Proposing Extra $100 registration on EVs to fix pot holes, preposterous!

Proposing Extra $100 registration on EVs to fix pot holes, preposterous!

They are considering raising the gas tax and the registration fees on Electrics to get money to fix the roads

Why is the fee so high for electrics? This is out of proportion to the gas tax on ICE vehicles and would send the wrong message to people. How does the amount of gas used equate to charging EV's a $100 a year? I already pay fees on my dedicated charger in my garage, they want to add another registration fee too?

if the article is correct and they want to raise the gas tax $.12 let's see what that would cost extra for an ICE vehicle, or a hybrid.
Say the ICE gets 28 miles per gallon, and travels around 6000 miles per year, That would be approximately another $26 a year.

Let's say you have a hybrid getting over 45 mpg, same miles per year, that would be $16 extra a year.


We are cleaning the air driving them, they shouldn't tear up the road like a big SUV or semi, why $100? You'd have to drive a gas guzzler and/or more miles to get close to that! This is how they try to kill the electric car :(. Their reasoning is that since they do not get any gas tax from electric, they'd charge a fee up front. Again, the fee's on my dedicated home charger are higher than the actual electricity I use, so I am paying fees to the electric company :(.

4fishtankz | 30. März 2017

clarification, my charger runs on a separate meter, pay less for electricity to my car, but pay fees on the meter.

hsuru4u | 30. März 2017

govt will realize the ev people dont pay gas tax so they want to get $$$ somehow.....less govt is the key in general...

4fishtankz | 30. März 2017

Then charge by vehicle weight or mpg. Especially here in CA they want so many more zero emission vehicles to clean the air, this isn't the way to go about it. It would cost less to drive an old gas guzzler at the pump with the fees than the $100 extra fee, and we want the old polluting gas guzzlers off the road. Electric cars still need incentives, especially other auto makers and to improve the range and technology, this is a negative incentive.

3dwin | 30. März 2017

Government is stupid and they are horrible at managing finances. We already pay plenty of taxes here in California. Actually we pay too much taxes. These taxes we already pay are for roads. We pay the consequences for the stupidity of govt people not making smart decisions.

Bighorn | 30. März 2017

Let's math:
Average car travels 15,000 miles/yr
Average car gets 25 MPG
New CA excise tax is proposed to be ~40 cents a gallon.
Presto chango: 240 bucks a year. Get over it.

4fishtankz | 30. März 2017

Hmmm, Bighorn, not the way I drive. Currently my car gets over 50 miles per gallon (plug in Prius), I average around 6000 miles per year. With my electrics I planned my trips around my range. The article said an additional 12 cents, so I wasn't counting what was already charged now, just the additional

noleaf4me | 30. März 2017

Come to GA -- It's already $204 / year. Lucky us!!!

Bighorn | 30. März 2017

Road use is agnostic to fuel economy--it's how much you're utilizing the roads and the weight of your vehicle that matter to maintenance costs. If the average consumer is spending $240 for tax driving their average car 15,000 miles, then someone only driving 6,000 miles a year is spending $96. Close enough to not feel ripped off methinks. Don't forget, you're still not paying federal excise taxes to pay for the interstates. I think I pay $75 in Wyoming for my EV sticker, but i drive over 30,000 miles a year--shhhhh!

Tiebreaker | 30. März 2017

Yeah, only fair to contribute to road maintenance.

4fishtankz | 30. März 2017

Then to make it fair, why don't they tax the KWH that I use to charge my vehicle? And I agree it should be by the weight of the vehicle. You can't tell me a little Spark is chewing up the road as much as a utility truck. Though S drivers in ludicrous mode?

Red Sage ca us | 30. März 2017

At least it isn't the $200 they assess on EAST in Georgia. I figure if a Model Suitable is rated at ~100 MPGe... And it's direct competitors only get 20 MPGE at best... Then over the course of 15,000 miles driven per year, the State loses out on the gasoline taxes for 150 gallons of gasoline, right? That presumes the Model S had a gasoline powered motor. It also assumes someone never leaves the State, and all their gasoline is purchased there, and all their driving is on public roads. Meanwhile, the actual gas guzzler probably only got 15 MPGE at best and might have consumed 1,000 gallons of fuel that year. I doubt there is a case where the additional fees assessed to the EVENT will actually be either fair or rewarding. Plus, no one is going to fix the potholes any damned way.

Red Sage ca us | 30. März 2017


New phone hasn't been trained yet. :-P

getsolarizednow | 30. März 2017

So, what's wrong with paying your fair share? I'm there about 70,000 in line and I won't be buying gasoline and that's really what pays for road repair. I'll still be saving a bundle! And having a great high performance vehicle at the same time. Go Tesla!

swingshiftworker | 30. März 2017

I just posted this as a comment to the article noted above. Tried to repost that comment here but for some reason got blocked. You can read it in the comments section of the article.

swingshiftworker | 30. März 2017

Let me try again. Here's the comment:

"The roads need to be fixed but why should EV owners/lessees pay $100 -- $62 more than for an ICE vehicle? That makes no sense.

It's obvious that they can't get any gas tax $ from EV owners but to charge EV vehicles $68 more to make up for whatever the shortfall might be is unfair and speculative at best.

How many gallons of gas does that extra $68 represent? That equals 566.67 gallons ($68 divided by 12 cents) of gas that EV users are being charged for that they aren't going to ever use.

The EPA mileage equivalent for a Chevy Bolt is 119 MPGe. That would mean that a Bolt driver would be presumed to drive 67,434 miles (556.67x119) per year!!!!

That's ridiculous and demonstrates how much of an overcharge the additional EV tax really is".

Carl Thompson | 30. März 2017

I don't like paying AMT either but taxes aren't optional.


Bighorn | 30. März 2017

dont quit your night job

carlk | 30. März 2017

"Hmmm, Bighorn, not the way I drive. Currently my car gets over 50 miles per gallon (plug in Prius), "

Good point. So you agree plug in hybrids should pay $50 a year? Everyone uses the road.

4fishtankz | 30. März 2017

We walk too on roads, tax our feet? What about bikes? I'm saying the amount of the fee is excessive and to single out electric cars just because they are so efficient they don't get it from you at the pump. Isn't that the whole point in promoting electrics in the first place? Now, gee, they are becoming so popular we are losing money so we must penalize them for doing so well (even though we want more to clean up everything), it's ridiculous.

Red Sage ca us | 30. März 2017

The supposed 'fair share' is considerably off-kilter, especially when the majority of damage to roads is caused by oversized commercial vehicles, that use tremendous amounts of diesel fuel, not hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, or fully electric vehicles, let alone passenger vehicles in general. And, it is patently unfair that the amount collected always makes its way into the State's General Fund, and never is applied to repair surface streets that are most effected by such damage. Instead, cosmetic improvements are made to State highways from time-to-time, effectively beautifying short sections of streets that are in perfect condition if they are part of the highway system. But no, the funds are never actually distributed in a manner that would allow wholesale upgrades of all streets, freeways, or highways.

Frank99 | 30. März 2017

I have no problem paying my share of roadway taxes. $240 / year isn't out of line for an EV in my opinion, as long as an average-mileage Honda Accord pays about the same.

BUT, I would prefer to know that the seven-axle cement mixer (all axles down, all tires showing significant weight on them) is being appropriately taxed for the wear-and-tear that he's responsible for also. Right now, I believe that he pays the same tax on Diesel as I pay on Gas, and at 4 mpg he's paying 8 times as much as me per mile - but I also believe that he's doing 100 times the damage to the roadway that I am. I believe that building roadways to support that weight makes the roadways cost 5 times as much as if they were designed to support 5000 pound sedans.

Make me believe that I'm not subsidizing the 60,000 pound rock truck in front of me that's the source of the rocks pinging off my windshield, and I'll be glad to contribute my fair share.

Red Sage ca us | 30. März 2017

Frank99: +42! The Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything about 'Why Are EV Proponents Up in Arms over Paying More for Road Upkeep than Anyone Else?'

melinda.v | 30. März 2017

Being in WA state, with an extra $150 registration fee, I don't really have any sympathy.

But wanted to add also, Oregon already charges semi trucks by the mile instead of by the gallon ($.1638/mile vs retail state gas tax $0.30/gal). In the end, this means a truck would pay $16.38 per 100 miles. If it were by gallon, at the average truck mpg of 6.5mpg, that would just be $4.62. so roughly 3.5x when charged by the mile.
The state has had talks of doing something similar for passenger vehicles too - with some drivers on a pilot program currently to test out how it may work.

WA state gas tax is $0.494. In the last year I've bought 490 gallons of gas. If those were all in WA that would equal $242 in tax. Most were in Oregon though - so assuming 75% OR : 25% WA I ended up paying about $170 in tax between the two states (technically I pay an extra $0.13/gal to Ptld and the county, so really there's about $47 more in local gas tax).
So essentially I'll save with the EV registration fee over gas tax - Oregon just misses out on my contribution. Sorry ODOT - good thing you are getting those $0.1638/mile from the trucks!

Carl Thompson | 30. März 2017

California has "weigh stations" on the freeways where trucks are charged by weight. Because it's California they are charged a lot.


Red Sage ca us | 01. April 2017

Shouldn't a 'fair share' be... 'fair'?

M3forMe | 01. April 2017


EaglesPDX | 02. April 2017

Put some of our new members posts ahead of the Teslerati's 2016/2015 attack posts.

nyca | 02. April 2017

Uh, it doesn't really matter what the tax is - the only guarantee is that the money isn't going to be used for the roads. California is no different than NY, NJ - transportation taxes high, tolls high, etc. Roads look like a third world country.