Using Opticoat/Cquartz to protect seat backs

Using Opticoat/Cquartz to protect seat backs

Hello all,

Many of you have wrapped the seat backs with Xpel. Has anyone tried opticoat or Cquartz?
I have found the following product on Amazon that works on plastics:

What do you think the pros and cons of using it on the seat backs?


PedanticOne | 14. Februar 2017

What kind of protection are you looking for? If you're looking for scratch protection, you probably want XPel. These products are meant as paint protectors, keeping UV out as well as making it easy to wash dirt off. But rock chips would still be a problem, so I'm not sure they'd do what you want on the seat backs.

jajabor | 14. Februar 2017

@PedanticOne, yes, i'm looking for scratch protection..

PedanticOne | 14. Februar 2017

OK. While I believe Opticoat, etc. would give you some degree of scratch protection, it might not be enough. That said, at $50, you could always try it and if it doesn't quite work go with XPel.

RCorsa | 14. Februar 2017

I did XPEL for $400. Well worth it if you have kids and prefer not to have scratched up seats. The coatings can make washing easier but won't protect against scratches

inconel | 14. Februar 2017

Only $400? Did you do front and second row seat backs or only front row?

sometimesjoe | 14. Februar 2017

Where did you get it done for $400? Which seats?

jajabor | 15. Februar 2017

@RCorsa, $400 seems pretty good. Are you located in the bay area?

carlk | 15. Februar 2017

You might want to take a look at this. I've never used it and ratings are only average. Could be fine for seat back protection though.