Almost all Americans want climate change action

Almost all Americans want climate change action

If this is true why are fossil fuel companies advisors in charge?

andy.connor.e | 19. Juli 2019

Geothermal can be used anywhere on the planet.

andy.connor.e | 19. Juli 2019

You're not fun to talk to. I never said anything about it being economical.

MitchP85D | 19. Juli 2019

Yes andy, it never is fun to have to think about something. Geothermal energy works - IN SOME AREAS! Kind of like Wind, Solar, and Hydro.

jimglas | 21. Juli 2019

FWIW, Iceland runs on geothermal. 100% renewables other than gasoline and diesel

andy.connor.e | 22. Juli 2019

Where doesnt geothermal work?

Tesla-David | 22. Juli 2019

"The federal agency that manages the Great Barrier Reef issued an unprecedented statement that broke ranks with Australia's conservative government and called for urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Guardian."

"The position statement issued by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is unequivocal in its stance that the climate crisis threatens the world-renown reef. It reads:

"Climate change is the greatest threat to the Great Barrier Reef. Only the strongest and fastest possible actions to decrease global greenhouse gas emissions will reduce the risks and limit the impacts of climate change on the Reef. Further impacts can be minimized by limiting global temperature increase to the maximum extent possible and fast-tracking actions to build Reef resilience."

Rising sea temperatures

Mike83 | 07. August 2019

The reality of the Climate Crisis is hitting these young people starting out, and many are deciding not to have children. I would prefer the politicians not propagate.

Tesla-David | 10. August 2019

Thanks @Mike83, great but very sobering link. These young people are having to deal with AGW/climate crisis that we created, and it is painful to read their anxieties about their futures.

Mike83 | 21. August 2019

Mutating children besides strokes, heart and lung diseases.

Mike83 | 24. August 2019

Spear fishing, marine biology research, and surfing along the coast. It is a beautiful life and these people show living at it's best. Protecting the environment is for everyone.

Tesla-David | 25. August 2019

While I share their passion for the ocean, I do not embrace or support spear fishing as an acceptable activity. I used to spear fish back in the late 1960's, but traded in my spear gun for a camera to take pictures rather than destroy the ecosystem inhabitants. I once dove a marine sanctuary in the Wester Gulf of Mexico where spear fishing was not allowed. It was amazing to have large grouper swim up to me unafraid and curious, as apposed to diving other areas where spear fishing was allowed, and the fish disappeared as soon as I entered the water. The fish knew that humans were to be feared and avoided. I much more appreciated the behaviors of the fish within the protected reef sanctuary by comparison.

Tesla-David | 25. August 2019

Climate Change/Emergency is a massive winning issue for Democrats in 2020!

"By the numbers: 96% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say it's very or somewhat important for a presidential candidate to promise aggressive action on climate change.

That's the highest of any of the issues polled, beating other Democratic favorites like Medicare for All (91%), executive action to tighten gun laws (85%), and tuition-free public college (78%).

Most Democrats feel strongly about it. 82% said it was very important to address climate change, while 14% said it was somewhat important."

Mike83 | 26. August 2019

Agree about not liking spear fishing. There are Marine Preserves that prohibit fishing and it makes for fun diving and photography.
I hope Climate Crisis remediation is deployed before it's too late as some States and the world is doing. The hindrance of progress by the GOP is short sighted for themselves along with made up enemies, they are always fighting some war or wanting to start a war. Happy not to be living in their heads with so much confusion and lies. One observation is that people who like to put others down is mental escape to make them feel better about themselves. This explains the gibberish of the Climate Crisis deniers.

nastassia | 28. August 2019

I absolutely agree with the idea of replacing our typical vehicles on electric cars. I have a blog on Instagram about nature and the dangers of pollution for humanity. It's difficult to express an opinion online as the government started to control our social networks but helped me to get popular and find my audience.

rxlawdude | 28. August 2019

@nastassia, flagged for suspect link and DOUCHEBAGGERY.

Mike83 | 17. September 2019

Big news. Another large disposal of fossil fuel industries. Why? read the link, but mostly to avoid risk and provide for pensions and invest in winners not to mention social responsibility. These are the top world investment managers so take note:

Tesla-David | 17. September 2019

Yep, divestment movement away from fossil fuels is accelerating. I really don’t care what the reasons are,only that it is happening and that it is accelerating.

Mike83 | 17. September 2019

Some climate changes in Vermont. Also Texas may want renewables and government action. Reality changes people's minds.

Mike83 | 20. September 2019
Tesla-David | 20. September 2019

Yes, very encouraging to see the huge turnout of youthful and older participants in the global climate Strike, except for our current orange turd POTUS, and his disgusting cabinet, and the GOP leadership.
From your link @Mike83 this was striking:

"Vic Barrett, a 20-year-old plaintiff in the Juliana v. United States climate lawsuit against the American government, wrote in an op-ed for The Guardian Friday that he is taking part in the Global Climate Strike because "this decade is our last chance to stop the destruction of our people and our planet."
"We have no choice but to act when the alternative is to sit and watch our world burn," wrote Barrett. "We have no choice but to act when the alternative is extinction."

Mike83 | 20. September 2019

Florida high school punishes a student for handing out flyers on Climate crisis protest. Ridiculous.

Tesla-David | 20. September 2019

Wow, beyond disgusting. The high school administer is a complete moron/asshole. The student is a courageous hero who should be applauded not punished.

Mike83 | 20. September 2019

Of all places Florida is most susceptible to the Climate Crisis. The elephant in the room is ignored and the way they treat people who tell the truth is not civilized but more like a bully.

SCCRENDO | 21. September 2019

It is beginning in Key West

Tesla-David | 21. September 2019

Yep, AGW/climate emergency is not future threat, it is clearly and undeniably happening now with real heartfelt consequences for folks.

Mike83 | 25. September 2019

Senators with vested fossil fuel interests, some which are Climate Crisis Denialists;

andy.connor.e | 26. September 2019

Hopefully people are smarter than those in power. People can drive the market however they want to, no matter how corrupt the political system is. Just stop buying ICE vehicles, stop using natural gas appliances, get electric yard equipment. Its all part of the movement to do your part to reduce fossil fuel demand.

Tesla-David | 26. September 2019

I hope the repug senators lose heavily for investing in fossil fuel energy sector. Follow the money to understand why they are opposed to AGW/climate emergency action.

andy.connor.e | 26. September 2019


For every day that the switch away from fossil fuels is delayed, there are billions of dollars of profit for each and every single one of those days. There is plenty of incentive to delay emergency climate action.

Mike83 | 27. September 2019

Very strange. An old white dude setting fires in California. Wonder what this idiot's motivation was. Red states hate CA and I read a the new terrorist group is the white nationalists. It does seem they are the ones who like to kill other Americans. I hope our agencies are keeping track of these crazies.

Tesla-David | 27. September 2019

Disgusting that someone would deliberately set fires. He should get the death penalty IMHO.

Mike83 | 27. September 2019
NKYTA | 30. September 2019


Mike83 | 30. September 2019

@NKYTA thanks for the link. Disgusting and stupid. They should be heavily fined like VW for cheating.

Tesla-David | 03. Oktober 2019

Wow, absolutely disgusting. I hope these scumbags are exposed and jailed for willfully adding yet more contaminants to the already stressed oceans and atmosphere. Thanks @NKYTA for the link.

Tesla-David | 04. Oktober 2019

Another depressing article documenting how much Drumpf and company have rolled back Climate Emergency action having infiltrated the current Government with Deniers, scrubbing all evidence and mention on AGW/Climate Emergency.

"The tendency for Washington policymakers to not accept mainstream climate science is growing inside echo chambers and under President Trump, according to a new peer-reviewed study.

Why it matters: The research adds some quantitative heft to the notion that Trump, who regularly dismisses and mocks climate change, is having a tangible impact among America’s most influential policy experts working inside the beltway of Washington, D.C.

Driving the news: Echo chambers — the concept that people share views only with those with similar views — have formed relatively quickly among policy leaders around misinformation of climate science under the Trump administration, according to the study, which is online but not-yet published in Environmental Research Communications.

“The president has empowered the people who don’t want there to be any climate policy to hunker down in their echo chambers,” says Dana Fisher, co-author and sociology professor at the University of Maryland."

Tesla-David | 04. Oktober 2019

And here is another article along the same vein. Despicable scumbags!

"Just last month, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration supported Trump’s false claims about Hurricane Dorian’s forecast. Trump’s attack on science also includes banning scientists with the Environmental Protection Agency from presenting research on climate change in October 2017, barring National Park Service employees from using the word “climate change” in project proposals, and publishing a faulty environmental review for a proposed Alaskan mine that could threaten salmon, among other incidents. The administration has also gone as far as to punish employees who speak out or formally complain about such anti-science directives through termination and job reassignment."

Mike83 | 05. Oktober 2019

I really like Pope Francis who is butting heads against Presidents who don't mind burning forests or releasing methane.
Love of money is the root of all evil seems to apply.
A new saying that possibly someone already discovered; GREED KILLS

Tesla-David | 05. Oktober 2019

Yes, Pope Francis is the first Pope in a long time that I really like, who seems more connected to protecting the planet and calling out the greed infected corporations who don't give a damn about protecting Mother Earth. May they all rot in Hell!

MitchP85D | 06. Oktober 2019

This is what human-caused global warming "science" has been reduced to.

I am laughing at all of you global warming worshippers!

MitchP85D | 06. Oktober 2019

Did you all hear, "Yes grab it!" LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SamO | 06. Oktober 2019

GOP death cultists dream of death. It’s what they do.

Darthamerica | 06. Oktober 2019

What idiots!

MitchP85D | 06. Oktober 2019

Darth, I know the global warming zealots will erase it, but it is awfully damn fun to poke 'em in the eyes in the meantime.

SamO | 06. Oktober 2019

Shoot of your own dick is what you meant to type.

jimglas | 07. Oktober 2019

looks lie ou cant rick roll mitch anymore ....

Mike83 | 07. Oktober 2019

Ignorance is bliss for the Climate Crisis deniers who don't realize how childish they are. Perhaps the environmental pollutions has already caused brain damage.

Tesla-David | 07. Oktober 2019

Idiot trolls Flagged! The youth activist that are protesting the impacts to our planet that our resident moron posted above are spot on and have my support. As discussed on the moron's thread previously coral reefs are only one ecosystem being wiped out by Climate Emergency as part of the Sixth Extinction. Idiots like Mitch and Darth are beyond disgusting and WRONG on all the facts.

Mike83 | 08. Oktober 2019

I sure hope some of the beauty of the coral reefs can be preserved for the future humans along with the amazing and majestic Giant Sequoias, salmon rivers, snow capped mountains, etc. But the extinction of many species in the web of life this appears to not be so hopeful.
The future belongs to the children and they are becoming aware of the defects of character of some of the adults. How they wish to achieve retribution is up to them.