buy a Tesla model x and send the car to Colombia

buy a Tesla model x and send the car to Colombia

Hello I'd like to buy a Tesla model X and I'd like to show it in a public place in Colombia south america
I want to know if there are some legal problems with Tesla or I can do that event this year. thanks

PXChanel | 25. April 2017

Te sugiero que trates este tema directamente con Tesla Motors, pues ellos son los vendedores exclusivos de Tesla a nivel mundial. Si te afilias con ellos y creas un punto de venta (Sales Center) con ellos, quizás sea posible. En Colombia no hay centros de servicio de Tesla todavía, y eso es necesario para estos autos con ingenería avanzada. Éxito.

Triggerplz | 25. April 2017


Triggerplz | 25. April 2017

TRANSLATION :-)...I suggest you try this subject directly with Tesla Motors, as they are the exclusive sellers of Tesla worldwide. If you join them and create a Sales Center with them, it may be possible. In Colombia there are no Tesla service centers yet, and that is necessary for these cars with advanced engineering. Success.

TSammy | 27. April 2017

@Triggerplz you seem very knowedgeable so maybe you can answer a question, please.

Was there something in our purchase contracts that prohibits us from selling our cars to anyone that wants them, regardless of Tesla having a presence in the country of the buyer?

Is the technology considered 'restricted' by the US government?

Just seems to me if somebody had a car they wanted to sell and the Columbian buyer would pay the price and the transport.

For the right price, I would sell mine and buy another to get HW2.

Triggerplz | 27. April 2017

@Alex I'm not 100% sure so I don't want to give you incorrect information. As PXChanel suggested I would contact Tesla about it. Sorry I don't have a definite answer

Vawlkus | 28. April 2017

It's more if the government where the car is being shipped to has any rules the car must meet before they'll allow it in. For example: a Tesla built for the US cannot be registered in Canada until several minor things are done (changing over the units of speed per hour, addition of French safety stickers, daytime running lights being set to always on, etc). Neither the US nor Tesla have any real concerns with where cars are shipped.

ir | 28. April 2017

I believe it voids your warranty. Not that it matters if there is no service center in Columbia to fix anything.

jogncartman | 06. Mai 2020

This is dangerous because on the way a car can be stolen ... I don’t advise to risk!

diovicunli8227 | 06. Mai 2020

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