Using Summon to park in tight garage space

Using Summon to park in tight garage space

In my tight garage space I park *very* carefully to put only about 4 inches of clearance on the passenger side, and about 15 inches on the driver side, for easy driver access and charging convenience. The owner guide doesn't indicate if this arrangement is achievable with Summon, it merely says to follow instructions on the mobile phone app. I am hesitant to try it until I know:

1. Can the Summon app be trained to do non-centered parking? Is there a minimum required side clearance, if so what is it? 2. Can Summon be trained to park with the vehicle bumper an arbitrarily short distance from the garage rear wall, if so what is the minimum?

rossRallen | 22. Oktober 2016

All good questions.

My experience: I use Summon to back out of my garage (set for tight clearance), but entering (and if parked manually) there is a motorcycle on the right with about 18" clearance, cabinets in front with about 18" clearance, and 30" clearance on the left.

The one time I tried to enter the garage under Summon, my X dove for the motorcycle and I had to hit the brake.

I am too cautious to try parking with Summon. I've never had a problem exiting except when connection lost and my X stopped part way out.

Of course, I DO NOT use AutoHomelink.

I suppose you could try what I did: execute Summon to enter and park, but remain in the driver's seat and be prepared to stand on the brake.

Good luck!

elguapo | 23. Oktober 2016

I don't think there's any way to "train" summon to not be on center - or at least try to be.

Madatgascar | 23. Oktober 2016

Regarding item 2, 8" is the minimum limit. Not enough to close the garage door in my garage.

I usually go for 1/8" when I park myself.

Redmiata98 | 23. Oktober 2016

I have about ten inches total clearance with the mirrors folded. I have to coax the car in sometimes but it always centers itself on the opening. The stop point can be set from the touchscreen and I have not found any option which allows for anything other than the default of centered.

ir | 24. Oktober 2016

Summon is for doing the opposite of parking. It is designed to avoid collisions, not maneuver into tight garages.

My friend tried using summon to park in a double wide garage. It ended-up diagonally across the whole garage! Despite lining it up for the right side. It felt it was a bit close to the right, so it turned left and went in until it got close enough to the back left corner.

rossRallen | 24. Oktober 2016

As I enter the garage, I steer to center the headlights on a feature on the garage wall ahead of the car and have an overhead line of LEDs that I watch looking straight up as I creep in with foot firmly on the brake pedal. That way, I have 2' clearance in front and 6-9" in back. It feels like docking a 747 at SFO and "Thank you for flying Air Tesla."

MXBlack | 24. Oktober 2016

Summoning my car into the garage doesn’t work for me since it drives the car right into a wood shelving at the front corner of the car (probably not enough surface for the car to sense) so I would always parked manually. I first parked my car in the garage and make sure that it is at the exact ideal spot. I then put a piece of blue painter’s tape on the floor of my garage so the backup camera view shows front edge of the tape at the front edge of the camera view. I put one in the front and one in the back of my garage floor so I can either park straight into my garage or back into my garage and nailed it in the exact spot every time. I have a wide garage so I don’t have a need to nail it on the side clearances but this method works great for front and back clearances.

poloX | 25. Oktober 2016

I set a piece of 4x4 on the floor such that it won't move. I just drive straight in until my front wheels hit it and that is the perfect spot.

rossRallen | 25. Oktober 2016

Ah, yes. The Braille approach. Literally and actually.

UberGeek | 22. August 2017

I just got my Model S 75D a few days ago (yes, I realize this is in the X forum, but summon should be the same I expect). I have a tight 3 car garage, with two bays free for cars (about 10 inches of clearance on either side of the leftmost bay I'm parking the S in. I have about 8 inches of clearance on front and back.

I'd like the car to stay close to the left wall in the left-hand bay, leaving as much space as possible (about 20 inches) between the S in the left bay and the truck in the middle bay.

So, using summon to pull the car in, I line the car up near the left wall, and summon the car forward into the left-hand bay. The car immediately heads away from the wall, sometimes nearly hitting the truck in the middle-bay (note, that truck is too long to fit in straight, and is at about a 15 degree angle heading toward the right-hand bay I use for my tools. So, the truck's rear bumper juts out toward the left-hand bay.

I don't think summon is seeing the bumper and this is why it is getting so close to it. If I put some stuff in the middle bay within the 'wedge' left between the truck and the left bay, the car sees an obstruction and misses the truck bumper (but not by much) and ends up parked about 12 inches from the left wall. This makes a very easy path for getting in and out of the S on the driver's side, but makes it really tight between the S and the truck.

This is exactly the opposite of what I want. If I can get in/out of the driver's side easily I don't need summon anyway.

I've seen others say that summon will center the car between the obstructions on either side. Has anyone tried 'tricking' their car by putting guide lines down on the floor or some other type of harmless obstruction that will put summon 'on rails' and get it parked where I want it? | 23. August 2017

@Uber - Summon mostly uses the ultrasonic sensors, so it doesn't see any lines or markings on your garage floor. Perhaps you can experiment with lightweight panels that would reflect the ultrasonic signals and shift it away from such panels.

Redmiata98 | 24. August 2017

Paper mirrors?