When are we going to see a Tesla Motorcycle?

When are we going to see a Tesla Motorcycle?

I have an S on order and really excited to pick her up in December. That said, I wonder if Tesla will ever build an electric Motorcycle. It's been done by Zero motorcycles and I would imagine it would be an easy process for Tesla to design and produce. Tt would be a pretty exciting change for the bike world. I would line up to buy one. Come on Tesla - we need two wheels and Supercharging : )

Wolf Precision

lilbean | 19. November 2016

Cool website, Jamie. :)

wolfprecision | 20. November 2016

Thank you! I have been very fortunate to be able to do what I love for a living. Please feel free to call if you even have an interest in joining us at Seven Springs Mountain Resort for one of classes.

Wolf Precision

lilbean | 20. November 2016

I'm in good ole California unfortunately.

David N | 20. November 2016

"When are we going to see a Tesla Motorcycle?"
Unfortunately probably not anytime soon. Too many pots on the stove currently.
Why not go with the Zero bike?

lilbean | 20. November 2016

Would you be worried because it would be quiet?

grega | 20. November 2016

The electric Harley in the Avengers was good (driven by black widow).

I think Musk focuses on things that make sense ... and yet nobody else is doing it. The EV bikes keep almost getting some great options.

Maybe if they continually don't pan out we'll see one.

Red Sage ca us | 21. November 2016

Probably at some point after 2% of vehicles in use on public roads are autonomous capable.

Rocky_H | 22. November 2016

They have already said a few times that they are not interested in doing a motorcycle. There are already plenty of other companies doing that, so Tesla doesn't have any need to try to push their way into that market.
Meanwhile, they are CREATING the market of cars and SUVs, so they have their plate pretty full. | 22. November 2016

Now an autonomous motorcycle would be interesting, if not a bit scary!

cegokoxu | 23. November 2016

Now that is something to look forward for :)