Almost all Americans want climate change action

Almost all Americans want climate change action

If this is true why are fossil fuel companies advisors in charge?

SamO | 10. Juni 2017

The rest of the U.S. is a bunch of deadbeat, welfare queens. Come to California, where we pull our own weight. ;-)

Mike83 | 12. Juni 2017

My Dad used to say. Where you make bed you have sleep in it. It seems remarkable that a populace could be so easily manipulated in parts of the US. Enjoying the circus though.

Mike83 | 15. Juni 2017

The leader in fighting climate disruption is now China moving fast and furious leaving Washington in the dust.

El Mirio | 15. Juni 2017


Mike83 | 15. Juni 2017

The sad consequences of ignoring economics of using solar vs. fossil fuels. This is a great common sense article.

Mike83 | 23. Juni 2017

We are all in the hot spot. The consequences of burning fossil fuels are getting worse and we won't know ALL of the damages yet Washington Denies it is a problem. Follow the money.

Mike83 | 27. Juni 2017

For some inconvenient news. Let's hope we stop burning fossil fuels soon.

Mike83 | 27. Juni 2017
Mike83 | 27. Juni 2017

Disinformation campaign brought to you by the Kochs

SamO | 27. Juni 2017


Might as well light that cash on fire, the good it will do those Koch-suckers.

EVs, cheap solar and energy storage will bankrupt the Kochs.

Tesla-David | 28. Juni 2017

@Mike83, thanks for posting, Koch's are beyond disgusting. Agree with @SamO, and looking forward to their bankruptcy ASAP.

Mike83 | 28. Juni 2017

I don't get the Kochs at all. They already have more money and power for generations to support their progeny and could help by being a steward of the earth in the transition to alternative energy. Perhaps they have gone too far to back out. Unfortunately Republicans must be climate change deniers to be a card carrying member and that to me is not American.
In any case we don't have much time for limiting disaster for even the guys who are old and don't care.
Even the Pope tried. I think Scourge was more generous than what the people put in Congress.

Remnant | 02. Juli 2017

@Mike83 (June 28, 2017)

<< Unfortunately Republicans must be climate change deniers to be a card carrying member and that to me is not American. >>

To accuse the whole Republican party or the whole body of Trump supporters of being un-American is in the same vein as Hillary's stupid statement during the 2016 presidential campaign, that Trump supporters are deplorable and irredeemable. It boomeranged right back onto her, because it amounts to saying, "These people are not qualified to criticize me, they are not reasonable or certified to call me out."

Unfortunately for her, and fortunately for us, Trump's supporters understood there cannot be a test of legitimacy of opposing opinions and any such claims must be dismissed as violating not just the first Amendment rights of the opponents, but the principle that opponents cannot be disqualified on account of their disagreeing with you, unless you want to stifle all opposition or debate.

Naturally, the claim that to be acknowledged as a Republican one has to be a "climate-change denier" is just absurd hyperbole. Republicans are not a monolithic group with regard to AGW (and to the bastard over-broad term "climate change"), but are sufficiently diversified to discourage such a view.

Finally, it is necessary to object to the use of the derogatory term "denier", as many of those grouped under that moniker would prefer to use more nuanced renditions of their views opposing various aspects of AGW, especially its Apocalyptic speculations.

Mike83 | 02. Juli 2017

There may be some Republicans that deviate from the card carrying membership rules but it does seem only those who deny GW hold any sway. Funding from fossil fuel interests is their main concern and not in the best interest of America or Americans. I recall Sen. McCain once believed in action on Climate disruption but he changed his position so could stay in the party. It seems Trump may or may not be a Republican but he is a Climate Change denier who has appointed ALL cabinet posts with deniers and fossil fuel associations.

MitchP85D | 03. Juli 2017

When an economically viable option to fossil fuels emerges, then, and only then is when carbon based fuels will be replaced. Shaking every nickel, dime, and quarter out of the working man or woman via the carbon tax will do no more than enrich the bureaucratic crooks in on the take. The democrat party has a long history of such a thing.

Mike83 | 03. Juli 2017

Caveman. Did you miss the news that fossil fuel companies only make money for their rich owners and don't really create jobs. Democrats that are funded by fossil fuels are the same as Republicans. Your mixed up Mitch and they found easy ways to fool you greedy youngsters. Frame it in politics and your tiny brain can't connect the dots I guess.

rxlawdude | 03. Juli 2017

"Unfortunately for her, and fortunately for us, Trump's supporters understood there cannot be a test of legitimacy of opposing opinions..."

Thus, the Orange-a-tan and his followers are happy to shamelessly harass from the bully pulpit anyone or any institution that has "opposing opinions."

That kind of response seems more suited for 1960s Russia than the United States. Can't fix morons.

Tesla-David | 03. Juli 2017

Scott Pruitt and Rick Perry (utter scumbags) now consider themselves the most knowledgeable experts on Planet Earth relative to the science of Climate Change/Disruption, and are evaluating whether to spend government money to refute the scientific consensus on causes for climate change. Something else to confuse the already misinformed public instead of acting to curb our carbon emissions like the other 190+ countries that signed the Paris Accord.

Mike83 | 03. Juli 2017

I guess the Hague trails may be in the future especially will all the facts showing they knew what they were doing. The attempt to act like they don't know is ludicrous as fossil fuel companies knew the Global Warming problem, sea level rise, ocean acidification, etc. decades beforehand and still promoted denial paying off politicians to do their bidding.

Mike83 | 03. Juli 2017

A very eloquent article on the flawed economic reasoning that Trump is promoting. Again his reasoning appears to be edited by his fossil fuel controllers.

Tesla-David | 03. Juli 2017

This article has me very worried, because we are absolutely running out of time to act on Climate disruption, and these scientists say we only have three years to begin bringing down our carbon emissions.

Mike83 | 03. Juli 2017

Tesla David. Agree. It's even worse than scientists predicted.

Something to give a little hope.

The big automakers may have done themselves in. They might just reap what they sow.

bigd | 03. Juli 2017

rxlmoron 'That kind of response seems more suited for 1960s Russia than the United States. Can't fix morons.' LOL We all know the moron it comes from starts with rx (snicker)

SCCRENDO | 03. Juli 2017

@BigD. Are you sure you are on the right thread. This is the adult section.

Mike83 | 05. Juli 2017

The Feds are becoming irrelevant. Attempting to go against real facts will be the GOP downfall especially when Climate Disruption becomes critical. The main reason I support Democrats and reject card carrying(fossil fuel funded) GOPers.

Mike83 | 08. Juli 2017

G20 rebukes Trump on Climate Change. The world wants to survive.

SCCRENDO | 08. Juli 2017

I am extremely pleased that the world is moving ahead without Trump. The enlightened part of the US is stepping up to the plate so once this regime departs we can move back in. With people like Musk we will continue to be leaders. However Trump has officially withdrawn and has allowed others to claim our rightful place. WIthdrawal from the Paris accords was one bad move but TTP withdrawal also allowed China to step in and fill the void. The US is a great country that can function without a leader but the lost opportunities that will occur during this time is disheartening.

Mike83 | 08. Juli 2017

Not sure what the legalities are but the Paris accord is irreversible,

“We take note of the decision of the United States of America to withdraw from the Paris agreement,” adding: “The leaders of the other G20 members state that the Paris agreement is irreversible” and “we reaffirm our strong commitment to the Paris agreement”.


When the tobacco companies got sued for lies about cigarette smoke it seems similar with all the fossil fuel profiteers with Trump representing them. We'll see how international law deals with it.

SCCRENDO | 08. Juli 2017

It's not legally binding I believe but is a commitment. Honorable people and nations stick to their commitments.

Mike83 | 08. Juli 2017

Ivanka Trump is President? I admit she looks good.

What a strange development.

Mike83 | 08. Juli 2017

emissions per person is quite revealing. China is low; US is very high. And China makes stuff for the US profiting US companies.

Mike83 | 15. Juli 2017
Tesla-David | 15. Juli 2017

Thanks @Mike83, very, very sad to see the mounting evidence that coral reefs worldwide are being lost to Climate Change/Ocean Acidification. I have been an avid SCUBA diver for 45+ years, but no longer dive because the coral reefs are no longer healthy, and it is profoundly depressing to dive on dead or dying reefs. We have not been good stewards of Planet Earth, and Mother Nature will have her say as she bats last.

Mike83 | 17. Juli 2017

Oil companies being sued for knowledge of almost 50 years of climate change

SamO | 18. Juli 2017

This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I'll never look into your eyes, again

Mike83 | 18. Juli 2017

The Doors were poetic. Bob Dylan has some very deep stuff and we where happy to see him get the Nobel prize.

Some great news. Jerry Brown got the Climate Change law approved. California may become the 5th largest world economy. Honesty is the best policy from good old Abe.

SamO | 18. Juli 2017

Cap and Trade is a giveaway to big oil. Very disappointed to see CA shy away from more batteries as well.

Democrats should be very nervous about their corporate bedfellows.

Mike83 | 18. Juli 2017

Naturally It could have been better but they needed Republican votes to pass it. Its better than nothing or worse as the fossil fuel guys running Washington. The link also mentions the new lawsuits against fossil fuel interests. It takes time as the cig companies were also entrenched in our government.

Mike83 | 27. Juli 2017

While the fossil fuel addicts attempts to confuse on Climate Change the most economically Powerful State is not fooled by their con.

Mike83 | 24. November 2017

Bravo to Mexico. The people of Mexico are not that different from N. Americans.

Mike83 | 28. November 2017

Very sad for coal miners and Americans who breathe air.

Tesla-David | 05. Dezember 2017

Proud to say my congressional District 7, which includes Seattle is tops in the nation at 92.7% in believing that Climate Change/Disruption is real, followed by District 12 (San Francisco) at 91.9%, District 3 (Portland, OR) at 91.7%. District 13 (Oakland, Berkeley, CA) at 91.7%, District 8 (Alexandria, Virginia) at 91.2%. The highest Republican District by comparison is District 15 (Hunts Point, NY) at 67.4%. Interesting to see how Republican Districts rate this issue (second link below).

MitchP85D | 05. Dezember 2017

Republicans are less authoritarian than democrats. That is why.

Paraphrasing - "If politicians can convince the general public that they need to pay higher taxes to save the planet, then the public would be more willing to pay!"

Dr. Richard Lindzen

SCCRENDO | 05. Dezember 2017

@welfare-Mitch. The Republicans have the ear of the Koch brothers and Lindzen. That's why they tell the public they don't need to pay taxes to ameliorate climate change. They need to pay higher taxes to make the Republican donors happy and their blind followers believe them. They are even ok with electing a child molester such as Moore and a sex pervert such as Trump. The Republican congress does not even have the spine to impeach Trump

SamO | 05. Dezember 2017

Simply charge fossil fuel extractors for the destruction their products naturally cause.

Called a Pigovian tax. Very simple and very fair.

Mike83 | 05. Dezember 2017

Pigovian tax may be in the near future. Thanks SamO

Tesla-David | 05. Dezember 2017

Thanks @SamO, couldn't agree more with your solution. Interesting that Welfaire_Mitch can't cite anyone but Lindzen, who has been repeatedly fact checked and proven wrong!

SO | 05. Dezember 2017

Here in Michigan, Wolverine worldwide is getting hammered because of the scotch guard dumping they did decades ago is now causing contamination found miles away in wells, And of course one of their main dumps is near a river. They said they dumped it and complied with all the laws at the time and no one really knew any better. That may be true, but the outcome is still bad. Home values are starting to fall in the affected areas and these chemicals are known for cancer while the lawsuits are piling up.

The moral of the story is that just because people “say” it’s okay today (or back then) means absolutely NOTHING to the actual outcome. Right now we have the luxury of not doing anything when it comes to air pollution just like wolverine and the city of Rockford didn’t think of how the chemicals could cause sickness and spread. Well... today they are finding out otherwise and may lose millions or even close. So if something “seems” like it’s wrong, like dumping tons of crap into the air with no bad outcomes, it probably IS wrong in the long term.