Should I reserve in the UK??

Should I reserve in the UK??

So I've been following Tesla for a number of years now, I'm 23 and I've just bought my own house.

Been in the house now for 5 months, got solar panels on the roof and now in really thinking of putting my reserve in for the M3.

What do you all think? Should I reserve or just wait till they come out now??

Shadowmist | 11. Juni 2017

Reserve, either way its gonna be awhile till you get it because you drive on the wrong side (kidding) but yeah reserving now is gonna get it to you faster and its only a grand. I'm 22 btw nice to see other young guys/girls getting into a tesla haha

Dglynn93 | 11. Juni 2017

Good to hear there is a younger generation! Where is it your from? Have you been out in a tesla? I've been out in the model s and it was amazing!

I have reserved now thanks for the feedback.

sdavies8482 | 11. Juni 2017

Im in the UK too, I ordered mine in store day before launch last year, I'm 35 so slightly older but still young in mind. I'm a bit of a boy racer at heart, always will be. I went out in a MS P90D and was blown away. I'm hoping i get mine mid 2018!

SamO | 11. Juni 2017

Yes, reserve.

This is the first affordable, no compromised, Europe-wide charged vehicle that will be available and homologation will come much quicker than with either the Model S or X.

mattfog | 11. Juni 2017

I'm an early UK reservation holder. I would say reserve - but purely as the £1k deposit is fully refundable until you place an order. If you can afford to give tesla £1k now, go for it - but when UK deliveries begin (Q3 2018; best estimate from Tesla) I'd imagine production would be fully ramped up and lead times for those ordering then would not be too significant. From late 2018 there may also be a small number of pre-configured inventory/test drive vehicles that could be purchased.

Dglynn93 | 12. Juni 2017

Thanks all for the feedback, reserved it last night. Can't wait now, although it's going to be a long wait. Hopefully there are a few meets when we get them and see how we're all getting on with the cars!

Tom_pattison | 12. Juni 2017

I'm in the uk too and reserved last September.
Would be up for a model 3 meet for sure :) Oh and I'm 31 so somewhere in the middle!
I've also test driven the P100D and it was absolutely incredible.

Let's hope the pound vs the dollar will be kind to us all