Are your Model 3 expectations too high?

Are your Model 3 expectations too high?

Well, are they?

lilbean | 28. Juni 2017


ddrmadness | 28. Juni 2017

I'm going to go out on a limb and say no based on the fact that I've rolled my eyes at many people saying they will cancel their reservations based on the revelation that some speculated feature turned out to not make it to the final vehicle.

I want an electric car that can go at least 200 miles per charge that has a sleek look to it (unlike the boxy, exaggerated bolt) for 35K. I also request what I consider to be basics for a car in the price range: heater, AC, radio, power seats, power windows. I also expect to have autopilot on the early deliveries, even if it means paying for it without being given the option.

lilbean | 28. Juni 2017

Mine are low actually. I think other people have high expectations.

Bluesday Afternoon | 28. Juni 2017


Make up your mind. ;-)

bmalloy0 | 28. Juni 2017

I'm expecting an electric vehicle for around $38k-$40k (getting all wheel drive) with a Tesla-quality build, so I hope not.

socaldave | 28. Juni 2017

Depends on how you define too high - I'm losing my mind over a silly freakin' rain sensor! =P

I think I've done a (mostly) good job in not getting too hyped up - like others have said (and will say), I'm excited mostly about range and from there, I'm curious to see what I can get now (for a California line stander) vs what I would have to wait for.,

sbeggs | 28. Juni 2017


KP in NPT | 28. Juni 2017

No. I've seen the prototype. Which was pretty freaking awesome. What I know I like about it will not change - looks to have tons of space in the cabin, I actually LIKE the dash, I am fine with one display. I like the rear end and like the tweaks to the nose. Like the coat hooks, door pockets, console setup.

I am unsure of the UI but based on what I've seen and what experience I have with our MS UI, I am not worried.

My only high expectation is they will move beyond the black seats in a timely manner. So I can place my order. :)

SUN 2 DRV | 28. Juni 2017

Besides "too high" there's also the question of whether your Model 3 expectations are "too soon".

KP in NPT | 28. Juni 2017

I think some people's definitely might be too soon. I've tried to set mine realistically. Owner, but on east coast. I'll be happy to have it by the end of the year.

lilbean | 28. Juni 2017

Haha, Smply Red! :)

topher | 28. Juni 2017


Thank you kindly.

Bluesday Afternoon | 28. Juni 2017

I'm glad a number of Model S/X owners have chimed in already. My 85D has so many cool features that cause me to think if the Model 3 will be similarly equipped. Power folding mirrors or variable steering settings just to name two. The mirrors appear to swivel based on pictures but are they powered? I expect them to be.

So, maybe I'm expecting too much.

Frank99 | 28. Juni 2017


I had low expectations to begin with - I was expecting a Honda Civic EV with 200 mile range, a Supercharger infrastructure, and quick acceleration.
My expectation now is a BMW with 200 mile range, supercharger infrastructure, and quick acceleration. With an interior and exterior design language that quietly says "you WANT one of these", as opposed to the BMW shouting "das Masheen ist coming through, move outta my way". Have you SEEN the gawdawful grills on the current Lexus?

I think I'm going to be pleasantly surprised by range and EAP. I will be shocked by FSD, if it ever works to my satisfaction.

So, I'm pretty happy that the Model 3 will exceed my original expectations, pretty sure that it will meet and likely exceed my current ones.

Mr.Tesla | 28. Juni 2017

His expectations are too high. Her expectations are too low. My expectations are juuuust riiiight.

lph | 28. Juni 2017

Well.... Absolutely yes and no.
I will find out soon.

mntlvr23 | 28. Juni 2017

Mine are not too high, I am expecting:

A minimum of 215 miles range,
Zero to 60 in less than 6 seconds,
Seating for 5 adults,
Supercharging enabled,
5 Star Safety rating,
Autopilot Hardware &
Starting price of $35K

mntlvr23 | 28. Juni 2017

.... and a happy ending

Rutrow | 28. Juni 2017

My expectations are pretty low. I fully expect to be disappointed when the Model 3 version 2 comes out. Might be the model Y, or just an upgrade to 3s that are a reaction to the deficiencies that were necessary to get a cutting edge vehicle built at $35k. I don't expect the comfort or "luxury" of my $45K car to exceed that of my wife's 2005 Accord. I don't expect rich Corinthian leather, soft closing glove box, or reclining rear seats. I'm now financially able to be an early adopter of a promising technology that can have a positive impact on our climate. Because of those esoteric benefits I'm willing to expect and put up with the little things that will be "lessons learned" for future versions. In the past I've been the beneficiary of other early adopters who were the guinea pigs who were willing to pay the un-amoritzed high cost and prototype hiccups of previous technology.

What concerns me is my wife. She'll be the actual owner of our 3, and she's a little less understanding than I am. Oh well, I'll put up with that too. :-)

Wish me luck.

sjl | 28. Juni 2017

I have no expectations about the Model 3, per se.

What I do have are needs. Needs in terms of range, luggage capacity, and whether or not my particular use case will significantly (adversely) affect the range of the vehicle - and how to minimise that.

If the Model 3 meets my needs, I'll accept a few tradeoffs to buy it. If it doesn't, I'll give Tesla the appropriate feedback and wait for a later iteration (or a different design).

That said, there's a very good chance that the Model 3 with the larger battery will be more than adequate. I'm taking a "wait and see" approach for the time being.

eeb9 | 28. Juni 2017

I *hope* my expectations aren't too high. I expect the Model 3 to compare favorably across the board with every 4-door sedan in the entry-lux segment, both ICE and EV.

That includes entries from the "usual suspects" from Germany as well as Infiniti, Lexus, Jag...

It has a distinct advantage in the powertrain, but needs to compete in the fit/finish/feel departments as well.

Tesla has a decidedly different approach to all of them, and I look forward to both seeing and feeling it in action.

Xerogas | 28. Juni 2017

Maybe. For me, I'm looking at it as an upgrade.

I'm expecting it to exceed my MS40 in all ways except storage capacity: longer range, supercharging capable, autopilot, more nimble and easier to park. I really like tan leather seats, though, so if it has black textile seats, then it will feel a bit downgraded in comparison.

carlk | 28. Juni 2017

No. Just keep in mind it's a $35K. OK perhaps $45K car. A good money but no more than what you would pay for a C class or a 3 series but with all those EV advantages. A lot of people had the doubt if this is possible until the unvealing, or even after..

accentcreate | 29. Juni 2017

Hope not. I just want a sensible car that does not burn fossil fuels, drives well in hills and doesn't cost the earth. The other fancy gizmos are just techno fluff and don't really interest me at all.
The basic requirement is a decent range, ability to fit 5 adults and roof-rack anchor points.
I hope it has enough clearance for the odd unsealed country road.

dsvick | 29. Juni 2017

No, at least I don't think so. I try to be realistic and, if anything, have lower expectations. After the reveal I just assumed that that was what it was going to look like. I didn't get wrapped up in the HUD drama, sure it would have been cool, but I never really expected it. I think what we've been seeing is what we're going to be getting ... and I'm fine with that because I like what I've seen so far.

High Plains Drifter | 29. Juni 2017

No. I expect the Model 3 to be Honda Civic level comfort but with fewer luxury options.

eeb9 | 29. Juni 2017

@Drifter - that's a pretty low bar, but I get the point

I'd really hate to feel that I'm spending $50k (or more) for a Civic, though... even *with* SuperCharging and drive-yer-eyeballs-through-the-back-of-yer-head acceleration

andy.connor.e | 29. Juni 2017

Simply put, the amount of negativity exceeds the amount of positive feedback. A higher level of negativity towards a product that has not even been fully released can be inferred that there is exceedingly high expectations. But hoping we already know, expectations lead to disappointments. Learn to be more appreciative of certain aspects rather than being so negatively critical of such.

eeb9 | 29. Juni 2017

Doing my best! :-)

Ehninger1212 | 29. Juni 2017

Not at all.. just as long as it feels like I'm flying a GD SPACESHIP!!

But honestly, I'm perfectly happy with everything I have seen so far. Not expecting anymore than what was promised at the reveal.

LA-Fohlen | 29. Juni 2017

I'm in line with mntlvr23 expectations but I would also like to have a steering wheel.

Ehninger1212 | 29. Juni 2017


You mean a SPACESHIP steering wheel?

kzodz | 29. Juni 2017

Definitely not. As long as they do the right thing and include the HUD, Tow hitch, spaceship like controls, and some snacks for when I get hungry. Oh, and obviously it will have a full hatchback since they fixed the trunk situation.

LA-Fohlen | 29. Juni 2017

No, just a normal steering wheel. I hope with that my expectations are not too high.

raymondc_14 | 29. Juni 2017

I expect good build quality when I receive my TM3 in 2019 or whenever. Tesla should be able to refine their production line by then.

Disappointing but I'm also expecting it to be an economy car even at that price point.

LostInTx | 29. Juni 2017

My expectations were low when I reserved and are marginally higher as we approach final reveal. I don't expect my 3 to be as appointed or comfortable as my wife's new Camry. The 3 will outperform the Camry, of course but the "rabbit vs the hare" side of that is she'll be able to drive wherever she wants without needing to plan for frequent stops at charging stations that may or may not be on a preferred travel path.

I'm a Texas kid - I want to be able to drive through the Hill Country; fishing on Lake LBJ, go get BBQ in Llano, then scoot down to Fredericksburg for all the German beer I can (safely) swill. If I have a fear, it's that I'll need to made accommodations to do that which didn't require accommodations previously.

But I'm committed to the 3 because of all the performance it can offer. Zipping through the hills west of Austin in a car with this kind of torque would be new for me - and hopefully will be a whole lot of fun.

MN_EV_Driver | 29. Juni 2017

I'm expecting a (1) long range (2) fast (3) electric car with the (4) best charging infrastructure made by a (4) company I admire. I expect to get the car (5) early to mid 2018 - MS owner day 1 reservation...AWD.
(1). if it's under 200 miles on a charge, my expectations are too high.
(2). if it accelerates to 60 in more than 6 seconds, my expectations are too high.
(3). if it's a hybrid, my expectations are too high. threw this in there just for fun.
(4). if Tesla goes belly up, my expectations are too high.
(5) if they fail to deliver on time or have recalls/defects etc that it's delayed 6 months or longer, my know.

I predict the most likely to occur is #5.

I didn't mention FSD because I don't expect that to happen for at least a couple years. Tesla prove me wrong! I think FSD will be the biggest failed expectation by many new owners, but not myself. I know the limits and have learned to live with them. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE AP1 and use it as often as possible but from what I've read about AP2 is the software has a long way to go.

MN_EV_Driver | 29. Juni 2017

I have two #4's in there. sorry. edit:

(4) best charging infrastructure. if the infrastructure (SC or destination charging) doesn't keep up with the demand and there are consistently long lines everywhere in the country, my expecta.....

PhillyGal | 29. Juni 2017

Not of the car itself but I have overly high expectations of when I'll get mine.

Iwantmy3 | 29. Juni 2017

I am expecting a;
Mid size sedan capable of seating 5 adults Check!
Beautifully appointed (albeit HUDless) interior Sure.
300+ miles range on top battery Very possible
0-60 times of 4.6s or less (75KWH AWD) Possible
Full level 5 FSD on delivery Maybe a little high expectation
Access to V3 supercharging at 1MW rates Ok, getting a bit ahead of myself here
DELIVERY TO MY DRIVEWAY NEXT WEEK! Yeah, my expectations may be a little too high.

ddrmadness | 29. Juni 2017


I am now officially going to refer to BMW as "das Masheen" X-D

MKM3 | 29. Juni 2017


I don't care about...
- acceleration (everying lower than 10 seconds is fine)
- freaky steering wheel
- autonomous driving
- lack of center instruments and buttons on the dashboard.
- top speed... and I'm German!! ;)

What I expect is...
- significantly lower consumption than the Model S, comparable to the Hyundai Ioniq
- cheap insurance rates
- easy to fix hardware at any given garage
- a battery pack that won't break down for at least 10 years
- compatibility to any given charger there is (Type 2, CCS, CHAdeMO)

mntlvr23 | 29. Juni 2017

@PG - lol, me too

SUN 2 DRV | 29. Juni 2017

I just want a 200 mile BEV Prius... am I close?

robleong | 29. Juni 2017

No, I just want a small enough car that does 200 miles without charging to fit in the tight space in my garage, now occupied by my well-worn Prius.

tigardspaz | 29. Juni 2017

If the car doesn't have a range of at least 250 miles I admit I will probably be disappointed. This is largely due to the fact that the Bolt has the range that it has.

The Model S is a tough act to follow. There simply is no other comparison upon which to set my expectations. Smart money says at some point I will be disappointed, but I hope not.

Ross1 | 29. Juni 2017

Expectations that they will have ready stocks of spare parts and panels would not be unreasonable.
We must all know someone who bingled their car on the way home from the dealer.

M3forMe | 30. Juni 2017

No. I'm expect Tesla to deliver a car similar to the one @ the 1st reveal for ~$35K base price.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 30. Juni 2017

Simply Red inquired, "Are your Model 3 expectations too high?"


Should they be?

Haggy | 30. Juni 2017

My expectations were high before I reserved, and then the first reveal happened. I wasn't disappointed, and kept my reservation. There were a few issues, such as the dash, Tesla saying it will all make sense after the second reveal, Elon tweeting about "space ship" and it not yet making sense to me. In other words, my expectations were that it would be better than what we've seen to date.

Elon said before the first reveal that there would be two reveals and the first one would be holding back. He also said that he expected the reservation count to double after the second reveal. He hasn't done anything yet that did that, unless he felt that announcing a reservation count of 800,000 would be counterproductive, but I think that something that would have done that would have been as newsworthy as the first reveal and that never happened.

If I don't see something substantial enough that I think that the comments about holding back were warranted (it was a given that there would be some changes after the first reveal anyway, but they might not have been major new features) then I will assume that there will be a future version with more features. It's almost a definite that there will be a future version with more features anyway, so unless there's something I don't like enough to decide I wouldn't want the car, I expect I'd get it. Elon did say "you won't care" about the display issues, and it's clear that I do care, so I expect something to change that will make me no longer care.

My expectations are high because I own a Tesla and expect an excellent car for the price and no competition. I don't expect another Model S, but do expect something that would make me want it more than anything else for the price.