Preview of the new Model 3 configurator!

Preview of the new Model 3 configurator!

This is a cool thing I just found from the Model 3 Owners Club new video.

1- go to
2- while the page is loading (Chrome works best), stop the page from loading by pressing the X button that is normally the refresh button on the browser.
3- You will be sent to a page that looks like what the Model 3 configurator will look like. Super simple options with "packages" to choose from.

Let me know if anyone has any questions, very exciting stuff!

stevenroglen | 05. Juli 2017

Very simple and streamlined. Thanks for sharing!

jefjes | 05. Juli 2017

Admittedly I don't use Chrome but using Firefox I just keep getting the Model S configurator. I've tried a few times and stopping the load at different times but the same results occur. Maybe you can take a screen shot of what you're seeing and post a link to that for us.

stevenroglen | 05. Juli 2017

@jefjes I got the same thing. It appears to be a template of what could be for the Model 3. Since EM said there would be limited configurations available, this build template looks like it sets up for that.

ddrmadness | 05. Juli 2017

@steve @jef

Same here, and I'm using chrome. Unless this was the point of looking at the page to see that there isn't a list available like on the standard page and all you do is click between screens.

akgolf | 05. Juli 2017

I'm sure that was the point.

It's still for the Model S, but an example of what we may expect for the Model 3.

dimitri.anast | 05. Juli 2017

Below are some screenshots of the configurator that I captured for those that can't access the site




dimitri.anast | 05. Juli 2017


goo. gl/

(without the space) before all of the letters and numbers above to view the screenshots that I am referencing. Exciting stuff!

ddrmadness | 05. Juli 2017

Ah yes, that's what I'm seeing too. Interesting, I'd be down for that

gar1116 | 05. Juli 2017

I'm seeing Model S in the screenshots?

dimitri.anast | 05. Juli 2017

Yes it is the Model S, what I'm noting here is the fact that the way you order or design your Tesla is changing to bundles/packages, and these screenshots prove that is the direction we are headed for the Model 3.

dsvick | 05. Juli 2017

" the fact that the way you order or design your Tesla is changing to bundles/packages, and these screenshots prove that is the direction we are headed for the Model 3."

I don't think that you can say that it is a fact, unless I missed something somewhere somewhere it is just assumed that that is what will happen. All the screenshots prove is that Tesla has generated something that may or may not support the theory.

jamilworm | 05. Juli 2017

I agree with dsvick, this doesn't prove anything. It shows an alternate method of configuring a model S, and the same page exists for the model X as well, but there is nothing to indicate that this is the way it will be for the Model 3.

dimitri.anast | 06. Juli 2017

@jamilworm one could argue that in the same way Tesla has streamlined their glass roofs for production ease, the same is being done with configuring online. I would find it very odd if they streamline the config process for the S and X and then go an entirely different direction for the 3.

gavinmcc | 06. Juli 2017

can't see the screenshot... :(

Mapowing | 06. Juli 2017

Configurator looks clean and simple.
Hopefully there are more color options or the same ones from the other models...