Am I the only one checking twitter, Electrek, and this forum hourly today?

Am I the only one checking twitter, Electrek, and this forum hourly today?

With Sunday's announcement that today is hopefully the day that SN1 will finish its trek through the factory floor, I find myself constantly checking to see if there is any news or pictures about it, am I the only one?

Post here with any news :)

elephant in a bottle | 07. Juli 2017

check back at 9:57pm tonight

bricha55 | 07. Juli 2017

9:57 Pacific time? Also how come did I miss something?

elephant in a bottle | 07. Juli 2017

@bricha55 , its just me trying to get a hole-in-one guess.

Bluesday Afternoon | 07. Juli 2017

Elon will tweet something later tonight. It's more his style and builds sustainable enthusiasm. :)

bmalloy0 | 07. Juli 2017

Every hour? Every chance I get!

Jcastillo18 | 07. Juli 2017

Me too but to no avail !

elephant in a bottle | 07. Juli 2017

Elon , the "Tease-lah" king

KP in NPT | 07. Juli 2017

Has Elon landed from Australia yet?

I have my twitter notifications set up. That's it.

bricha55 | 07. Juli 2017

asking the real questions!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 07. Juli 2017

I wonder how much 'life credit' someone gets for living the same day twice? I have a Cousin that did a New Year's Eve show in Japan some years ago... Flew back to Los Angeles... Then did another New Year's Eve show. He was like, "What? 2000? We did this already!"

TheChad | 07. Juli 2017

@KP - depends on if he flew commercial, private, or SpaceX.

noleaf4me | 07. Juli 2017

Many fan boys (and girls) here.

Bluesday Afternoon | 07. Juli 2017

I'd like to see J.B. make the announcement. He deserves a little love from the fans.

Ross1 | 07. Juli 2017

He is out on the floor at the Gigafactory, packing batteries. Then he has rivets to ship.
And you lot are waiting for tweets? lolololiol

Bluesday Afternoon | 07. Juli 2017

What does lolololiol mean? Is that a down under twist?

elephant in a bottle | 07. Juli 2017

Elon growing some muscles (and mustache possibly ) .. need that for bob lutz at al.

mntlvr23 | 07. Juli 2017

@TheChad - lol

ddrmadness | 07. Juli 2017

checking checking checking checking checking

Co1m | 07. Juli 2017

Can't wait any longer...

jcd82 | 07. Juli 2017

Only checking hourly today? I have been doing that for weeks.

tedirelan | 07. Juli 2017

@ Simply Red - That's a good point. JB hardly ever gets spotlight moments.

fshalhoub | 07. Juli 2017

I'm just waiting to see a configuration tool, maybe with some pricing. Anyone have any idea iwhen this will become available?

kaffine | 07. Juli 2017

fshalhoub : My guess the configuration tool wont be open until after the deliver event on the 28th. I am hoping it goes online then I don't see it happening any sooner than that but it could be even later as only employees are likely the only ones getting a model 3 for the next few months and they likely have an internal website for them and NDA not to release any of the info.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 07. Juli 2017

Yeah. JB Straubel is a great speaker. I could listen to him for hours. Heck... I ~*have*~ listened to him for hours!

jefjes | 07. Juli 2017

Yep...10:50pm and still no updates.

bj | 08. Juli 2017

It wouldn't surprise me if EM maintained radio silence on this one. He's jetlagged after having two Fridays in a row and perhaps saving his energy (and any surprises) for the 28th.

virgored | 08. Juli 2017

I check everyday abd I am in the UK
Will not see a Model 3 for a year

bj | 08. Juli 2017

@virgored - I'm in Oz so same... no M3 for me for 12 months, give or take. At least all the options will be available by then.

I think what will happen is Tesla will tick over 200k US deliveries in early January, and then go hell for leather over the next 6 months to make and ship as many Model 3s as humanly possible to USA customers so that they all get access to the full tax credit. They know a lot of US customers are hanging out for it and Tesla wants to sell as many cars as possible (and give the big middle finger to all those ANALysts) rather than risk people cancelling because the tax credit then goes to phase-out stage.

Unfortunately that means international orders will take a back seat for the first half of next year. I wish it would be otherwise but that's my hunch.

rgrant | 08. Juli 2017

Checking for what? The party is set for the 28th. Elon knows how to play the waiting game :)