USB worse with 8.0

USB worse with 8.0

Previous versions of the USB media player had an alphabetic selector on the right which was crucial in helping find songs on a USB loaded with hundreds of songs. It's no longer there. It's now impossible to select a song in the latter part of the alphabet without endless scrolling. Doesn't work.

The random play setting randomly selects a sequence of songs the first time it's used, but then goes back to that same sequence over and over every time random is used after the first time. Sometimes there's a little variation in the sequence or where it picks up in the sequence, but not much. "Random" is actually not random anymore. Oh, and the random setting doesn't stay selected upon leaving and returning to the vehicle, which it used to do before 8.0.

For someone like me who listens to my 500 song USB in random mode most of the time, these flaws represent a giant step backwards in Tesla's USB media player function and user satisfaction. So much for continuous improvement. Tesla, please fix! I would think these would be easy OTA fixes.

chrigel | 28. Oktober 2016

I have the same issue. Please fix it Tesla. I need the shuffle option to stay on.

lilbean | 28. Oktober 2016

USB? How about everything?

snlnk | 28. Oktober 2016

lilbean, I know there are problems with other things too, I'm just voicing my complaint for what I listen to most. I know these things have been posted before, but please complain away if you feel necessary.

aesculus | 30. Oktober 2016

Sounds like 2.42.40 fixes a lot of issues with USB

New 8.0 Enhancements

There are multiple improvements to the USB listening experience. You can now use search to quickly find a song, artist, or album on your USB. Or use the alphabetical index to select music from long lists. Songs in the artist view are now grouped by album--particularly convenient with artists with multiple albums. Performance has also been improved, including faster scrolling of lists and faster USB loading when you return to your vehicle.​

meinhorn | 31. Oktober 2016

I am finding that it takes a lot longer for my USB's to load than before the 8.0 upgrade, which is even more annoying since they have to load every time you get in the car. Can't Tesla figure out how to have this not happen?

I did finally figure out a way to use my iPod classic with the car's Bluetooth. I have a small Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into the charging port on the iPod and can now sync with the car. Quality of sound is not as good as with the USB drive but it is easier to operate while driving. My 160 gb iPod is totally full so it is impractical to download all of my songs on USB drives. It would be so much easier if Tesla had an interface with Apple.