Options Becoming Standards

Options Becoming Standards

I hear a lot of talk about the options that Tesla currently gives a consumer when buying a car. Do you think it's at all possible with the advent of better manufacturing or market saturation that some of these OPTIONAL FEATURES might become one day STANDARDS? I've been thinking about this for a while. I don't own a Tesla, but I love them a lot. I want to buy one, don't know if I'll be able to afford one. I've never purchased a car with a monthly payment but I don't object to the idea of ever doing so. God knows that if I had an income to purchase the Model 3 when it comes out I will. I just hope that when ever that day (DON'T KNOW) maybe I'll be lucky enough that those things are standard by then.

Red Sage ca us | 16. Januar 2017

That's already been happening over the course of the past three years.

jdrod1988 | 16. Januar 2017

I haven't followed Tesla history from the beginning to the T. What features have become standard in the past three years?

Red Sage ca us | 16. Januar 2017

I think there may be a running change log of sorts over at for you to peruse. Some features of what was originally called a 'Tech Package' are now standard. The parcel shelf for the Model S is now standard. Probably lots of other little things too.

jdrod1988 | 16. Januar 2017

Sounds good. I didn't know about that site. I'll check it out.

Frank99 | 16. Januar 2017

Not to mention that supercharging was an option for the Model S 40, and is now standard.

dsvick | 17. Januar 2017

OP - please ignore the above post by EaglesPDX, he is a known troll, EV basher, and probable GM employee. His post will be flagged out of existence shortly.

Regarding options becoming standards ... That applies to the industry as a whole too. There was another thread where someone mentioned things like radio, AC, CD players, cigarette lighters, and several other things that all used to be options that became standard at some point. So it is entirely possible, if not probably, that some Model 3 options will become standard eventually.

andy.connor.e | 17. Januar 2017

If this is your question, just compare the Model S from 2013 to today. You'd be surprised how many things the car comes with today that it did not even have as an option back then. Over time, technology improves.

KP in NPT | 17. Januar 2017

Tesla "says" nothing about it "needing" to sell the model 3 for anything but the base price. It's true, actual base price of 35k.

pavel | 17. Januar 2017

@EaglesPDX - T3 is a curling iron/hair dryer brand. May I suggest the Sephora forums ....? Thank you
Also - $35k base is what a $35k base is. Please don't spread false information across multiple threads. It's really uncalled for. Flagged (yet again)

andy.connor.e | 17. Januar 2017

These people responding to EaglesPDX are becoming more idiotic than Eagles himself. When will you people learn

Badbot | 17. Januar 2017

If only tesla could capture a posters IP address and then have their routers dump everything coming from that address!
Hmmm happyness

bmwgs | 17. Januar 2017


stevenmaifert | 20. Januar 2017

I have a 2012 Model S. There are things on my car that were standard then, but are now options, and vice versa. Call it evolution. No reason to think the same thing won't happen over time with the M3. This is a pretty comprehensive compilation of the changes in the MS over the last 4.5 years:

mntlvr23 | 20. Januar 2017

@stevenmaifert - wow, that is a tremendous amount of information. Very interesting. Thanks

andy.connor.e | 21. Januar 2017

^ Might i suggest the personal care aisle?

bmwgs | 21. Januar 2017

Possibly a cleansing product for the favorite part of the female anatomy the current president like to grab. I intentionally did not capitalize president out of total disrespect for the person,not the office he holds.

Red Sage ca us | 21. Januar 2017

bmwgs: Understood. ;-)

bmwgs | 21. Januar 2017

Good because I don't think that word ending in "bag" would have slipped past the filter.
I couldn't even get one the schools I attended past the filter.

Twiglett | 22. Januar 2017

Tesla is building in the safety features of the AP hardware, not AP itself.
That is in ALL cars, check on the Tesla website, Enhanced AP and self driving are optional.
Pretty sure that has never been an option on its own.

akgolf | 22. Januar 2017

Amazing that Tesla can include Autopilot and Autonomous hardware in the base car and still keep the price at $35K.

Can't wait.

bmwgs | 22. Januar 2017

EaglesPDX | January 22, 2017
This forum is not really run or attended by Tesla, advice you get here is simply people's opinions.

Haggy | 22. Januar 2017

"But that is correct and Tesla is building in optiuons that Tesla sells for $8,000, Autopilot and Autonomous to the point the "base" car for T3 is $44,200."

Anybody who leaves them off will get a good car, and it will be competitive with other cars in that price range that don't have the options at all. Even better, that buyer will have the option of buying the features down the line.

KP in NPT | 22. Januar 2017

It will be a good car and it will only cost 35K even though they have the hardware built in to add EAP and FSD later.

Red Sage ca us | 22. Januar 2017

EAP -- Enhanced Autopilot, currently costs $3,000 at the time of order, and $4,000 when added later, after Delivery.

FSD -- Full Self-Driving Capability, currently costs $5,000 and requires you already have EAP, but costs an additional $6,000 if added later, after Delivery.

So, there is a spread of $3,000 to $10,000 that can be spent on Autopilot features when you buy one of today's Tesla Generation II vehicles. Or, you can get the hardware for 'free' included with the vehicle purchase for a whopping total of $0.

I expect that the full autonomous driving option may well cost less for Model ☰ than on Model S and Model X if only to make sure there is a higher uptake level. The amounts paid for the high end cars can pay for initial development. The amounts paid for Model ☰ can pay for further development.

With Generation II vehicles built at 80,000 to 100,000 units per year, a 15% uptake rate for full autonomy would be 12,000 to 15,000 cars. Enough for up to $120,000,000 at $8,000 each.

But at 300,000 to 500,000 units per year on Model ☰, a 30% uptake would be 90,000 to 150,000 units per year. So if the fully autonomous option were $3,200 instead, you'd still get $288,000,000 per year even if as few as 90,000 Customers chose it.

Bighorn | 22. Januar 2017

You've got your prices mixed up.

Red Sage ca us | 22. Januar 2017

Bighorn: Dang it. That's what I get for writing things when I want to be asleep.

pete3442 | 23. Januar 2017

This is one of Eagle's greatest hits, more thoroughly addressed here:

Strange that ze never responded there, and yet ze continues to lie as if the information hadn't been cleanly presented to zir.

dsvick | 23. Januar 2017

"You can't leave them off is the point, they are "options" that are built into the car per the topic."

The hardware has been built into the cars. The hardware is not an option. The hardware is used by all of the standard safety features.

The EAP and full self-drive are both options, you do not have to pay for them if you do not want them - that is what "option" means. And you will still get a great car without them.

akgolf | 23. Januar 2017

Thanks for clearing that up dsvick. I think Birdie is confused about what options mean.

KP in NPT | 23. Januar 2017

He knows exactly what options mean. He is being deliberately misleading. Flagged.

dyefrog | 23. Januar 2017

He's just butt hurt that we can buy a Model 3 for $35,000 without incentives that can go toe to toe with a $38,000 German car. Something the other auto manufacturers seem incapable of. | 23. Januar 2017

@Red - Thanks for the plug.

Here's an easy to read list of Model S changes from 2012 to 2017. Many features were extra cost items before they became standard.

Haggy | 23. Januar 2017

We don't know what the prices will be for options. The prices don't have to be the same as what they are for the Model S.

Red Sage ca us | 24. Januar 2017

dyefrog: Well, Tesla Motors does have certain 'unfair advantages' (per General Motors). Such as: No UAW; No 'independent franchised dealerships'; No need for traditional paid advertising; and No legacy ICE infrastructure to protect and support in perpetuity. It probably helps that they warned shareholders to NOT expect dividends pretty much from the outset and through the foreseeable future. All that adds up to a $35,000 electric vehicle that can compete directly with anything else on the market. ;-)

TeslaTap: No problem, and thanks for the link!

bmwgs | 24. Januar 2017


dave.m.mcdonough | 25. Januar 2017

Not needing advertising is an "unfair advantage"? LOL.
This is why GM is a follower and not a leader. Build a good product and they will come.

Red Sage ca us | 25. Januar 2017

dave.m.mcdonough: Well, there is a bit of hyperbole there, but I'm certain that is how GM feels behind closed doors in the boardroom. :-D They really only said that publicly about 'independent franchised dealerships'. I don't think they realized they were actually arguing in Tesla's favor when they said that, though...

akgolf | 25. Januar 2017

That's an incredible bargain that Tesla can include all of the autonomous hardware in every Model 3 and still keep the base price at $35K!

Frank99 | 25. Januar 2017

Excellent answer, akgolf!

SamO | 25. Januar 2017

Tesla is building $35,000 cars that are unmatchable by GM.

They should probably pull the Bolt off the market and focus on large Hummmer-like SUVs as a way to fellate Faux King Trump.

bmwgs | 25. Januar 2017

What moniker will the Tesla pickup have?

Red Sage ca us | 26. Januar 2017

bmwgs: Hopefully, an actual name. Probably an alphanumeric soup of some sort. Tesla's Elon Musk has already stated Model Y will be the last to use the 'Model' designator. Probably due to the resistance from Ford.

[Personally, I would have argued that while several Ford products begin with 'E' (Edsel, Escort, Edge, Escape, Explorer, Excursion, Econoline...) they: 1) haven't used 'Model E' for decades; and 2) don't seem to have a problem with the ICE based Mercedes-Benz E-Class cars at all.]

So, no Model R replacement for the Roadster... No Model Z hypercar for bragging rights over gazillion buckadollar ICE vehicles... No Model L six-passenger pullman limousine with Falcon Wing Doors designed for use by Captains of Industry, Delegates & Dignitaries, or Heads-of-State... And no Model P for pickup or Model T for truck either. But blessedly, no Model C stuporcheap micro-compact penalty box deathmobile miniclowncar commuter 'for the rest of us' either.

The YANKEE by TESLA might have worked as an all-American name... But also might have alienated those who honestly believe 'The South Shall Rise Again!' Something powerful sounding, like DYNATRUCK, MEGATRUCK, or SUPERTRUCK would be cool... If rather obvious. I expect they will pick something... balanced. We'll see.

topher | 26. Januar 2017

"Something powerful sounding"

The Tesla BFT-3000.

Thank you kindly

bmwgs | 26. Januar 2017

Regarding "E",you missed Egoboost.

Haggy | 26. Januar 2017

You go for that. I'll order the BFX-9000.

JHB10 | 26. Januar 2017

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akgolf | 27. Januar 2017

Flags ahoy!

KP in NPT | 27. Januar 2017

Flags deployed. *eyeroll*

akgolf | 27. Januar 2017

To be honest the forum has been really nice lately, thanks!

JHB10 | 28. Januar 2017

Certain forum members may want to visit their doctors and ask them to be checked for Alzheimers...