Title says it all

SbMD | 03. Mai 2017

@AlMc - You might have me confused with someone else, perhaps? I've been in at $60 and holding, but occasionally trading options contracts. I've held my original position for some time.

J.T. | 03. Mai 2017

@AlMc I believe it was barrykmd who was waiting for the sub 300 level.

222 | 03. Mai 2017

Unless something disastrous happens (like elon dying in a car crash or M3s spontaneously combusting) the stock price will probably not drop below 250 for a long long time.

I think 275 is possible if there are delays or supply chain issues. But too many people are now on the TSLA bandwagon to allow the price to drop significantly. After each purchase I always regret not getting in more.

SbMD | 03. Mai 2017

@JT - thanks for clarifying.
@barry may have had to sell his position to fund his rivet habit (sorry, @barry... couldn't resist :) )

AlMc | 04. Mai 2017

@SbMD: Sorry. JT always saves my butt and has a much better memory.

So, @barry: YOU may get a chance to get back into TSLA at a better SP than I thought would be possible.

***I may start a crowd source account to upgrade the CC audio from what sounds like my junior high announcement equipment. ****I was in junior high a long time ago****. :)

Why is Elon so clear at a place like TED and gets off topic/rambles so easily on CCs?

I have 'bro love' for you EM but JB, et al should handle the CCs

barrykmd | 04. Mai 2017

No problem, SbMD. It's been at least a month since I've seen a rivet reference, so it was due. :-)

carlk | 04. Mai 2017

AlMc Elon spoke his mind at TED but he has never been at ease speaking to the financial world. If he speaks his mind he would tell them you people totally don't get it.

Mike83 | 04. Mai 2017

While on vacation we saw the drop but no matter what the quarter report is I always like to have funds available to buy. Very pleased to see this. Very happy with sales and if they had a profit they wouldn't be in growth phase. FUD is entertaining.
Our weather is outstanding and now we can't live without AP2 on these 2000 mile trips.

AlMc | 04. Mai 2017

@CarlK: He should just speak his mind on the CCs. Best example of WTF: He knew he would get a question about demand/deliveries for the S/X for 2017. He mumbled through an answer that gave the impression that there might be an issue with 100k deliveries for S/X in 2017.

Prepared answer: ' We expect to deliver at least 100K S/X in 2017.' Period, end of story. drop mic.

If asked again: Rinse/repeat.

carlk | 04. Mai 2017

Well I don't think he's the type of person who reads prepared speeches. That's why we/I like him.

AlMc | 04. Mai 2017

@CArlK: He does not need a prepared speech, he just needs to be prepared with a direct answer for direct questions that he 8knows* will be asked.

he is asked about *demand* every CC.

I am positive you could have given a better answer.

carlk | 04. Mai 2017

There is no direct answer to that question or pretty much any questions. I could of course say it will be 100,000 cars delivered but it depends. The thing is how you want to describe the "it depends". The devil is always in the details.

AlMc | 04. Mai 2017

It is very easy @CarlK: You say: I fully expect to deliver at least 100K S/X in 2017.

What is so hard about that. It is NOT a guarantee. he expects to deliver 100K.

We are not debating the famous Clinton parsing of the work 'is' here, You don't even have to use the the phrase 'it depends', Sure, it 'depends' as anything can happen in life: You could have an earthquake, a factory fire, sabotage.
A truckers or long shoran's strike, a large cargo ship sinks, a supplier goes bankrupt.

All this are 'depends' and all the analysts know *sugar* happens.

These are vehicles they are now producing in volume with no apparent supplier issues.

I will answer this question for EM: We fully expect to deliver at least 100 K s/x in 2017. Analyst says 'Deposits are trending down'. Answer: Yes, only logical as we have cleared the Sig X backlog which had a higher deposit, and the 5K deposit Xs. We now require only 2,500 deposits. We have plenty of demand to meet my expectations.

Space X IS rocket science. Answering a question you know you are going to get about Tesla delivery numbers on the s/x is not.

Rocky_H | 04. Mai 2017

*applause* for @AIMc. Yep, that's how it's done.

james | 04. Mai 2017

"In a scathing note sent to clients on Thursday, a team of equity analysts at UBS maintained its "sell" rating and $160 price target on the stock."


Silver2K | 04. Mai 2017

I'm not stock person or ever will be, but I put some cash into workhorse (WKHS), because they are going attempting to compete with the Tesla pickup and signed a 10 yr agreement with Ryder. It shot up almost 29% today during regular hrs and still climbing after hrs...

the stock is cheap at $3.15 if you guys were interested.

Silver2K | 04. Mai 2017

-going :)

Silver2K | 04. Mai 2017

they've shot up 50% since the 2nd | 04. Mai 2017


carlk | 04. Mai 2017

It has a "range extender". Not a pure EV but it could work though. The problem for the company is Ford and GM could easily come in to make PHEV F150 or Silverado if they see good consumer acceptance.

Silver2K | 04. Mai 2017

the problem for them is workhorse has a 10 yr contract to supply these trucks to ryder.

Silver2K | 04. Mai 2017

and other trucks

Silver2K | 05. Mai 2017

WOW!! workhorse (WKHS) is up another 25% this morning!!

Silver2K | 05. Mai 2017

daddy needs a p100d!!! go go go! :)

Silver2K | 05. Mai 2017

holy crap! it hit 44%!!

Silver2K | 05. Mai 2017

I'm rolling in the 100s!!

Rocky_H | 05. Mai 2017

"You can call me Aaron Burr by the way I'm dropping Hamiltons."

carlk | 05. Mai 2017

AlMc Yes you certainly could make a good sounding statement but that means absolute nothing to real knowing people. You have just provided a perfect example of that. Think about it. If even a person like you who knows absolute nothing about Tesla's inside working could make a good sounding statement you know how much those kind of statements are worth to people.

AlMc | 05. Mai 2017

@CarlK: You would prefer a 'bad' sounding statement that people wondering whether demand was dropping?

Yeah, Right.

So, based on your previous post your statement would be:

The S/X may or may not have deliveries totaling 100K in 2017 as it depends on whether we can make that many and that depends on whether the suppliers can get the parts here on time, the workers don't unionize and go on strike, that we don't have an earthquake, there is no teamsters or dock workers strike, the trains don't crash or ships sink.

I could go on but your logic about EM not making a clearer statement regarding S/X deliveries, which leads one to question demand, escapes me.

AlMc | 05. Mai 2017

Carl K: I know you are EM's biggest supporter and can not bring yourself to admit that he is capable of making a mistake or more clearly articulating himself but he is human and does make mistakes.

The answer too that question was one. Sorry.

AlMc | 05. Mai 2017

Back to TSLA: The ER/CC gave both bull and bear confirmation of their beliefs. Being a bull, while there were aspects of the CC that bothered me the recent pullback was an over reaction.

Good luck to all longs. I will not be adding stock at this level, but did add some LEAPS yesterday on the pullback

J.T. | 05. Mai 2017

@SbMD Were you mackin on some Magnolias?

J.T. | 05. Mai 2017

Sorry Rocky, that was for you not SbMD.

carlk | 05. Mai 2017

AlMc Most CEO's only tell you what they want you to know. Elon actually gives you a little insight of his thought process which is very rare. You learn more from his talks than talks from most other CEO's. Not bragging here but I'm one of those who actually could get a lot out of his "clumsy" presentations. You just nee to know where to look for the substance.

carlk | 05. Mai 2017

Congrats AlMc. I was thinking just briefly about buying some TSLA weekly calls yesterday but I've long been decided not to do that anymore. No regret at all because that could go either way.

AlMc | 05. Mai 2017

@CarlK: Next ER I will contact you to interpret EM's answer to an analyst's question when he gives an answer that leads to several possible interpretations. :)

SbMD | 05. Mai 2017

@JT - No worries! I am curious to see Rocky's response :)

Rocky_H | 05. Mai 2017

@J.T., I believe they were cupcakes, not magnolias, they were mackin' on. They've got all the bomb frostings.

J.T. | 05. Mai 2017

@RockyH And where did they go for the cupcakes? | 06. Mai 2017


thanks for the WKHS tip...first time I bought a stock at opening and it rose 20% same day! Should have bought more

Silver2K | 06. Mai 2017

np :)

I dumped it at 40% increase on Friday. I doubled my investment and will see what happens Monday with that stock.

I'm not a stock guy at all, but I had a hunch with this one.

Bighorn | 06. Mai 2017

Or you could have bought it at 11AM and been down 17% at close.

Silver2K | 06. Mai 2017

isn't that the case with most stocks? "you snooze, you lose!"

Mike83 | 06. Mai 2017

Being an investor and not a trader(occasionally) I always enjoy getting stock cheaper. I have zero sympathy for the shorts; they are gamblers betting against an American company providing jobs. The FUD is ubiquitous in financial news which to me shows the type of characters involved.

WattsThatGrin | 06. Mai 2017

@SilverP85plus niiice!
I might be late to the WKHS party, but I still put a buy order for Monday which I can still cancel of course if I get cold feet ;-)
Thoughts anybody?

J.T. | 06. Mai 2017

This is a thread about investing in TSLA.
Perhaps Silver can start a new thread about investing in WKHS.
Perhaps it could be on the WKHS forum.


WattsThatGrin | 06. Mai 2017

@J.T. Yeah, but I presume we pretty much all agree about TSLA ;-)
So maybe WKHS could spice up our portfolio a bit. Like back in the days...

Silver2K | 06. Mai 2017

WHKS is attempting to compete with TSLA in the pick-up world.
Don't we always post competitors on this forum?

I would think it pertains.

Silver2K | 06. Mai 2017

I agree, betting against Tesla has always been stupid.

carlk | 06. Mai 2017

"betting against Tesla has always been stupid"

Why you want to buy WKHS then?