March 31st. One year anniversary of our reservations!

March 31st. One year anniversary of our reservations!

It's almost been a full year since we all reserved our Model 3. I'll never forget showing up to the mall in Brea, Ca at 8:30 am thinking I was there early. Only to see there was already over 100 people lining up. It would be great if we get another sneak peek of the car on Friday. Hopefully of the interior. Which feature of the Model 3 would be best for the internet to go crazy over?

3dwin | 29. März 2017

I'll say the steering wheel/dash.

Shadowmist | 29. März 2017

I regret not doing that lol, I reserved mine 4/2/2016. Didn't realize the demand at the time and thought waiting a little to do some research wouldn't be a big deal haha.

3dwin | 29. März 2017

@ Paul.k9

I would've showed up earlier than I had but didn't think I would be able to get inside mall before 10:00 am. That's when they actually open the doors.

JeffreyR | 29. März 2017
KP in NPT | 30. März 2017

It was such an exciting day. :)

I'd say a teaser on the anniversary would be nice, but I'm afraid the 6 second clip of the release candidate was it for now. I'll be happy to be wrong. Maybe setting low expectations.

SoFlaModel3 | 30. März 2017

I was there around 7:30 AM in South Florida and was about 40-50th in line.

The interior is the biggest question mark, because we just don't know. It would be great see!

Furioso | 30. März 2017








...since I reserved. Waiting.... :) :)

JeffreyR | 30. März 2017

I was heading to my line about now a year ago....

Recent Interior picture of Model 3.

SamO | 30. März 2017

I arrived at 4am and there were 5 people ahead of me. But no other owners.

By the time doors opened, there were 1500 people in line and it became a PARTY.

Happy anniversary, 1st day reservation holders. And others. :-)

dsvick | 30. März 2017

"Which feature of the Model 3 would be best for the internet to go crazy over?"

The trunk, I want an image of the open model 3 trunk to be plastered all over the internet .... :D

I got in line at about 8:30am, there were 150 people already in front of me. I'd have been there earlier but my wife had a Dr appointment and I didn't think it would go over real well to suggest waiting in line for a car would be a better way to spend our time ...

3dwin | 30. März 2017

I wasn't expecting a Apple-iPhone type line. But that's what it was perhaps even better because it's a bigger purchase. It was really cool talking to people about Tesla, Solar for a good 3+ hrs in line. There was a real excitement. Which I think will only grow as we head into the fall.

jefjes | 30. März 2017

I want to see video of a Shaq sized person getting in and out of the car. If it appears to be effortless, I'll be ecstatic. When I complained about the difficulty during my MS test drive, I was told I should look at the MX. My reply was that I couldn't justify spending that much on a vehicle and only the M3 would be closer to my budget so wanted to compare the sedan comfort. The M3 being smaller is a real concern that I may have to cancel and continue driving an even smaller Leaf that I can easily get in and out of.

joemar10 | 30. März 2017

I don't think I have ever stood in line for anything, over 30 or 40 people long except at the airport and at the cruise lines. Neither was fun. I drove the 200 miles to my "local" Tesla store and got in line at 1:30 a.m. the store opened at 10 a.m. I was number 10 in line and was back in my car at 10:11 a.m. heading home. I met some nice people, a couple of owners, and a lot of other like-minded people. It was actually a lot of fun.

SamO | 30. März 2017


Ditto. I didn't have to get up as early because sleeping on the Mall is illegal. Although one crazy pair did.

starke49 | 30. März 2017

Yes, I got to Dublin CA around 8:00 with probably 150 people ahead of me, cannot wait to get a better look and finally get a notice for design studio!!!!!! I just want nice paint/interior for mine and the tax credit!!!

chris.pribe | 30. März 2017

I went in part to show support and share the excitement, but I was surprised to see that there were already about 150 people in line when I arrived at the Sunnyvale store around maybe 7AM. Those I met were a good group too. I enjoyed myself and, boy, am I glad I went!

3dwin | 30. März 2017

I believe also we are waiting for some 2nd token of appreciation for those who lined up to reserve as well.

chris.pribe | 30. März 2017

If Tesla doesn't want to reveal much yet, an interior shot that captures a bit of the seats and provides a view out through the sunroof might be kind of nice. Alternatively a teaser on the nose could be cool.
Otherwise, a view of the spaceship steering wheel with part of the display and dash from the back seat would be very informative.

noleaf4me | 30. März 2017


mntlvr23 | 30. März 2017

It is 6 pm now, so a year ago today, I was already 4 hours into my 20 hour wait/party. Good times.

bj | 30. März 2017

I did a drive-by the local store (Sydney) at 8pm the night before to see how many were lined up - only 2 people, so I thought "phew" no need to get up at 3am. I arrived at the store at 7am (it opened at 8) to find 40-50 in front of me, including Andreas Stephens of course who was feted as the first in the world to line up. I made my rervation at 8:50. I felt like this was one of those moments of history. It was a super-exciting time, still is :)

Happy anniversary, line-upperers!

jamilworm | 30. März 2017

I was in Japan on vacation at this time last year. Because of our itinerary, it wasn't convenient for me to get over tot the Tokyo Tesla store until about an hour before the reveal. But the kicker is that that was on April 1st in Japan. I kind of regret not going out of my way to go to the store on March 31st Japan time to reserve, which would have been before anyone in the US could have reserved. I suppose I possibly could have been one of the first peopel taking US delivery to reserve in the world. But oh well, what's done is done. I'm in California anyway, and I'll be getting a near entry-level Model 3, so I think I'll still get mine relatively early.

siddhu | 31. März 2017

I was #1 in the line in Bellevue, WA. Happy anniversary!!
I probably don't care about the features anymore. I want to place my order and have a M3 delivery date.

nadurse | 31. März 2017

My trip to the Tesla store last year happened early afternoon and was exciting, but lacked the luster/party atmosphere since I couldnt get there early to wait in line. Still though, watching the reveal that night was extra special though since i had already bought in.

jeepn30 | 31. März 2017

Unfortunately I had to work, so I could not put my reservation down until they opened up orders on their website before the unveiling. It's just amazing how things have progressed for me since. I used to look for new info every day for the Model 3 for months. Found out that they sold Certified Pre Owned Model S's. Then picked up my CPO S on the same day as game 1 of the World Series (As a Cubs fan, very hard to beat a day better than that). I still have my deposit on my Model 3. I don't know how things are going to work out, as we would like to replace our Caravan. We shall see how things pan out. Hands down our Tesla has been life changing. It is that good, and confident the Model 3 will be a similar experience, spaceship controls or not.

Frank99 | 31. März 2017

365 days ago, I was standing in line in Scottsdale, AZ, thinking I really should have come earlier. I was about #250 in line, and we were having a blast watching people walking by wondering what this huge line was for. I walked the line to estimate both my position as well as the total line length - and felt a lot better about my position when I realized that there were three times as many people behind me as in front of me.

Remarkably, I think that's pretty close to where I sit today - there are likely at least twice as many days behind me in my wait as there are days in front of me before I get to drive a Model 3 home.

Go, Elon!

Paul.r.freedman | 31. März 2017

I arrived at the Pleasanton, CA location at 8:15 AM, and there was about 450 ahead of me in line!

Jeff | 31. März 2017

After a year I cannot believe how little customer support there has been. If I were running a business with 400,000 who invested in my new product, I would be reaching out to them a whole lot more. Also, one specific question I think deserves a response from Tesla: How fair is it to roll out from west coast eastward when you would be depriving those on the east coast of the tax credit? How will this work exactly? What does west coast eastward roll out mean practically? I took the day off work to stand in line on opening day with the specific thought in mind that I better do it if I want the tax credit. I live in New Jersey. Will people who ordered on line in California the next day be ahead of me? What about those in California who ordered on line 3 months after me?

ddrmadness | 31. März 2017

I was out in Minnesota on business so I had to wait until online reservations opened up. Snagged a spot the second they did though! Can't wait!!

Carl Thompson | 31. März 2017


No one knows the answer to your questions. And no matter what they do for the rollout they won't be able to be completely fair to everyone. Finally, trust Elon Musk when he says you will be happy with the final product. If after you see it you don't like it they you can complain.


topher | 31. März 2017

"How fair is it to roll out from west coast eastward when you would be depriving those on the east coast of the tax credit? "

That isn't what is going to happen. First, the first cars are going to California, there are plenty of 1st day reservations from California to do a reasonable rollout, no need to dip into second day reservations. Second, estimates put the end of the full credit at 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2018. Tesla hopes to be making over 5,000 cars per week at that point, and be thorough the whole first day of reservations (perhaps the second).

They aren't telling you where you are in line, or when you will get your car, because they DON'T KNOW.

Thank you kindly.

Carl Thompson | 31. März 2017


As I said no one knows the answers to your questions. Not even topher (even though he seems to think he does).


accentcreate | 31. März 2017

"Which feature of the Model 3 would be best for the internet to go crazy over?"

An announcement that production has begun and I'll get my car before I'm too old to drive it would be nice.

Linolenic | 31. März 2017

Yeah a little sneak peak of something would be nice.

Red Sage ca us | 01. April 2017

Shiny, happy people everywhere!

noleaf4me | 01. April 2017

Give us more details, Elon!

EaglesPDX | 02. April 2017

Put some of our new members posts ahead of the Teslerati's 2016/2015 attack posts.

M3forMe | 02. April 2017