Model 3 order details

Model 3 order details


Just wondering how do people who have reserved, know in what order they get their cars.
Thank you

westsyed1010 | 07. Juli 2017


gatorj31 | 07. Juli 2017

They don't

PhillyGal | 07. Juli 2017

Much discussed and very complicated, which is why no one knows.

Tidbits we think we know:
employees first
current owners have some priority
all wheel drive not available at first so you may wait becuase you want to
west coast before east
left hand drive markets before right hand driver

SUN 2 DRV | 07. Juli 2017

You'll get an email inviting you to configure your car.....

You're unlikely to be able to predict when that will occur..........

elephant in a bottle | 07. Juli 2017

Order by
1. Location - it will radiate from those closest to elon and TM factories.
2. Reservation date

elephant in a bottle | 07. Juli 2017

my .01c btw.

SUN 2 DRV | 07. Juli 2017

There are multiple factors and the priorities will evolve over time.

flwrman | 08. Juli 2017

I live 5 miles from the factory, reserved on 3/31/16. Doors opened at 10 am and completed reservation by 10:17 am! And still have no clue as to when I will get the famous email to find out what I am buying !! Anxiously awaiting along with the rest of you !!!!