Tesla Research Event - Anaheim, CA - Incentive Provided!

Tesla Research Event - Anaheim, CA - Incentive Provided!

Ipsos RDA (a market research firm) is reaching out to persons in southern California regarding an upcoming research event in Anaheim on December 10th. We are particularly interested in Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X owners to participate in our event. Our goal is to get an understanding of their ownership experience as someone who uses their electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle on a regular basis by setting owners up with one-on-one interviews with automotive researchers. Our event will take approximately two hours and any Tesla owner who participants will receive $250 at the conclusion of the event.

If you are anyone you know in the area is a Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X owner and may be interested in this event, please let me know or pass along this message.

Best Regards,
Katie Greer

Bluesday Afternoon | 09. Dezember 2016

My appointment is 2:00 pm. Anyone else have that time slot?

Muzzman1 | 09. Dezember 2016

Yes. We are at 2 as well. My wife's coming with her MX too.

Bluesday Afternoon | 09. Dezember 2016


Great! I plan to drop by the new Santa Ana Supercharger at 12:15 pm to top off my battery before heading over to Anaheim. If you get a chance, swing by.


Muzzman1 | 10. Dezember 2016


We will be coming from the valley. We won't need to charge, but hopefully we will see you there

Tropopause | 10. Dezember 2016

How'd it go?

Bluesday Afternoon | 10. Dezember 2016

I was in the last group session so I'm surprised nobody has commented. It was a well organized event and my two hours ended up closer to three but felt like one. They broke the survey into segments with different questioners for each segment. Segments covered Infotainment, Drive Train, interior, energy monitoring, charging, warranty, etc. Apparently the Tesla folks before me were very positive as I heard numerous interviewers mention how the Tesla owners gave high praise and found few issues with the car. I parked next to a Volt and saw many other hybrids and plugin owners going through the survey. I noticed a significant number of questions did not fit our experience. For example, "What would you give up in your car to gain more range?" or "What would you give up in the design of your car for more amenities?" The way the questions were constructed led me to believe they were written from the perspective of modifying current platforms to switch to full or partial electric drive. Would I be willing to have less legroom if it increased range or less storage? I don't remember a question about exterior styling as an important element in my purchasing decision.

Each group did ask what I would like to see that is not provided/offered in my Tesla. I must admit I struggled more than once when that question was asked. I suggested Tesla/all cars get rid of the side mirrors and add cameras with screens to eliminate blind spot issues. This one change could save countless lives and money. I also recommended Tesla rework the driver profiles by programming an automatic exit profile when opening the driver door and an automatic driver profile engaged when you place the car in drive/reverse based on the profile of the last driver or unique key fob.

I think I mentioned Tesla's ability to update the car by OTA's at least five times to different interviewers. Telling them how my car is substantially better after 21 months due to the updates and the improvements made without going to a dealership. They were quite surprised when I told them my car increased horsepower overnight while sitting in my garage and then asking me in the morning if I wanted to install the update now or wait.

I could go on but I hope other participants will chime in to tell their stories. But I do have to tell you about the end of the event. Most of the other cars have left the event and everything is winding down. During my checkout I told Katie (the original OP for this thread) I was disappointed that no one requested a ride in my Tesla. I knew she had never been in one and after some discussion and my telling her I was more than willing to return the $250 if she went for a ride (I actually handed her the check). She finally relented and brought along another interviewer new to a Tesla launch. They both made comments on the comfort of the seats and the screen size as I pulled out of the parking lot. After coming to a dead stop in the street I felt it best to issue a warning and then proceeded with an 85D launch. Laughter filled the cabin and I was happier knowing they just received a $250 Tesla experience.

Muzzman1 | 10. Dezember 2016

I just got back home from dinner and picking up the kids from their Aunt's place. We too were in the last session, my white 85D and my Wife's white MX.
I also felt it was well organized, and time went by quickly! I felt like my answers were too detailed at times, and I felt as though I might be gushing too much about Tesla, but the fact remains that I could not come up with any really feasible negative things to say based on their survey.
Like you @Simply, I was also disappointed that we didn't give any rides, especially now knowing that many have not been in a Tesla before!
I have another opportunity as they will be sending a group to our house next week to see how we are setup to charge to EV's at our house.
The only bummer is that I didn't have a chance to say hello to any Forum members! Although they did not exceed the expected 2 hours, there was little time to step away and chat with others, and we had later plans so we had to split right at 4.
I saw your car @Simply....I'm sure it was yours...I love the wheels! I saw a couple other MS's and they also looked sharp!
All in all, it was fun!

rxlawdude | 10. Dezember 2016

My 11am experience echoed the other's above. And I asked, "no one wants a test drive?" Except two of them were more than happy to do so, and we took a route a bit different than the one they carried with them. Did a 70D launch (yeah, the Prs are laughing), and these two kids left impressed. Before we wrapped up, I asked if they had seen any "stupid Tesla tricks." They hadn't, so did a summon demo. I think the surveyors were overall bloen away by how few things I thought needed improvement, and how many things I love about the Model S.

Made in CA | 11. Dezember 2016

Thanks for the updates everyone.

kgreer | 12. Dezember 2016

Hi all,

Thank you again to all of the Tesla owners that attended our event, and the even larger group that expressed interest. We truly appreciate everyone's time and it was GREAT seeing the luxurious vehicles at our event.

We heard from a number of you about the excitement surrounding the release of the Model 3. Stay tuned on the Model 3 forum threads for another potential Ipsos RDA event with those who have reserved their Model 3! :)

Thank you again!