Slew of RC screen and steering wheel under cover

Slew of RC screen and steering wheel under cover

Some good hi res photos of a RC - with a cloth cover over the screen and steering wheel!

What are they hiding? ;-)

Those panel gaps tho....

Ehninger1212 | 10. Juni 2017

OoOOooO!!! This is getting good *evil smile and laugh*

Shall I start the countdown to launch sequence?

jk, but this is exciting!

Shalinv | 10. Juni 2017

I hope they fix those panel gaps.. it makes car look imperfect

mos6507 | 10. Juni 2017

"What are they hiding?"

What we've already seen and are wringing our hands over.

Ehninger1212 | 10. Juni 2017

noticed wheel center caps are on this one, I have been wondering how they would look. I like how they cover the lug nuts, do the S and X have this same style cover?

KP in NPT | 10. Juni 2017

Not worried - I'm sure it will be fixed with production cars.

The prototype didn't have gaps and it looked amazing. I am liking the silver and love those wheels.

NKYTA | 10. Juni 2017

Heh, that's Harris Ranch!

akgolf | 10. Juni 2017

Some nice pictures and I like the cover over the cargo area.

sbeggs | 10. Juni 2017

Can't figure out where the trunk opening split line actually is.
Lines are very nice.
I like the color, too.
Don't mind the charge portal opening up rather than aft.

Rutrow | 10. Juni 2017

Panel gaps in auto manufacturing plants are fixed with rubber mallets. It's a job for humans, even in a factory full of robots.

greg | 10. Juni 2017

Interesting to note the tyres on the car are Continental Tyres,
But I thought Hankook got the main tyre supply deal with the Model 3 as speculated about in March 2016 and somewhat announced back in May last year?

[Continental is a German company and is said to be he world's 4th largest tyre manufacturer]

Or were they [Hankook] "that guy" i.e. the Tesla supplier who got the heave-ho for not performing adequately?

Also note the tyre pressures seem to be 42 (PSI) for the Right Rear tyre as per the pencilled? notes on the rims by the tyre valve and also looks like 40 PSI on the fronts. [these numbers can be seen in the close ups of the wheels].

Not sure if these pressures are normal for a 19 inch tyre or not, but my much lighter Honda has about 10 PSI lower tyre pressures (at 33 and 32 PSI for Fronts and Rears respectively) than the Model 3 in that case.

32/33 PSI is about normal for most regular sized ICE cars the guys at the local tyre shop told me.

eeb9 | 10. Juni 2017

Higher inflation implies low-wear/higher-mileage tires as opposed to sticky performance rubber - we'll see what they actually announce nice and though

Frank99 | 10. Juni 2017

I'm pretty convinced I see 26 pencilled on the RR. That seems mighty low considering the likely weight of the car.

greg | 10. Juni 2017

Yes there is a 2? something (could be 20 or 24) in a lighter colour (could be stamped into the rim?) beside the black pencil marking on the RR rim by the valve.

Could be anything? The 4? (believe its 42) is probably for this tyre specifically given the way its written.
It also matches the pencil colour for the wheel position indicator the "RR".

Even if the style of writing of the RR and 42 is not the same.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 10. Juni 2017

sbeggs: You can get a good look at the Model ☰ Trunklid opening, along with several other vehicles pictured, at this link...

sbeggs | 10. Juni 2017

@Thanks, @Red, yes! We were just looking at it on our large desktop screen...

JayInJapan | 10. Juni 2017

Tesla makes heavy cars that require higher air pressure.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 11. Juni 2017

JayInJapan: Yes. And using higher air pressure is a means to have lower rolling resistance as well. Often, when you see those uni.v.e.rsity project solar powered racers on bicycle tires, they are inflated to 60 psi. Luckily, Tesla chose not to be quite that hardcore with it, by using extremely narrow overly inflated tires -- probably to make sure traction during cornering and braking was not compromised.

tstolz | 11. Juni 2017

My MS is 50 psi ... 40 sounds about right for M3.

Bluesday Afternoon | 11. Juni 2017


Bluesday Afternoon | 11. Juni 2017

I'm not ReD push

carlgo2 | 11. Juni 2017

Some panels on the test cars are supposedly fiberglass and if so they probably don't go crazy making them perfect.

Well, what are they hiding? The screen could have some test data stuff or a new home screen or whatever and they would want to hide that, but the steering wheel...? That is indeed suspicious and I never gave up on the idea of some interesting feature up front.

eeb9 | 11. Juni 2017

I recall seeing some lumps and bumps on the steering wheel in one of the RC shots indicative of control wheels/switches - I expect that there are some controls that they want to hold off announcing until the big reveal.

JayInJapan | 11. Juni 2017

I have no idea what this means: "extremely narrow overly inflated tires".

M3forMe | 11. Juni 2017

@eeb9 - check out the other thread on the new interior pic. you can see clearly see the controls on the steering wheel.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 11. Juni 2017

carlgo2: Hiding? Hmmm... Maybe someone doesn't want you to see what the maximum range is, or how much battery capacity there is, or how quickly the Superchargers work with these particular cars.