Bighorn | 27. November 2019

Elon took over the duel as a solo project when Ford said they were just kidding. Ford definitely blinked and will soon be blushing.

NKYTA | 27. November 2019

I got to chat with my cousin's two and a half year old yesterday.


I said.

The response?


Close! ;-)

SamO | 27. November 2019
Tldickerson | 27. November 2019

@SamO, that's all you got?

SamO | 27. November 2019

Do you need me to translate? Is English not your primary language?