Lost card stuck behind console

Lost card stuck behind console

I left a drive-through. I had my wallet and the loose debit card sitting on top of the main sliding door in the center console. When I stopped before turning into the street the nose was pointed a bit down and I saw my debit card surf right along the top surface and in-between the console frame and the sliding door. Now I can't reach it even from inside the console but I can see the card wedged in the back standing vertically. Is there a way for me to get to this or do I just have to remember it for when I go in for service ? The card is easy enough to replace but just knowing it's in there will bother me.

Captain_Zap | 24. April 2017

Another reason for me to continue loving my console-free car!
Please bring it back, Tesla.

lilbean | 24. April 2017

I know that the cubby pops out by pressing down in it. Then the card could be reached. It's a quick fix at the SC. I love getting an S loaner without the console. Then I get annoyed when I get my car back.

High Plains Drifter | 24. April 2017

Double sided tape with one side taped to metal ruler.

madkim23 | 24. April 2017

Don't do what I did. My daughter broke her leg so we were using a handicap parking placard to manage drop offs and pickups at school. I set it down on the sliding door and it managed to find its way through the crack. I needed access to it immediately, so took apart the console to retrieve it. I was able to recover the placard and put the console back together with the exception of one spring on the sliding door, so although it opens and closes, it doesn't have that spring release function any longer. The service center determined that I also broke a clip and said I needed to replace the whole console for it to be fully functional again. As long as the door continues to open and close, I'll live with it. Bit of a design flaw that hopefully they'll correct. Depending on the size of the item that slides through there, and whether it blocks the opening of the sliding door, as mine did, it requires disassembly in order to retrieve it.

bcld | 04. Oktober 2017

I wish I would have known about this. I just had my driver license slide down the crack in my 2017 Model X, and can't figure how to get it out!#@$%#@

pepsundar | 04. Oktober 2017

I can't visualize what the issue is as mine is a 2012 Model S. I understand card(s) fell through the crack and can't be accessed. Option #1 : Try sliding in an envelope (long one) with additional paper glue on the cover (don't try gorilla glue). Let it go over the card and wait to dry. Pull it out. Option # 2 : Stretch a paper clip (or any metal string that's long enough to reach the card) into an L shape and slide it under the card if you can and see if you can slowly lift it out. Option # 3 (low or no probability of success). Clear up any clutter and moving parts in the console. See if a leaf blower can blow the card out from an angle. Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any damage. Please try at your own risk!!!!

NKYTA | 04. Oktober 2017

I’d echo Captain Zap, but while I get your frustration, I’m a bit flummoxed.

My ID and my DC or CC is in my wallet. When needed, I pull it out, -and put it right back-!

I suppose I might lose a parking/valet ticket in that spot, but something as important as those others. No Effingham way.

babyjocko | 05. Oktober 2017

This has happened to me with a entry gate key fob. But, I didn't even know it was there until it finally came to me after reviewing the sequence of events over and over. It took two weeks!

It took so long because I never figured to look there. I eventually thought, what if it fell into there...and voila! There is was.

Definitely, not a good design. | 05. Oktober 2017

I consider the existence of the center console a design flaw. I would like to have auto pilot and all the other goodies that the new cars have but no way would I give up my open cockpit and large frunk ( capable of holding a full size spare and jack ) to get them!

aaron | 19. Januar 2018

Yup, my chargepoint keycard disappeared in there before my first use. Thank goodness for the NFC feature of the app.

Captain_Zap | 19. Januar 2018

Life without a console is awesome!

NKYTA | 19. Januar 2018

CZ, did you find your card?

Ross1 | 20. Januar 2018

Lost my glasses. Any suggestions?

BarryQ | 21. Januar 2018


barrykmd | 21. Januar 2018

lol, other Barry

BarryQ | 21. Januar 2018

And I thought YOU were the other Barry!

hcla_tesla | 02. Februar 2018

Argh, this happened to me too just this morning! Tried a million things, but can't get my gate card out, that slid right on top of the lid into the gap. Anyone succeed in removing it without taking apart the whole thing?

annettepaz | 05. Januar 2020

To High Plains Drifter: I followed your advise and voila, got my key card!! Thank you

sentabo | 05. Januar 2020

It happened to me last year in a loaner. I had to show my driver's license at a gate and (at that time I was unaware of this issue) I momentarily set it down on the console. Probably not the smartest thing I've ever done. Anyway, it did slip through the cracks and was completely out of sight. I was quoted something like $300 to retrieve it, so I said the hell with it and I have a new license now. Somewhere out there is a Model S with my old license entombed inside.

I'm used to the console but I still prefer the yacht flooring in my 2015.

dborn | 05. Januar 2020

Anyone lost a card in the gap between the dash cover and the windscreen? I managed to get a card go in there. I was lucky enough to EVENTUALLY fish it out. The main difficulty is the rake of the windscreen which dramatically restricts access by almost any means. I just got lucky.

Yodrak. | 10. Januar 2020

I put a strip of black foam about 3/8 of an inch thick and about 5-1/2 inches in length in the opening between the console and the bin above it. I cut it from the foam shipping filler that came with a phone case I bought recently, but there are many sources of scrap foam one could use.

For between the windscreen and dash I was able to retrieve a card I let slip down there with a thin metal ruler that was flexible enough to stick in the gap and run sideways until it hit the card and could lift it up.