Website login issues?

Website login issues?

So, normally I just type forum into my Chrome browser and go to forums dot tesla dot com, and click Login. The last few days, when I click login, enter my credentials and hit the login button... it redirects me to where I have to log in AGAIN... then I can go to the forums and I'm logged in. Cookie changes? Anyone know why that changed, or is it just me?

akgolf | 10. Juni 2017

Not just you.

jcd82 | 10. Juni 2017

Happening to me too.

mntlvr23 | 10. Juni 2017

Me too, I now have to log in twice back to back on my smartphone every day or two

Xerogas | 10. Juni 2017


Coastal Cruiser. | 10. Juni 2017

Same here. But at the same time the issue I reported the other day about my reservation being missing from the account I log into the forum with has been resolved. So it looks like someone may have their toolkit out and is effecting repairs to the system.

ps Mintmeister, I didn't even go all legal all them. It's just magically working again. ;>

brian | 10. Juni 2017

Okay, as long as it's not just me. :)
And not for nothin' - for a company making one of the most technology-forward automobiles on the road... this forum is basically garbage. I like following the threads, but seriously... they can do better.

KP in NPT | 10. Juni 2017

I think it's the fix to combat the Korean spam. Seems to be working in that regard.

JeffreyR | 10. Juni 2017

Looks like an extra re-direct has been put in place. Happens to me too.

ir | 10. Juni 2017

It is a 4-step login for me:
1) Tapping the login button on the forum page goes to a "logged out" dead end page

2) Going back to forums page and tapping the login button takes me to the username / password screen

3) After entering the password, it makes me login again

4) Instead of finally returning me to the forums, I land on my tesla instead. So I have to manually return to the forums.

johnse | 10. Juni 2017

One thing that makes it slightly easier to get back is to long press the back button (I think this works in most browsers) to display multiple pages back. Then just select the forum page you were on when you clicked to log in. Takes you back where you were but now you're logged in.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 11. Juni 2017

The automatic log out seems to happen more often. When it does, choosing the 'LOGIN' option from the top of a Forum page takes me to the front page of the site. I then have to choose 'My Tesla' and log in from there. Then I can scroll to the bottom of the page and choose 'Forum' before making my way here. So, a bit longer route, an I must be that much more diligent about copying lengthy posts prior to attempting to 'SAVE' them to the board. Because if I was logged out while composing, I won't come back to that page again after I log in again. Joy.

mntlvr23 | 11. Juni 2017

@ir - each step was exactly my experience too - though it has been around a day where it hasn't happened anymore - knock on wood

KP in NPT | 11. Juni 2017

It didn't foil the Korean spam for long. Hopefully it will limit it. :(

noleaf4me | 11. Juni 2017

Yup - me too. They are probably doing upgrades (i.e. configurator????)

Coastal Cruiser. | 11. Juni 2017

JeffreyR said: "Looks like an extra re-direct has been put in place."

Someone's idea of two-level authentication?

Bluesday Afternoon | 11. Juni 2017


NKYTA | 11. Juni 2017

Not stopping the spam. :-/

Bluesday Afternoon | 11. Juni 2017

What a pain ;(