CQuartz vs Opti Coat

CQuartz vs Opti Coat

Anyone have experience with CQuartz? My detailer has stopped using Opti Coat; he had treated my 2013 model S with Opti Coat, and it was a great investment. The paint still looks essentially brand-new. He is now pushing C Quartz for my Model X (arriving end of this week), but I am not familiar with CQuartz..

Bighorn | 12. Juni 2017

I've heard good things. Plus Opticoat has gone up a couple hundred percent since then. What did you get???

drp | 12. Juni 2017

Only heard good things but I am going with Modesta PD Private Label. Google it and see the video...they control the price so it's $2400.

SomeJoe7777 | 12. Juni 2017

I had Opticoat originally on my 85D, but needed to have the paint re-corrected and another coating put on several months later. The new coating was C.Quartz. I like the C.Quartz better, I think it's tougher than the Opticoat. The C.Quartz was last put on in October of 2015, and it's still going strong.

I've heard Modesta is the best, but it's even more expensive.

danbry39 | 12. Juni 2017

I've had two detailers that do both CQuartz and Opticoat tell me that they preferred the CQuartz. They also mentioned that, despite the longer warranty with Opticoat, CQuartz lasts as long and the new CQuartz Finest Reserve may last even longer, so that's what I'm going with...when I finally get the Tesla I ordered in April.

I do have a question about either though: Should I let the car's factory paint cure a period of time before having the coating applied?

Surge672 | 12. Juni 2017

So excited!!! Taking delivery of my Model S at end of month/early July.

Noob question (this being my first luxury car and first EV car) - a Beamer-friend recommended I have my car "wrapped" upon taking delivery, to protect the paint job/body... Are the references in this thread to "CQuartz" and "Opticat" what is meant by "wrapped"??

Nexxus | 13. Juni 2017


Wrapped means a film application, like "Expel" or any other brand name film. The Opticoat and CQuartz are a liquid polymer coating that's applied and dries to a clear coat. These will keep your paint shiny and new for years.

akikiki | 13. Juni 2017

I had CQuartz on my '13 Red car, installed in '14. I really looked good even in '17 when I sold it. Cost was about $900. This time I installed Nanoglass (Ceramic based too) on my '17 Red. I believe it looks just as good as the CQuartz and has the same two year life. I could and did install the Nanoglass myself. Cost was $ 50. I can buy a lot of Miller Lite and redo it myself if required too for that difference.

bijlee | 13. Juni 2017

@Bighorn: I am geting a Model X P100D, silver with the new Sonic Carbon wheels, 6 seater, black leather - to be delivered on Fri! - I am selling the S to a private buyer (about 5K more than Tesla's offer)
@danbury39: I had the same question about curing of the paint, but my detailer said it is not necessary; in fact I had waited 6+ months for my 2013 S to be opti-coated for that reason, but even then they said it was not necessary.

iTesla | 13. Juni 2017

CQuartz on Oct. 2013 MS and after a rain, it looks like it was washed. The coating sloughs off the dirt or schmutz.

Bighorn | 13. Juni 2017

That sounds awesome! May be coming through your neck of the woods with an upcoming trip--depends where the new superchargers take me:)

Agree that the newer low VOC paints don't require a curing before treatment.

drklain | 13. Juni 2017

I went with the Gtechniq cyrstal serum based on the installer's recommendation. Paint looks spectacular and I'm very happy with it. Only place we've had an issue is the windshield where the Gtechniq coating doesn't appear to have very effective rain repellent/beading properties. The installer is going to reapply as it may just not have taken....

mantin | 13. Juni 2017

I have opti coat on my 12/3/2017 green S85 with 50k miles. Not a thing on the paint. I drive LA - SF 3-4 times a year and to SD at least as much. no damage of any kind. So, I highly recommend opti coat pro. installer in Van Nuys is mobile and installed at my home.

lilbean | 13. Juni 2017

Mitch at Eco-Shine Auto Reconditioning (818) 339-4909 is awesome!

TaoJones | 13. Juni 2017

Opticoat Pro for a Steel Grey (later renamed Midnight Silver) 2014 S was good - shiny and made cleanup between washes very easy.

Opticoat Pro Plus for a Pearl White 2017 S has been as good or better. The car glows. Cleanup between washes has been just as easy. Even days-old bug carcasses after a 3,000-mile return leg came off with a minimum of effort. Still swirl-free.

Side by side comparisons with other products after the first and then second year gave the edge to Opticoat. That said, if I owned a black car, then the only long-term answer is Modesta. But you'll pay for it.

bijlee | 13. Juni 2017

Thanks all for your input: luckily I will not own a black car so Opticoat Pro or CQuartz will suffice rather than Modesta. Incidentally, people who use Opticoat or CQuart also sometimes use Xpel or another wrap - is this also the case with Modesta.
@Bighorn -let me know about your plans through this area - perhaps we will have to arrange another Philly meet! It would be great to see you.

drklain | 13. Juni 2017

I did a PPF wrap with the ceramic coating on top of it. Was a lot of money, but I'm trying to preserve the most expensive car I've ever owned that I expect to own for a very long time...

Surge672 | 13. Juni 2017

Wow, both! I had no idea! I'll be getting a Midnight Silver. What does CQuart get me that a wrap doesn't, and vice versa? What's the compelling factor for both? The same Beamer-friend told me he only had his front wrapped.

lilbean | 13. Juni 2017

Some people have gotten the Xpel sandwich. Ceramic coat, xpel, then another ceramic coat.

Bighorn | 13. Juni 2017

And their picture is in the dictionary next to gullible.

lilbean | 13. Juni 2017


drklain | 13. Juni 2017

The wrap protects the paint from dings/rock chips/etc. Many people get it for just the front end. I looked at doing just that but also wanted to do the doors since that would give me some (limited) protection against door dings. At that point, wrapping the whole car with PPF was only $100 more so I did the whole car.

I'm one of those anal people who hates a single scratch or ding/chip in the paint and I hold onto cars for a long time I've only owned 4 new cars in my life and I average over 10 years/car). So for me, the wrap gave some assurance against protecting the paint against damage.

The ceramic coatings (CCQuartz/etc.) do a different thing. Think of them as a permanent (or semi-permanent) wax coating. It provides a glossy shine, water repellent and helps protect what is under it from damage from things like the acid in bird poop, etc.

Putting a ceramic coat under a PPF doesn't make any sense because the film is now preventing things from getting to the ceramic coat (and the paint). On the other hand, putting a coating over the film helps provide a bit of protection as the film can be damaged by things like acids.

Just my 2 cents' worth. There are others who will tell you nothing is required and just wash and wax the car regularly. I do wash my car weekly in the Spring/Summer/early fall, but in winter it just gets too cold and I'm dealing with road salt and other issues, so having this level of protection makes it easier to keep the car clean and looking good.

Shesmyne2 | 13. Juni 2017

I know I've posted this before...
We did CQuartz after 21k miles.
We had so many swirls etc we were made an example on the website for OCD Joe Torbati.
He did an outstanding job and she stills looks good today since getting her done in early 2014.

Still Grinning ;-)

Surge672 | 13. Juni 2017

Thanks so much, @drklain et al... very helpful! Any ballpark on what $$ I can expect for each of those (full car)?

Surge672 | 13. Juni 2017

^^ and if this is relevant, I live in San Francisco Bay Area (so no road salt involved haha, or sea salt for that matter!)

JayInJapan | 13. Juni 2017

Since ceramic coatings bond to paint, it makes no sense to put the coating on a wrap. I'll be getting three coats of ceramic pro next week. My first coating was 2 ½ years ago, and the combination of volcanic ash and pollution from the Asian mainland have taken their toll on that original coating. A week without my car is gonna be tough...

Anthony J. Parisio | 14. Juni 2017

Check out my post "Turtle Wax ICE". It might help you and save you some money.

California85D | 27. September 2018

So which is better, CQuartz or Opti Coat?

SoCal Buzz | 27. September 2018

Lot's of opinions, but my installer recently recommended Feynlab over OptiCoat. So far I agree with him, having tried both on two cars.

Speedy P | 27. September 2018

Well, I would venture a guess that few have a lot of experience with both? All I can add is that I have had a great experience with CQuartz Finest. It was the first ceramic coating I ever had professionally applied to our P85 years ago and I liked it so much it went on the following two Model S's and my wife's Range Rover. I'm in SoCal so no harsh winters or salt, but everything still beads like we just applied it (even years later). I had their "Reload" applied to my P85D and I don't think it was necessary, but I had it done anyway. The cars originally done on the same day without the "Reload" are still holding up exceptionally well three years later. It makes washing the car so easy and it looks great. Can't say enough about how much I like CQuartz Finest and CarPro products in general for the trim and tires. I spent my whole life (from 16 years old until...well, far into adulthood) washing cars by hand with the two bucket method and dedicated towels etc. I would clay bar when necessary and hand wax all of my (always) black cars. I still wash all my cars by hand, but now with CQuartz it's so easy and I am so thankful I don't have to do all the extra work anymore!!!! Oh, and it occurs to me I should say I'm not being paid by them to promote their product because I just re-read my comments and I sound like a commercial.

5thumbs | 27. September 2018

I have Cquartz Finest. Installed at OCDetailing in Fremont. They apply Cquartz or Opticoat. Joe @ OCD asked me some questions then recommened Cquartz based on my needs. He gave me pros/cons for both.

r1200gs4ok | 15. Juli 2019

i am going to Elite Finish in San Diego for my treatment.....Still discussing with better half whether we should get X/Pel or 3M scotchgard PPF........After that should we do CQuarts Professional...we have a new2019 Model 3 Blue.........thanks for any suggestions