22 inch wheel swap for 20's (standard color)

22 inch wheel swap for 20's (standard color)

Hey everyone, I live in south Orange County CA and was hoping someone would like to swap there 20 inch wheels for mine plus some money. I took delivery dec 16 and the car/tires now has ~3k miles on it. I drive almost 200 miles a day for work and I'm finding that with the 22's I barely have enough most days, if I need to do anything after work etc I have to charge again which is annoying. The wheels look so damn nice and I'd love to keep them but I need to make the change. I really wish they'd have made a 100d so I wouldn't have to compromise on wheel size.

Please email me at if anyone is interested.

Morrfj | 16. Januar 2017

What color? Black or silver?

tjhappel | 16. Januar 2017

Silver wheels on my car