"Favorites" station for streaming in 8.1 release ?

"Favorites" station for streaming in 8.1 release ?

I know I must be missing something obvious....

One of the new features listed in the 8.1 update is a "Favorites" station for streaming music. It says all of your "Thumbs Up" favorites will be put into a "Favorites" station - which I can't seem to locate.

I have the usual "Favorites" station list of previously selected stations, but not a specific "Favorites" icon that has only my chosen music. Am I misunderstanding this feature? If not, where do I find the "Favorites" station with my music ?

(Yes, I did a search for it already :)) TIA

President145 | 01. April 2017

I was hoping the favorites station would have my favorite songs, rather than a number of songs related to my favorites. If I give a selection a thumbs up will it save that particular song as a favorite, or an entire group of related music?

President145 | 01. April 2017

I was hoping the favorites station would have my favorite songs, rather than a number of songs related to my favorites. If I give a selection a thumbs up will it save that particular song as a favorite, or an entire group of related music?

jvmendoza72 | 01. April 2017

I had to search for it as well. Its under streaming--> Radio Stations --> then a channel called favorites or something like that. Unfortunately, it does what the Pres says, save those you have 'thumbs up'ed' and songs similar to those. I was hoping it was just those songs i 'thumbs up'ed'.

pslawing | 01. April 2017

Disappointed too! But it's a step in the right direction. Maybe one day it will only be our thumbs up songs

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 01. April 2017

I have an 18 month old and when she's in the car I play baby music and when she's not in the car, I play less baby-friendly music. sadly, her baby tunes are corrupting my favorites Station. Wish it had an option for "remove kids' music"!

jvmendoza72 | 01. April 2017

@melania, ha ha, thats too funny.

larry | 01. April 2017

@jvmendoza72 Can you post the exact name of that station you found?

I have done searches for a "Favorites" station, and get a list of albums, etc., with "favorites" in the title, but no dedicated "Favorites" streaming station.

scottflys | 01. April 2017

If you paid the $9.99 for the Slacker Premium you can create a Playlist of your favorite songs. One issue with that is you cannot add songs to your Playlist from the car, you have to create the playlist on your computer. Also the location of the Playlist is all the way at the bottom of the cars screen and you have to scroll way down to locate it.
I guess I'm saying its not really that worth it.

jvmendoza72 | 01. April 2017

@Larry, its Favorite Radio, scroll around under streaming.

larry | 02. April 2017

@scottflys - I understand all about the pay apps - I was asking about the new listed feature provided in the 8.1 update..

@jvmendoza72 - I found that "Favorites" station under "streaming", then "Stations"; but it always comes up with an "error loading" message :( - maybe it hasn't been activated yet...

Thanks to all...

galo420 | 02. April 2017

Anytime I wanted to create a favorite station I would just press the heart ♡...once pressed it would become a darker color and that would be listed in my favorites section.. did that change for the 8.1 update? I'm still on 8.0

galo420 | 02. April 2017

a thumbs up only specifies that you like the particular song that is playing last time i checked

larry | 03. April 2017

@galo420 - I wasn't referring to the "thumbs up" when you like a song, or the "heart" to make your current streaming station show up on your favorites list... I'm talking about the new feature listed in 8.1 that creates a separate "Favorites" station for all of your thumbs up songs, as described in the release notes....

Sefar | 04. April 2017

@galo420, if you ask for a specific song, it plays and defaults to thumbs up selected. For the record, my favorite stations are available, the mystery folder with thumbs upped songs is still 404.

PBEndo | 04. April 2017

@larry I have had that option available via the slacker pc and smartphone apps for years. Unfortunatey I don't have 8.1 yet to try it in the car.

The downside of the "Favorites" station is that it plays all of the favorites, including those that my wife and kids selected.

PBEndo | 04. April 2017

just got 8.1 on one of my cars - favorites station was listed under "Top Stations"

ParklandFLMike | 04. April 2017

I have had a slacker premium account for about 2 years and I highly recommend it. It adds functionality to the car radio that I think a lot of people don't know about and a lot of enjoyment for my family. For example...

Creating custom "Playlists" is the main advantage.
Ability to play an Album from start to finish.
Higher probability of playing a track upon request.
In your slacker account settings, you can turn on or off "explicit" content.
Much better sound quality than streaming songs from your phone for selecting your music for this functionality.

The one limitation about editing or creating a playlist is that you have to do it on the Slacker app from your phone but it is very quick. Just search for title, select song, then add to a new playlist or existing one, then it will update in your car a few minutes later automatically. (Before last years GUI change, you had to log in and log out of your slacker account in your car to update your playlist, so now this is fixed)

Here are some examples of how my family uses it.

I have 2 small kids and I have many different playlist for each of them or for both. For example, my son(3) loves "chitty chitty bang bang" song(My kids favorite musical) and he requests to hear it almost every time he rides in my car. He also loves "I got a feeling" from black eyed peas. My kids also love to listen to fairy tale or kids stories so I have a playlist for all the stories I have found. The other day My wife and I were out at dinner and heard a rare song that we haven't heard since we dated and without her knowing I "shazamed" it and then searched on slacker and added it to her "playlist" while in the restaurant. When we got in the car, I went to her playlist and played it and she was really excited. (Scored big brownie points there) Sure you can do the above with a USB but that to me is too many steps and painful.

I grew up listening to albums from start to finish. I'm huge rush fan and like to listen to the songs in order of the album so being able to search for an album and have slacker play it from beginning to end is awesome. The "Boston" and "Don't Look Back" are other albums I rediscovered recently and enjoy.

scottcompton | 04. April 2017

Not sure if this is the right spot for a GUI complaint on the media server, but the awkwardly large icons for channels in the newest design needlessly limits the amount of content you can see and navigate. Would love a setting to decide the size of the icons.

jwhusted | 11. Juni 2018

how can you deselect a previous favorite streaming station

p.c.mcavoy | 14. Juni 2018

@jwhusted - "how can you deselect a previous favorite streaming station" - A couple options.

First, you play favorites long enough until it finally pops up, then while it's playing, you press the thumbs up again. That icon acts like a toggle, so if it was "liked", touching it again with remove the like. While that technically works, it's not very practical.

The more straightforward approach is contact Tesla and request the login credentials for your car's streaming radio account. Presuming you are in the US, this is Slacker account login id and password. Then login on-line from any laptop to the cars slacker account. On the slacker site, at the top, will be a link for My Music. If you scroll down on this page you will then see a section headed "Tracks". This is the listing of all the songs you've liked. Highlight one of the songs and on the right will be the "..." icon. Click on the ... and you will see and option to Remove from My Music.

I used the Contact option on the My Account page to contact Tesla via email to request the login credentials for my car. There is a dropdown list for category and I'll typically use either what I think is a General Inquiry or Existing Order category. Make sure you give them the VIN for your vehicle. I've had good success with Tesla responding to me within a couple business days.

EVRider | 14. Juni 2018

I think the question was about deleting a favorite station, not an individual song. From the manual:

“To delete a favorite, touch the highlighted Favorites icon. You can also delete one or more favorites on the bottom of the Now Playing view by pressing and holding a favorite. An X appears on all favorites. Touch the X again to delete the selected favorites.”