Can I claim two federal EV credits in the same year?

Can I claim two federal EV credits in the same year?

Ordered two M3s at the same time on the day Tesla started taking orders. Stood in line in Portland for an hour. I and am already a Model S owner that took delivery in March 2013. So they both might show up late this year...

cquail | 23. Februar 2017

Yes, if your tax liability is above $15K.

SoFlaModel3 | 23. Februar 2017

That first reply can be clarified slightly...

I can't speak to confirming the "yes", but assuming yes you could have less than $15,000 in liability and still get it you just wouldn't get all of it (as I understand it).

For instance if you qualified for $15,000 in credits, but only had a tax liability of say $12,000 then you would presumably get a $12,000 credit.

stevenmaifert | 23. Februar 2017

Yes: It doesn't matter what your tax liability is, you can claim two credits. Because it's not a refundable credit, you have to have $15,000 in tax liability in the tax year you are claiming both credits to use it all. In my personal case, I took delivery of a Model S and a Leaf in 2012 and claimed both credits. Before the end of the year I withdrew money from a tax deferred IRA to generate additional 2012 tax liability to use it all.