You can actually buy you model 3 on friday?

You can actually buy you model 3 on friday?

Im hearing that you can buy your model 3 on friday. So many questions. If I pay for it on friday in full will that mean I will receive mine sooner? If I buy it on friday and cant get it until a year from now then I will have to make payments on a car that I dont have yet? Are they trying to wean out some of the orders that they need to fill. Maybe some people are going to wait for more features? Get the easier to make cars out of the way? Any answers? I have no nails left to bite!

eeb9 | 04. Juli 2017

No - they start production on Friday, and the first deliveries will be made at a public event in the 28th.

After that, people will be able to design/purchase according to whatever production/release schedule they've developed (for which our details remain a bit sketchy)

KP in NPT | 04. Juli 2017

The first car will be completed on Friday. Nothing has changed. You will be invited to configure your car when it's your turn. If you choose to wait for options then others who want the base will go ahead of you and you will resume your place in line when your options come available. You will pay for it just like you pay for any other car. Sign the papers and then begin payments with whatever bank you finance with.

Ehninger1212 | 04. Juli 2017

Yeah, I saw these headlines and knew it would cause confusion. "You will be able to buy your model 3 on Friday!" "First model 3 for sale on Friday!"


For quality info I suggest Elon Musk twitter page, also Electrek or Teslarati.

jordanrichard | 04. Juli 2017

Where is it being said that one can "buy" the Model 3 on Friday?

Frank99 | 04. Juli 2017

There was an AP story that said the Model 3 was going on sale on Friday, and a lot of media outlets picked it up. You can google it, but as an example:
http://abcnews.go com/International/wireStory/tesla-model-car-sale-friday-48415660

KP in NPT | 04. Juli 2017

Yah. Pretty bad reporting.

ddrmadness | 04. Juli 2017


When did tesla or Elon confirm configuration would be open on Friday?

Itrnhds | 04. Juli 2017


that's how rumors start, you could configure when invited to, most likely after the final unveil on the 28th

vicmgvaz | 04. Juli 2017

No, Elon didn't say when configuration will be available.
Just 30 first cars will be delivered in a party session day 28th.

mntlvr23 | 04. Juli 2017

@dd.micsol -1000

tedirelan | 04. Juli 2017

As I understand this situation of people getting base models first: Say you were number 7 in line and the first 5 wanted base models, you'd be number 3 when they allow for the upgrades. Am I getting that right?

JAD | 04. Juli 2017

The configuration being offered is not yet known. It may be a base, or a very well equipped rear wheel drive. Some options are not going to be available immediately, but they could be small battery, cloth interior and solid roof. No one knows what the first cars will be. May be very different by the time non-employees can order.

Frank99 | 04. Juli 2017

tediralan -
That's the general consensus.

Tesla will ask the first 10 (based on reservation date/time, region, ownership status, whatever they choose) to configure. Based on your numbers, the first 5 choose the first configuration because they want it as soon as possible. They go on the "first configuration" queue. The next 3 (including you) choose a configuration with something special - let's say AWD. You 3 go on the front of the queue of people who want AWD.

When Tesla gets around to building AWD, you're number 3 in line (though possibly pushed back due to region, paint color, other production optimizations that we can't possibly predict) to get your car built.

jordanrichard | 04. Juli 2017

DD.miscol, what you stated was just as truthful as the AP story.

KP in NPT | 04. Juli 2017

dd - still a hot mess.

Ross1 | 05. Juli 2017

Henry: Any color as long as it is black

Ross1 | 05. Juli 2017

Then Henry Ford made cars cheap enough to be bought by his employees, then reduced the price by 5% every year, due to production efficiencies.

bj | 05. Juli 2017

Don't forget that dd.micsol has EM and JB on speed-dial /s

dd.micsol | 05. Juli 2017

For employees only. Inter office memo.

mntlvr23 | 05. Juli 2017

@dd.micsol -2000

gar1116 | 05. Juli 2017

Fake News!

Ehninger1212 | 05. Juli 2017


PhillyGal | 05. Juli 2017

FLAGGED (twice!)

There has been no news of configuators, no news of an internal office memo.

For the 6,000th time, STOP POSTING OPINIONS, GUESSES, WILD SPECULATIONS and FLAT OUT LIES as facts. Post them as opinions, guesses, wild speculations and flat out lies using such words as "I think" or "I bet" or "wouldn't it be nice if..."

Earl and Nagin ... | 05. Juli 2017

What we have been told is that Tesla insiders (probably key investors) and employees will get their cars first. Therefore I assume (based on being a Tesla customer for almost 11 years) that the first regular customers (Tesla owners or non-owners) will be able to configure sometime toward the end of 2017 at the earliest. The first of these will be existing Tesla owners, followed by new customers.
This is probably (In my opinion) because any unknown issues that will inevitably arise as production ramps up can be more easily solved first with employees, and then with current customers who already know how to access service centers.

bj | 05. Juli 2017

dd.micsol - "for employees only". Did it not occur to you that you should have included that rather vital qualifier in your first response? No, instead you blindly answered to the OP's question "you can configure it" from Friday. Almost Eagles-like misdirection. Deliberate or careless? And you wonder why you get the response you did.

I would expect the Configurator to open for employees from Friday because production is starting, we know Employees in the pre 3/31 reservation queue are getting in first, and Tesla needs to know what they are building for the next couple of months.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 05. Juli 2017

Indeed. Horrible reporting. Geez.

Ross1 | 05. Juli 2017

They have just 3 weeks. I would think those 30 cars are already configured.