I am sure everyone is tired of my enthusiasm

I am sure everyone is tired of my enthusiasm

Why is it that I just can't stop talking to everyone about the upcoming model 3?

I am sure I'm not the only one, but even trying not to talk about it, I do. What is wrong with me?

Perhaps it has something to do with that future I saw far in the distance back in the seventies, is now here, and it's sooooo exciting....

I'm in the farthest part of the US from the factory (Miami, FL), and if I can speed up the delivery by picking up my 3 in California, I probably will. Does anyone know if that is even a possibility? I have a son that lives in Cali so the trip would serve dual purpose for also visiting my boy.

akgolf | 17. April 2017

If your address is Florida then that won't speed it up.

I think you could use your son's address though, I would sure be tempted to go that route.

SamO | 17. April 2017

Change the address on your account or take delivery at the factory. If it's still allowed. I did a Fremont Factory pickup and a tour of the factory.

Very cool.

Octagondd | 17. April 2017

I think you will pay CA taxes and then probably FL taxes, so if that is worth it to you, you could try to pick up in CA.

SamO | 17. April 2017

You get an offset of your Florida taxes for any taxes paid in California. But it's likely CA taxes are higher.

fergulous | 17. April 2017

You will pay sales taxes in the state where the car is registered, not where you buy it or pick it up. I'm in Oregon, where we don't have sales taxes, so if I picked up in CA the only addl charge would be for a temporary CA tag to drive back home.

PhillyGal | 17. April 2017

Lots of us feel this way :)

I try not to talk to too many people I know in real life about the Model S because it's a very expensive car and I don't want to sound like I'm bragging but if either someone asks me about it or I meet someone who already has one - then I go nuts and talk their ears off. I even ran up to a couple at a service center last week who was taking a Tesla employee's card and leaving. I ran out of my car (super charging on a road trip) to tell them about my trip and how awesome it was because they were very clearly perspective buyers.

KP in NPT | 17. April 2017

fergulous - I don't think that's accurate. In CA you pay the taxes there and then the state where you register will offset. You will pay which is greater. When I looked into it for my state, I'd pay about 1K more if I picked up in CA.

I've heard of people getting around this by picking up in OR because they don't tax cars (at least to a certain amount.) But I haven't researched it myself. I will look into it if the timing works out that I can do a cross country trip on pickup.

SamO | 17. April 2017

Tesla will not deliver the car in California without collecting sales tax rate of Fremont, CA (or your address).

Bighorn | 17. April 2017

+1 KP Can't do a CA pickup without paying extra in taxes.

Mike83 | 17. April 2017

PhillyGal +10
Enthusiasm for out Teslas never dies. It always performs and I am still amazed after 4+years. We are excitingly waiting for our Model 3. What colors I wonder?

dyefrog | 17. April 2017

So with Freemont tax rate of 9.25% and my sales tax rate of 8%, I would pay approximately $625 more to pick up in California for a $50k total?

Bighorn | 17. April 2017


noleaf4me | 17. April 2017

Rafael - you are not alone my friend.....

Coastal Cruiser. | 17. April 2017

"Perhaps it has something to do with that future I saw far in the distance back in the seventies, is now here,"

"The future ain't what it used to be"
- Yogi Berra

Although that quote may be about ready to retire. This is actually the first time in my lifetime I felt I that "the future", with technologies that people have spoken of for decades/centuries, actually is here. From Dick Tracy like watches to mysteriously powered silent personal transportation devices, we're not quite The Jetson's yet, but getting close.

Coastal Cruiser. | 17. April 2017

"So with Freemont tax rate of 9.25% and my sales tax rate of 8%, I would pay approximately $625 more to pick up in California"

Yeah, but think about all the gas you'll save on the drive home!

lar_lef | 17. April 2017

Wait till artificial intelligence affects our future.

JuJo0 | 18. April 2017


AI is already a thing. Sili, Alexa, Google, and now Bixby (Samsung). We're getting there.


"What is wrong with me?"

Nothing is wrong with you. Not at all. :)

JuJo0 | 18. April 2017

I meant Sirii, not Sili.

Mike83 | 18. April 2017

My Google home is fun. It can even play blackjack and tell me jokes. I will ask it if it knows the 3 rules that Asimov stated for robots.

JuJo0 | 18. April 2017

@Mike I think I remember someone with Sirii told me they tried it and it worked lol but I'm not sure. Let me know how that goes.

Mike83 | 18. April 2017

Jujo0. Yes. She knows it verbatim. The 3rd law, a robot must protect its existence provided it doesn't conflict with the 1st and 2nd laws. Amazing.

Civicrick | 18. April 2017

Its 2017 and Sam Treadwell is in love with his android, a Cherry 2000

SUN 2 DRV | 18. April 2017

If you plan to pick up in California, be careful to check whether your state allows credit for California sales taxes paid. I think some states only do that reciprocally with certain selected states.

RichardKJ | 19. April 2017

There was an attempt to eliminate the CA sales tax if a car was registered in another state within 30 days in order to promote auto tourism. It failed to pass last year. I'm sure there will be another attempt, but I haven't heard anything recently.