Dual Motor

Dual Motor

I stoked for the model 3 release. I feel like I've been waiting for this since the Model S was released.
I've had my head seat on the Dual Motors but those won't be available at launch.

My first question is:
Any thoughts on how they will handle a preference for dual motor?
Hopefully I won't have to get out of line and take back my deposit. Sure I'll be out of the main line as Tesla tries to churn through their backlog, but hopefully I can get be one of the first for when that option is available? I wonder if the site will have some "forbidden" options that say "if you select this option, then you need to wait another 1.5 years"

My second question is:
Are there any compelling reasons to get the single motor over the dual motor.
I suppose it mostly boils down to the differences between standard rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive cars. But I really don't know what kind of magic (read: high-tech) that Tesla has. How well does it handle snow and rain? Am I overthinking this choice?

reed_lewis | 05. Juli 2017

I have a Model S AWD, and it handles the rain and snow quite nicely. An AWD car will always accelerate faster in a bad driving environment better than a RWD. But both of them stop exactly the same way.

If you live in a location that gets a lot of snow, then AWD might be better for you, but there are many people who drive RWD cars in those locations without issue. Unless you are someone who goes out in the height of a snow storm a plowed road will be quite navigable.

But in terms of what Tesla is doing for people who reserved, only they know. I would guess that if you reserved early, you keep your place in line, but I (nor any else) know.

Rocky_H | 05. Juli 2017

If you do have a lot of snow and are going to switch to snow tires for the winter anyway, the all wheel drive would not be necessary. If you want to go on all season tires and have a lot of snow, the all wheel drive would probably be really useful.

miguelcampeau | 05. Juli 2017

RWD=bigger Frunk
AWD=better acceleration and handling in wet/snow conditions, better range and smaller Frunk

iaeen | 05. Juli 2017

@miguelcampeau - I believe that they reduced the frunk size on ALL Model Ss when they introduced AWD in order to keep the size consistent across their new car offerings. I would bet that carries over to the 3.

Model_D | 05. Juli 2017

Do some research on what Tesla did with those that configured their model X with 5 seats. They didn't loose their place, they just had to wait till Tesla made 5 seat versions.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 05. Juli 2017

Wait... for... it...

tedirelan | 05. Juli 2017


johnse | 06. Juli 2017

@Reed_lewis "But both [AWD & RWD] of them stop exactly the same way."

This is only true when the friction brakes get involved. AWD (whether Tesla or not) gives you much more control over acceleration and deceleration when the drive system is engaged. Using Regen or engine braking (especially in a low gear in an ICE vehicle) can help you maintain traction.

Where your statement is most true is when someone panics when driving too fast for conditions and slams on the brakes. ABS can only do so much.

dd.micsol | 06. Juli 2017

If you have to deal with snow-get dual motors. I wouldn't cancel the order though.

dd.micsol | 06. Juli 2017

recaptcha is such a POS. Get rid of it. What a pain it is to deal with.

alphacompton | 06. Juli 2017

I'm still very torn on this matter. I was set on AWD but thinking about the wait is becoming more of a concern. My current car is having significant transmission problems(overheating?) and I doubt I can afford to fix them(old BMW). I barely saved some money that I'll use as a down payment when I get the 3. I mostly wanted AWD for the performance and a little because I live in New York and occasionally we get snow but to be honest I make out fine with all seasons on rear wheel drive. We're getting less and less snow in any case.
As for the performance , if the performance is much better on AWD I'll try to wait but unless I can get a test drive in both or an early Tesla spec for AWD 0-60 time then I won't know for sure and if that's the case (most likely) then I'll just skip AWD for now.

nadurse | 06. Juli 2017

I got into a discussion with my wife about this just yesterday... she is demanding that we get the AWD model due to winter weather, however, I am impatient and I do not want to wait for AWD plus I am concerned that I may not get the full tax credit if I wait.

The problem is that she had a 2011 Hyundai Genesis that was rear wheel drive and she hated driving it in the winter, so that is her concern.

So from a snowy winter performance aspect, can anyone tell me about their experience with a RWD Tesla in the snow?

ir | 06. Juli 2017

@nadurse: Remember "Happy Wife = Happy Life" be patient. If she was traumatized by RWD, you're not going to be able to change that.

jordanrichard | 06. Juli 2017

By the time Tesla starts shipping cars to other than the West coast, I am sure AWD will be available. So I wouldn't worry about it.

Mapowing | 06. Juli 2017

Many youtubers from Norway have said that it is not necessary for as long as you have good winter tires.
I also mulled over this, but since we know Model Y is on the horizon, I will save that upgrade for the Model Y!
For now, I want my Model 3 NOW....

PhillyGal | 06. Juli 2017

@chic - More junk in your frunk!

@nadurse - Yes. My RWD Model S handles like a champ in the snow and ice. It's heavy with a low center of gravity, has excellent traction control (minus the lag of a transmission!) and makes me feel really safe. I was traumatized by driving my RWD Hyundai a few times and developed some legit fear of snow driving anything other than the Tesla.

I won't be waiting for the AWD model 3, even though I wanted it.

PhillyGal | 06. Juli 2017

@Mapowing +1

By spending less now, I will suffer less a depreciation hit if (when?) the Model Y seduces me.

nadurse | 06. Juli 2017

Thanks PhillyGal !

vicmgvaz | 06. Juli 2017

I Live in a country with lot of sun and never snows in my city, near the sea.
So RWD, come quickly to dady!!!

By the way, I just want my M3 as fast as I can, but here in Europe send Tobe a long waiting...

gavinmcc | 06. Juli 2017

nadurse...people will tell you many things...but none of them go home to your wife. If you get RWD and she likes it....great....if you get RWD and she hates it.....

get ready to listen to Maroon Five's Cold on replay over and over...