Wrapping the glossy backs of the Model X seats?

Wrapping the glossy backs of the Model X seats?

Has anyone wrapped, or heard of someone else wrapping the glossy backs of the Model X seats, like with a vinyl or some similar product? I loved my S, and love my new X, but HATE those glossy seat backs! I would have been fine with something like the S had, a textured matte back...But this gloss has to go.

Any ideas/suggestions? Have any of you ventured down this road? Thanks...

PedanticOne | 09. Januar 2017
PedanticOne | 09. Januar 2017

I also responded on TMC to your thread. There's a link to a picture of someone who's gotten the satin (Stealth) XPel wrap.

Triggerplz | 09. Januar 2017

Xpel on my seatbacks more details on the link that PedanticOne posted

PedanticOne | 09. Januar 2017

I love the satin - so much nicer than stock!

eric.zucker | 10. Januar 2017

3M carbon fiber look film:

Matches nicely with my CF interior trim.

eric.zucker | 10. Januar 2017
lilbean | 10. Januar 2017

The ability to post pics is gone now.

PartyOf5 | 10. Januar 2017

The carbon fiber looks fantastic. Is it easy to remove? I'm leasing so I assume I would need to remove it before turning the car back in

PedanticOne | 10. Januar 2017

Does that CF match the one Tesla makes?

TheAustin | 10. Januar 2017

Thanks everyone...The XPel looks fine, if that's the best thing I come across, I'll go with it. But I was hoping for something more textural.

The carbon fiber is cool if that's your thing, but it's not my thing.

I'm really not a big car-mod guy, but I just want something with some texture to it. The search continues...Thanks again everyone :)

TheAustin | 10. Januar 2017

For anyone else looking, here are the 3M products (second page of the .pdf). Mostly solid colors, but a few carbon fiber options, as well as some brushed metal options, which are intriguing....

PedanticOne | 10. Januar 2017

Thanks. I think I'll go for Raspberry Fizz.

Triggerplz | 10. Januar 2017

@Eric that CF looking really good if I had saw that I would have gotten that instead of what I got

PedanticOne | 10. Januar 2017

Lies! All hail Satin! (see what I did there)

burdogg | 10. Januar 2017

Glad you are here Pedantic :)

lilbean | 10. Januar 2017

Matte or glossy. Just make sure to wrap it. Always good to be safe.

RCorsa | 10. Januar 2017

Getting XPEL installed my 2017 MX today. Once I saw the back of the seats I thought "got to get these wrapped before I let the kids ride in back" Paying $1000 for the front end of the car and $200 for each seat back which is pretty standard. We have one local installer who I've had to my Porsches and one of my 2 Ferraris and he charges $9000 for a full car wrap.

inconel | 10. Januar 2017

@lilbean and I want textured, always better than smooth

lilbean | 10. Januar 2017

For your pleasure :)

TheAustin | 11. Januar 2017

@inconel Do they make wraps (vinyl or otherwise) that have texture? Or just pattern?

inconel | 11. Januar 2017

@TheAustin For cars I think you will mainly find pattern

RealToast | 12. Januar 2017

eric.zucker, that texture looks awesome! Is that DIY? You brought the material to a pro? The pro had that wrap on hand?

eric.zucker | 12. Januar 2017

Yes, professionally installed. He ordered the material specifically for this purpose, as it fits well with the CF interior. He made sure to match the orientation too.

It's not the same as Tesla's CF decor, but blends in really well. It's supposed to be removable, I obviously haven't tried.

Triggerplz | 12. Januar 2017

@Eric It's looking good