Almost all Americans want climate change action

Almost all Americans want climate change action

If this is true why are fossil fuel companies advisors in charge?

Mike83 | 10. März 2017

Look who the cat dragged out of the swamp or maybe the psych ward?

Back to the topic, Shell is going alternative energy.

Remnant | 11. März 2017

Ben van Beurden, the Shell CEO, is trying to meddle with politics by second guessing the politicians, the public, and Shell's investors. He's playing fast and loose with his CEO mandate and deserves to be relieved of that function.

We should recall that the Climate Change alarmists are the real deniers of climate facts and science, as well as of economics facts and science, and, to top these off, they conspire to siphon American public funds into global schemes of wealth redistribution and AGW propaganda.

A Carbon tax in particular makes no sense in America, as the developing countries and the most populous countries (India and China) significantly exceed the American production of greenhouse gases.

If you need links for these points, please peruse the "For Mitch" thread (under the General category of these Forums) for a plethora of them.

While it makes sense to steer our reliance on fossil fuels towards renewable sources of energy, in order to benefit our health and comfort, the markets are already creating competitive advantages in that direction, which makes their manipulation through taxes and regulations not only unnecessary, but counterproductive.

Mike83 | 11. März 2017

The shareholders decide not the fossil fuel lovers.

rxlawdude | 11. März 2017

The ragged carpet leftover has truly gone cookoo.

Mike83 | 11. März 2017

Misleading investors is costly. Americans will learn the hard way.

MitchP85D | 11. März 2017

If anybody wants to know how the ball got rolling on global warming alarmism, John Coleman has a great video on Al Gore and the late Dr. Roger Revelle.

Mike83 | 11. März 2017

Not interested in fossil fuel propaganda. Not credible.

MitchP85D | 11. März 2017

Hey ozone hole Mike, John Coleman and Roger Revelle have nothing to do with the fossil fuel industry.

Mike83 | 11. März 2017

For rigorous data and not foolish propaganda.

Mike83 | 22. März 2017
SCCRENDO | 22. März 2017

@Mike. Looks like you have brought the deniers out in droves. Thanks for all the great links you are posting. Keep going. I have seen Mitch, BigD, massimo and Remnat all pop up on this thread. Each has attempted an ad hominem on you but no attempt to provide any scientific data to refute your links. I guess it's hard for them to provide links when they don't understand the topic. But you got to hand it to them. They try very hard with ad hominens.

Mike83 | 22. März 2017

SCCRENDO Thanks. I appreciate your posts a lot.
They have been on the attack for years now and as you say they have no facts to back up their position. I do consider their ad hominem attacks petty and childish but psychologically very interesting. Their motivation is becoming more obvious as they continue to lose credibility.

MitchP85D | 22. März 2017

Well Mike83, whenever you make some goofy comment like "almost all Americans want action on climate change," I can only make the observation that an idea like that must have come from the ozone hole somewhere. Think about it. If Americans really wanted action on climate change, they would demand the auto manufacturing sector to stop producing the internal combustion engine. See much of s groundswell for that? Heck, I'm noticing more and more muscle cars on the road today!

bigd | 22. März 2017

Sorry allcapsguy, you are so late to the party. Mikey was refuted about 2 or 3 years ago and lashed out. Sorry I do not keep going back to his Huffpost, CNN, and other fake news sites. He has been refuted more than Monsanto's corn GMOs caused tumors.

MitchP85D | 22. März 2017

Let the BEV grow on its own. Quit trying to cram it down the throats of Americans. You will only create resistance when you liberals do that. This is just one of many reasons why Trump won.

Mike83 | 22. März 2017

Tesla-David and SCCRENDO A new article on the Great Barrier Reef.

Some more facts on the OP link(ignoring ad hominem comments)

SCCRENDO | 22. März 2017

@bigd. Must have missed it. How did you geniuses refute Mike? He has forgotten more about climate change than you guys will ever know. Your greatest skill on this forum has been trying to change peoples screen names. With this in mind please refute Mikey. I'm listening.

Mike83 | 23. März 2017

This will surely piss off the deniers but facts are harsh and reality will hit them like a ton bricks.
Al Gore says:

MitchP85D | 23. März 2017

Oh wow, I'm so PISSED OFF about what ozone hole Mike posted, I'm gonna have to go out there and lead a protest, and smash some store windows like liberals do. That'll make me feel better about myself!!!

Mike83 | 23. März 2017

LOL. liberals smashing windows ? Not sure what that has to do with the link but you seem paranoid? Oh that's right,ad hominem attacks; the well used fake news sources.

brando | 24. März 2017

Economics seems to be making electricity production obvious.
Listen to this power plant builder explain why.

https://youtu. be/jFZ8g0W7jV0

Why Solar PV Power Plants Will Fundamentally Change the Way We Power the Planet

Mike83 | 24. März 2017

This article forecasts the extinction of humans due to Global Warming. I hope not.

Mike83 | 24. März 2017

This article forecasts the extinction of humans due to Global Warming. I hope not.

Mike83 | 24. März 2017

Posted twice; don't know why.

Politics, jobs, money, gold won't be important if this happens.

MitchP85D | 24. März 2017

Just more doomsday peddling. Been going on since the beginning of human civilization.

RedShift | 24. März 2017

Leaving aside the irresponsible cooments from the usual suspect,

Permian extinction was caused by one or more massive asteroid strikes. Wilkes Land crater and Befout crater bear silent testimony.

Simultaneously, due to antipodal volcanism Siberian trappes flowed like mad. One two punch.

Sorry, didnt want to derail this thread. Ever since the Ohio State University study came out about the Wilkes Land crater I've been emailing scientists around the world in this field to pay attention to asteroid strike as the main cause followed by antipodal volcanism.

It occurs on the moon, mars, (Olympus Mons, biggest mountain the solar system, related by an almighty bonk from another planet sized body) why can it not occur here.

Wilkes asteroid is estimated to be 5 times the size of the KT extinction asteroid!

RedShift | 24. März 2017

Bedout, not Befout

RedShift | 24. März 2017

The break up of Gondwana is no coincidence either. OK, sorry Mike, I am done now!

Mike83 | 24. März 2017

That is interesting RedShift.
I just remembered going to a talk in La Jolla, Ca given by Kary Mullis who got the (half of it in chemistry) Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR, polymerase chain reaction procedure that is used today for amplification of DNA now used in Police work and research.
He talked about the big fear of an Asteroid ending the human race and we should monitor them. I believe that is being done now. Funny you should bring that up.

RedShift | 24. März 2017


Oh no, no, no... you goofy - ass liberals are always worrying and making doomsday predictions. Asteroids are a natural phenomenon. This planet has survived them, before and will continue to do so. We shouldn't be so arrogant as to think this planet is doomed, coz it was created by God in 7 days, and until god says finis, it isn't finis.

JoeAlvord | 24. März 2017

Randall Munroe has a good take on this:

bigd | 25. März 2017

Mike83 "got the (half of it in chemistry) Nobel Prize ." When did Nobel prizes com in halves ??? as Samo likes to say "Lutz"

bigd | 25. März 2017

Redshift "Asteroids are a natural phenomenon" finally some truth from red. No, wait, I bet asteroids are caused by fossil fuel.

RedShift | 25. März 2017

There is the pollution to all our problems.

Mike83 | 25. März 2017

The trolls like little d always attempt to disrupt truth and pollute discussions. Flag em.

Mike83 | 25. März 2017

Medical Doctors fighting to protect kids from Climate Pollution.

Remnant | 26. März 2017

@Mike83 (March 25, 2017)

<< Medical Doctors fighting to protect kids from Climate Pollution. >>

Just typical AGW propaganda. The Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health takes AGW for granted and advocates for remedial government programs.

For one thing, positions of Medical Societies are NOT usually representative of their membership's opinions. For another, advocates for government spending are transparently advocating for parasites on the public purse. Their opinion should be dismissed from the get-go as potentially, possibly openly, self-serving and politicized.

Once again your trolling infestation motives are in plain view.

Mike83 | 26. März 2017


Mike83 | 26. März 2017

It's curious that the trolls seem not to discuss the cars but only copy fake news using asinine logic. They should start their own OP yet don't have the intelligence to create one but instead prefer to troll others.

Back to the topic.
If you want to do something about climate disruption here is one point of view.

Mike83 | 26. März 2017

This exposes who the government fossil fuel pundits are;
Follow the Money;

MitchP85D | 27. März 2017

One of the most sane discussions yet about climate change. Plus, any of you Californians want to know why you had so much snow and rain the past winter? Just go one post down on the site. Pretty clever discussion how the Russians hacked our weather.

Mike83 | 27. März 2017
massimob30 | 27. März 2017

Mike83 - you are now flagging posts that you disagree with ? Wow, Adolph would be proud. Do you burn books too ?

MitchP85D - We here in California are getting so much rain because, no one can accurately predict the climate or the weather. This year was supposed to be a dry year, while last year was supposed to have heavy rain.

They can't get a week into the future correctly, but they can somehow predict decades or centuries right ? (eye roll).

finman100 | 27. März 2017

and you fly the planes yourself, since you are smarter than others? you do your own surgeries, too? since, others can't know as much as you. Please. FYD2017. Forrest Gump would be proud. SIASD.

SCCRENDO | 27. März 2017

Hey Remnant. some of physicians have ethics and do fight to preserve the health of the population. Many of us did not go into medicine to line our pockets. What amazes you about the fact that physicians care about people's health?
Hey Massimo. You have been pretty vocal about climate change. Always a good idea to get some basic education before you ramble on

MitchP85D | 28. März 2017

Hey SCCRENDO, global warming was causing the drought in California. Remember??!!!! Now, global warming is causing the excess precipitation!! Global warming causes cold, warmth, droughts and floods!! It causes everything in weather. THAT WAY, YOU CAN'T BE WRONG!!!

SamO | 28. März 2017

Global warming is causing rising sea. Miami is spending $500M and has over $3T at risk. But keep fiddling while Rome sinks.

SCCRENDO | 28. März 2017

Mitch I know you are science illiterate but you sound less intelligent than my 4 year old grandson in trying to mock stuff you don't understand. As a weatherman, even a non scientific one, I would have thought you would have at least understood this. I will give you the student's versions.

SamO | 28. März 2017

Mitch isn't worried about little things like sounding *stupid* or *racist*. Those are preTrump worries.

We are postTruth now.

Remnant | 29. März 2017

@SamO (March 28, 2017)

<< Mitch isn't worried about little things like sounding *stupid* or *racist*. >>

Just like you aren't worried about little things like "liar" or "retard".

Nowadays, reciprocating insults seem to be ranking higher than "civility", "urbane", or "gentle", in our "debates".

Sadly, concepts like "gentleman" and "lady" have been jettisoned from our vernacular. We are in the era of Male, Female, and It.

What will we call the Post-Millennial generation? How about "ignorant" or, simply, "imbecile"?

Let's celebrate the Imbecile Generation ... !!!