18" or 19" Wheels

18" or 19" Wheels

The new update for the compare between MS vs M3 shows the current available options on the M3:

What would be your choice of wheel size, and why?

1. Performance wise:
- 18-inch will have a better handling?
- 19-inch will have a better top speed?

2. Battery energy:
- short/city trips, the 18-inch will benefit, because of better maneuverability?
- long trips, the 19-inch will benefit, less-battery-consumption?

3. Cost wise:
- the 19-inch is available also for MS so the costs will be lower?

Gizmo | 28. Mai 2017

1. Yes 18’ will perform better as they will be lighter than a 19”
Why would 19” have a better top speed? When you increase the rim diameter you then decrease the sidewall profile so that the rolling circumference is the same on 18” & 19”

2. Manoeuvrability should be the same on both wheel sizes, 18” will have a slightly better range due to the unsprung weight being higher with 19”

3. The larger wheels nearly always attract a premium.

KP in NPT | 28. Mai 2017

Larger wheels also are not suitable for snow so winter tires are needed. And they need to be replaced more often as they are more succeptable to damage. I will be getting the standard wheels. The roads I drive on my commute (I95 in NY/CT and the aVan Wyck) chew up performance tires.

povmi | 28. Mai 2017

18" are more than enough for me. Plus they are cheaper to replace than the 19" :)

Huey52 | 28. Mai 2017

18" as there's always a comfort->performance compromise with larger wheels/lower profile sidewalls.

eeb9 | 28. Mai 2017

Gizmo nailed it - the unsparing weight of smaller wheels impacts the energy (hence time) needed to get them moving.

Unless the larger rims are paired with larger-diameter tires, there's no change in overall geometry.

Also, larger rims mean smaller sidewalls, which *usually* has a negative impact in ride comfort. Conversely, smaller sidewalls are stiffer and can improve cornering performance (at a corresponding cost in comfort).

eeb9 | 28. Mai 2017

I meant unsprung weight - spellcheck is an occasional nuisance!

eeb9 | 28. Mai 2017

Oh - in answer to the original question... wheel choice for me depends on other options - tires in particular, along with brakes and suspension. 19" wheels without the rest of the package make no sense.

So... I'll plan for 18" rims unless there is a performance/handling package to go with the 19" set.

Sandy’s 3 | 28. Mai 2017

For any given rim diameter and width weight can vary considerably. For instance on TireRack a 19 x 8.5 aluminum rim can vary from about 33 lbs down to 25 lbs. The lighter ones tend to be costlier. With only a 1" difference in the newly released info I personally would like to know the difference in mounted wheel/tire weights between the 17" and 18" package.
Unsprung weight includes the mounted wheel/tire combo. It is quite possible to have an overall lighter 19" wheel/tire combo vs. an 18" combo if the 19" wheel weight is light.

FISHEV | 28. Mai 2017

The ONLY difference Tesla states between tire sizes on the TS and TX is that the base 20" has a 5,000# tow capacity and the 22" has a 2,500# tow capacity. So the load bearing capability is the only affect Tesla notes.

The tires for the larger rims don't necessarily have to be any wider than the smaller rims so you won't lose snow capability unless you also put wider tires on the larger diameter rims.

If you total rim/wheel diameter is bigger then you would lose some acceleration. Tesla doesn't note any but it is unknown if they are changing just the wheel or total tire/wheel diameter but again, Tesla doesn't say you will lose any acceleration. If the larger wheel adds weight it will also slow down acceleration.

If the tire is wider, between the added weight and resistance you will lose range.

Again it doesn't appear significant enough that Tesla makes any change in speed or range ratings on the bigger tires.

Basically the bigger wheels are a bling factor except for towing where it has significantly poorer performance.

Gizmo | 28. Mai 2017

Anything is possible FLXX13, but surely we should only assume that the wheels would be of similar quality irrespective of diameter, so as a rule a 19” wheel will be heavier than an 18” wheel when made from the same materials and by the same manufacturer.

You could get 21” titanium wheels weighing less than a 17” wheel, but that’s not comparing like for like is it?

Sandy’s 3 | 28. Mai 2017

Gizmo. The only reason I brought it up was the 1" step between the two wheels. From an OEM I would expect the 19" to be heavier than the 18". I was just adding more information on unsprung weight it's variables. I don't believe the weight difference between the 18" and 19" will have as significant effect on range as with the 2" spread on the S and X.
With the S and X the wheel upgrade cost is really high compared to the aftermarket. I do however like the design of the Model 3 19" RC. If it was a reasonably priced upgrade, say $1000, I would consider it. Otherwise I would get the stock 18" which will come with all seasons here in Canada. Then get aftermarket 19" with performance rubber.

Sandy’s 3 | 28. Mai 2017

Clarifying. I would use the 18" all season in winter and the 19" performance in summer as I do now on our other vehicles.

MarlonBrown | 28. Mai 2017

The bigger rims are for aesthetics. There is no technical advantage. I will go with 19" because they look good. Very adequate max size for this car. I put a 20" in bmw 3 2017 and it looked kind of big.

suehaan1 | 28. Mai 2017

Bigger looks good, yes. I want 19 please.

bj | 28. Mai 2017

With such a small difference between the two sizes, why offer them at all? Even aesthetically I would probably struggle to appreciate the difference. This is a serious question - I could understand it if the difference was 2" or more, but would there really be any material difference in performance or capability etc between these two sizes? It just seems a bit weird to me.

suehaan1 | 28. Mai 2017

People will pay to have a choice.

suehaan1 | 28. Mai 2017

People will pay to have a choice.

Frank99 | 28. Mai 2017

Perhaps there's a difference in quality - the 19s may be lighter than the 18s, for example, or perhaps a bit wider. Maybe the 19s just look cooler on the car.

Coastal Cruiser. | 29. Mai 2017

suehaan1 said: "Bigger looks good, yes. I want 19 please."

That's what she said.

Gizmo | 29. Mai 2017

I will choose whichever look the best to me providing the cost is sensible

Gizmo | 29. Mai 2017

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