5 Seat Interior View / Specs

5 Seat Interior View / Specs

Has anyone gotten information about the interior in the 5 seat configuration? My key questions are...

- What is the height in the cargo area? I assume it is 4-6 inches higher (or more accurately the floor is that much lower)

- What surface is on the backs of the three rear seats? Are they still the high gloss or did the change that for this configuration?

If anyone knows I would appreciate infor. Better yet - any knows photos or design specs you can point me to?


poloX | 22. Oktober 2016

My DS just called me yesterday and I specifically ask the second row if it fold flat. She said no one knows. That said, without the third row, I would expect the floor there to be lower and we will get more cargo space. As far as on the back of the second row seat, if it fold flat and that is a big if, I would not expect/want it to be grossy. It would be a different design second row seat. Again, just my speculation based on common sense. Don't think there is any photo out there on this. No one knows even folks at Tessa.

teslamodelx | 22. Oktober 2016


I am almost 100% positive that they would fold down as a set of 2 and 1 sections., the same way as the MS! Notice how they refer the five seater configuration as "Maximizes cargo space" in it's explanations details!

michelcub | 22. Oktober 2016

Teslamodelx I agree with you.

gnshaps | 22. Oktober 2016

Well, that would be ideal! Thanks for the thoughts.

Uncle Paul | 22. Oktober 2016

It may be that Tesla is moving the folding second row seat back a bit to give more of a limo experience those sitting in the second row.

That would really upgrade the experience for those riding back there.

With no 3rd row to worry about the back seat could be giga-impressive.

Paul Carter | 22. Oktober 2016

I'm ready to order, just want details on that folding capability. :)

CarlE_P439 | 22. Oktober 2016

Who knows? They are producing the 6 and 7 seaters first so no one has even seen the 5 seat configuration. We have the 6 seater (though originally we ordered the 5 seater but were told we would have to wait longer so we coughed up the extra $3000). The second row does move forward very close to the first row. The second row seats are on these very attractive-looking pedestals- but no way can you fold them down and I doubt Tesla would redesign the seats for the 5 seater.

syc | 22. Oktober 2016

Stop dreaming about 5 seater!!! I placed my order in China for 5-seat Model X in Sep 2015 and RMB 350,000 including deposit and customs clearance fee before arrival have been paid. However I visited a shop in California days ago and was told that 5-seat Model X is not in production. Tesla is obviously making fool of us!

Paul Carter | 22. Oktober 2016

@syc I don't think they are. Its clear its was 2017 and now late december.

gnshaps | 23. Oktober 2016

@syc. You will see other threads on here that all 5 sweaters were assigned vins a few days ago. Mine goes into production next week with a delivery estimate of late November. Don't lose heart. They are in production now,

michelcub | 23. Oktober 2016

Gnshaps what is your vin mine is 259xx

vperl | 23. Oktober 2016

Guys .......

Late to mid 2017 January

Hope it is in December, but Tesla is Tesla

gnshaps | 23. Oktober 2016

Michelcub. Looks like our VIns are within 100 of each other. My projected delivery is late November - early December. Since I am an east coaster I have to factor in a little extra delivery time too. Vperl may be right on January but I am optmimistic about getting it early December. The car is for my wife and she really wants to avoid pumping gas in freezing cold weather this year! Imagine an entire winter without getting out to pump gas once!

cica3838 | 23. Oktober 2016

The 5 seater IS about to begin production. The Fremont factory called me directly and told me so.

michelcub | 23. Oktober 2016

No email received yet but i am in Canada (Québec) maybe US customers 5 seaters will be delivered first.

vperl | 23. Oktober 2016

In production, which MX will be built first ?

Certain regions, Europe, price of vehicle, P100D, then P90DL, down to smallest battery ?

Tesla is Tesla, marching to their tune, no one else .

vperl | 26. Oktober 2016

Was told by Tesla Employee, that the five seat configuration will be built based on your day of final confirmation of your purchase.

Those that confirmed first two weeks of January 2016 go first.

Now, the wait is on... Hope those words are Golden

Pryoritiesinc | 26. Oktober 2016


vperl | 27. Oktober 2016

Your funny.

vperl | 27. Oktober 2016

I prefer " beta tester"

Since I believe being PC is a farce.